Yo, how’s it cracking my beautiful souls.? How do you babes feel with the holidays coming up so soon? I for one  have an undying love for the holidays, there’s something about winter that I just love. It is so magical and I have this picture in my head, of my family sitting around the fireplace, with drinks in hand, decorating the Christmas tree and snow falling on the ground. PLUS I get to get together with my family, my brother comes into town, as does my mom and step dad and it really makes the holidays a special time of the year for me, since we live so far away from each other.



I know that there some grinch-y types out there, that’s cool.

Regardless of how exciting you are or not, I think most of us can agree that being able to gift our loved ones is so much fun. I personally don’t think it has to be about spending money or anything super chichi… it can be a homemade card, some cookies, or anything that would mean a lot to them.

I really like being able to find gifts I know my family + friends will adore. It’s so much fun, and kind of a game for me.


I am a foodie hands down and LOVE getting cookbooks or random stuff for my pantry. I mean if you give me a basket of avocados I would be thrilled. I feel like when people don’t know what to get me they go for avocados. I have had three friends give me just like ten avocados for gifts and honestly I couldn’t be happier.


Sunday Suppers: Simple Delicious Menus for Family Gatherings

Pick it up on Amazon here for only $18.00

The Dirty Vegan Cookbook

Get your copy on Amazon here for less than $12.00

Valerie’s Home Cooking: More than 100 Recipes to Share with Friends and Family

Get your copy for $30.00 I am obsessed with mine, I have made her Roasted Eggplant Pesto Pasta, and also the All-in-One Breakfast Smoothie.


The Gluten Free Bar aka GFB has tons of options.

I really like their Sample Pack – I have them around the house all the time and a great on the go and when going on a hike with friends. ($12.00)

Wildway is my go to granola of choice, they are grain free, the ingredients are legit + all of their products have a permeant residents in my pantry.

Snack Pack -which has one of each of the grain free granola in snack packs, perfect for stocking stuffers.

Eating Evolved Chocolate is one of my favorite chocolate bars, they are paleo and sweetened with coconut sugar. Oh and they are dairy free. YES.! Grab a bar for less than $5.00

Hu Chocolate also carries on of my favorite chocolates. I love ordering them through Amazon and giving bars away during the holidays, especially to the adult kiddos in my life LOL.

Truffles are right up HNINA’s alley, they have really good quality raw vegan truffles, with tons of nuts and so much flavor. Get a box of 12 assorted truffles for $49.99 here.

Static Schmatic – has been by my side during the winter with all the static that is going on. I use it on my cat since he is such fur ball. I also have been using it on my clothes and blankets. I giving my mom and her friends some for their hair for the static. $15-$30

Essential Oils from Priime line – I use these everyday depending on my mood, if I need to relax or even when I want to cool off. $215 for the entire line is great price. I use these on the daily and I’m pretty much obsessed.

Root & Bones Adaptogens– Alyssa is killing the adaptogen game and I honestly LOVE all of them and have them all. The cool things is if you have a friend who is a bit curious she has a sample pack. You get a single serving pack for $2.00 and I use these when traveling. SO cool.

Alright you must know by now my obsession with coconut butter and more precisely my obsession with Pearl Butter. Kati is the founder and she is amazing and I love all of the butters she has. My FAV is the dirty detox. Each butter is $19.99 and you can get 15% off by using the code ‘FOPFOOD’



Having the perfect water bottle is everything in life, I discovered mine earlier this year through ARIIX’s water bottle with it’s own filter. SOOO cool. I love that I can take it with me on the go, when I am traveling and just basically makes my life so much easier. Get your ARIIX water bottle with from Puritii for only $115.00 right here.

I love using these resistance bands and I just bought a set for my brother to use at he’s in college and I know how limited his time is. Cannot was to give them to him. Check them all out here  ($3-$15.00)

360 Running Belt from Fitletic for $28.95 I have one in turquoise it is my best friend when I go hiking here in Colorado.

Forte Running Band from Fitletic for $29.99 – I use this every day when I go to the gym to listen to music. I also use mine when going on solo hikes and don’t want to have my phone in hand while hiking. It is great and the colors are really cute. I have it in pink.



Big Love by Scott Sabile

Get it on Amazon for under $16.00

The Forgotten Art of Love by Armin A. Zadeh

Grab your own copy on Amazon for under $11.00, check it out here.

Breakup Rehab by Rebekah Freedom McClaskey

Pick it up on Amazon of Barnes and Noble for under $13.00

PS- my friends at the New Library are offering 50% off all of their books and free shipping over a purchase of $20.00 with the code ‘FRIENDS’ until 12/20/17


The AiroSpa Pillow– This pillow is awesome and I bought one for my mom for Christmas, when she was visiting me she fell in LOVE with mine. It is an inflatable pillow where you can put your head in and there is aromatherapy. It is awesome guys. The AiroSpa Pillow is way cool and super easy to set up and totally transports you to a spa and it is great for gift giving. You can get this awesome gift for under $30.00 which includes three essential oil, lavender, chamomile and geranium and during the holidays they are including three more jasmine, rose and ylang ylang.

Stasher Bags, I am obsessed with these are are the best reusable silicone ziplocks. I have a few different sizes and have now bought a few for my mom, I know she will love them. Prices ranges from $29-$84

Essential Oil Diffuser– I have three, one in my bedroom, one in my living room and one in my guest room/office. I am obsessed with essential oils and love how they add to my mood and just are an amazing way to relax. I bought all of mine on Amazon for under $35.00.

Bee Healthy Candles are local here in Colorado and are amazing. I buy my tea light candles from them, I also buy ear candles from them, they are made with bees wax and 100% natural. Prices range from $10-$60.

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. Thanks for sharing this blog. Getting healthy in mind and body is my goal for this coming year. I will check out all your recommendations. Thank you

  2. I have always stuffed the stockings with chocolates but this year I am doing it the healthy way and want to add granola and protein bars. I will pick up your suggestion of the granola bars from Amazon.

  3. Lots of great gift ideas. I was petting one of my cats last night and he had so much static on him. Not only was a repeatedly getting shocked, but every time it did it made a loud cracking noise. My husband told me to stop petting him or my hair was soon going to be standing up straight. So I could definitely use the static helper!

  4. These are great ideas! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the overspending and gifting candy. I really like these ideas because they are practical and good for you!

  5. Love how many options you have got in your gift guide! There are great gifts for anyone, and so many of my friends fit into these categories – I am all set for gifting!

  6. I love finding the perfect gift for my family. We usually create our wish list so we know what to buy each other, but it’s still fun to surprise them with extra goodies or to find exactly what they want from the list.

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