Why healthy fats are so important, which ones I keep on hand and how you can consume them more on the regular. 


If you’ve been following me around, then you know that I am a BIG advocate on consuming more healthy fats. While I would love to say this has always been the case, sadly when I was full on strong with my eating disorder, fat was the enemy and you babes have no idea how much I wish I would have had someone tell me it wasn’t. I went through so many nutritionist during those hard times and unfortunately at the time fat was known as bad and I also think that the lack of healthy fats mentality didn’t help my mood disorder.


FATS are so important for us, they keep our brain going, our hormones on the path they should be on, are important for our cells, tissue, hair, skin and nail care. BASICALLY we need it. If we need it why is it that when I was growing up so many people where alway saying that was bad for us..? Even now, so many people are still on the fat is bad for you wagon.

You’d be surprise how people look at me and say no, you can’t eat all of that avocado, or nut butter.

Guess what..? Bring it all on, I will stuff my face silly with all the avocado, ghee, nut butters, fat balls and more.

I mean people close to me like my aunt, still give me the stink eye when it comes to my healthy fat consumption. It use to bother me, then when I noticed how much my mood improved, my skin and overall health. I thought, whatever dude and totally wanna dedicate Demi Lovato’s new song Sorry Not Sorry to all the healthy fat haters.

I’m sorry NOT sorry!

So the question I get asked most on Instagram is, how do I incorporate more fats into my daily eating routine and how much is too much? So on that, all bodies are different and you really need to listen to your own body and just see what works best for you.

I’m not gonna lie, and say that it was easy, I feel like at first I would still judge myself based on the amount of healthy fats I was eating, until my body and mind started to tell me how much they appreciated that. So it turned more into, listening to my body and mind and seeing how I felt all around. There are days where I will eat a little more, there are days when I skip it and can see in my  mood journal that I was little on edge maybe the next day or something like that. Also my cravings for sugary things really diminished. I had the BIGGEST sweet tooth and now I crave my fat balls, or a matcha latte or avocado and eggs. I LOVE eating paleo or gluten free bread with grass fed butter or ghee. BEST thing ever.



+ ground flax seeds // are great to add to smoothies, my fat balls, energy bites, granola bites, to coat chicken, sprinkle on my coconut cult yogurt bowls and more.

+ all the nut + seed butters in the world //  I have a HUGE variety of nut butters, I like to switch them up, I don’t like to drink almond milk, then do almond butter, then almond crackers. I’ve noticed that when I switch up my foods around, my body feels so much better, then if I eat the same repetitive foods over and over again. I have sun flower seed butter, almond butter, cashew butter, sprouted pumpkin seeds, tahini aka sesame seed butter and I recently started making my own hemp butter, using hemp hearts. YUMMMMMM.! ,

+ hemp hearts // I use hemp hearts every damn day, cause well as you know I make matcha every day or if not some sort of medicinal shroom latte and I’ve been using hemp hearts aka milk as a base for all of the omega three fatty acids that my brain LOVES. I also add them to just about anything.

+ all the nuts + seeds in the world // I keep raw nuts and seeds in my pantry, freezer and fridge. So I keep the raw ones in my fridge and if I roast them with tamari or something I’ll transfer them to the pantry. I make my own nut + seed milks so it’s great for that, also to make my fat balls and more.

+ my bae avocado // if you wanna make me happy bring me an avocado. I try to eat an avocado a day, from smoothies, to salads, to sammies to tacos. You can never go wrong. I like to eat rice with avocado, eggs, you cannot go wrong.

+ghee // I LOVE ghee, I cook with it all the time. I make my fried eggs in ghee, I love to roast veggies with it, I add it to my baked goods. I have at least three different flavors of ghee, I have vanilla ghee, pink salt ghee and regular old ghee. I also have a goat milk ghee. It’s basically clarified butter and also HUGE in the ayurveda lifestyle which is why I started to actually use it.

+ avocado oil + good quality olive oil + coconut oil + sesame seed oil// these are the only oils I keep on hand, I bake with coconut oil + avocado oil. I only use my olive oil to dress my salads and raw veggies or if I am making a dip or hummus. I don’t cook with it at all. If I am gonna sauté I’ll go the avocado oil route or sesame seed. I also use coconut oil to make curries, I add it to my fat balls + it is SO good in your coffee or matcha.

+coconut butter // this is a staple in my life, I will eat it with a spoon, add it to my lattes, I will add it to my fat balls, it is basically dried coconut flakes pureed until you have butter. I have tried SO many times to make my own. You need a lot of coconut flakes so I prefer to buy mine.

+ chia seeds // are full of omega three fatty acids. aka brain food. I add them to smoothies, put them into homemade chocolate, make chia pudding and so much more.

+grass fed butter // it is BOMB. I was always butter is bad for you, oh  my gosh no. I use it in my puddings, to make scramble eggs. I top sweet potato with it. I add it to baked goods. I don’t eat it all the time because it can be a little too tough on my stomach. I rely on ghee on the daily but do keep butter on hand all the time.

+coconut cult yogurt // this is a MEGA splurge for me. I love it. It is full of healthy delicious, creamy fat. Plus it has so many probiotics that I stopped taking probiotics because of this.

+ coconut milk // I make my own coconut milk but also have canned in the pantry for curries, soups, especially in the winter time. I add it to pumpkin pie and more.

+fatty fishes // salmon, sardines and more. I like to keep canned salmon around, smoked salmon in the freezer and buy it when ever it it on sale wild fresh salmon from whole foods. I also have canned sardines in my pantry.

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Alright guys there you have it, why eating healthy fats on the regular is so important, how to incorporate them into your daily eating habits and which ones I always have around. Comment below with your favorite recipe to incorporate these in, or with any questions you might have. 

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Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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