Hey babes, I’m Andrea and this is Follow Our Passion!

I’m a recipe developer, a photographer (self-taught), mental health and cannabis advocate and I truly believe that we should be our own health advocate.

Food had always been a huge part of my life, cooking was always a game to me, it was fun and exciting, the problem was I was also battling the voices inside my head that told me food was the enemy. Fast forward over eight years later, I am a freshman who was just told she was bipolar. It took years before I came to terms with my illness and realized it was actually a blessing in disguise. During this time my passion and love for food started to tie in with my new found way of living. I started to do my own research since the doctors could not give me the results I was looking for, it turns out that food really does affect your mood and it can really be a game changer when it comes to your mental health.

I learned over time and tons of trial and error, I call myself a human experiment that for me cannabis, food and staying active is the way to go to keep my manic depressive at bay and my mood more balanced.

Every week I share delicious recipes that I come up with that not only taste amazing but are really good for you.

In addition to these recipes, I create and share dozens of helpful guides on how to help you live a more balanced and passionate life. I also share how cannabis has helped me with my mood disorder, hormonal imbalance, and overall wellbeing.

My mission is to share my story and inspire you to find what works best for you, remember we are not a one size fits all and our bodies and minds really do speak to us.

I don’t follow a specific diet, other than staying away from dairy and gluten since I am intolerant to both of them. All of the recipes on Follow Our Passion are gluten free, dairy free, and use no processed sugars. I stick to healthy, wholesome ingredients and enjoy them in their natural state. I truly believe in living a balanced life full of joy and happiness, enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the brownies, skip the salad sometimes, live your best life, in whatever way that best suits you!



everything is more magical. the snow is music to her ears.


bubble baths with lavender oil. reading a good book with a cup of tea. 


hiking, river rafting, all the beautiful flowers in spring. the smell of pine trees.


her not so baby brother JC, her biggest cheerleader -Mom, her funky yet inspiring Grandpa and her way to similar for their own good Aunt.