Hi guys! I am so excited to bring to you the October Book Club Edition! I loved how much you babes enjoyed the September one that I thought it would be great to start a monthly book club / favorite books.

I feel like making time to read is so important for me and it really has improved my life on so many levels. I’m sure that many of you feel the same. I take time to read on the weekends, when I take bath, before going to sleep and sometimes when it’s nice and chilly, on my couch after lunch.

I feel like reading transports me in so many ways, and also keeps me more in the present. I have also used reading as a coping mechanism when I am stressed.

Alright babes. Let’s dive in!


STAY FIT FOR LIFE // Is a book that is all about how to stay fit when you’re a baby boomer generation. As I mentioned a few months ago, my eighty something year old grandpa is living with me until next year.  Since he moved in with me, I’ve been trying to get him to change his lifestyle to a more healthier one. While I thought it would be easier, I have been able to achieve a little something something. This book has been such a HUGE help with him. He has been joining my daily afternoon walks which is SO nice and also I have been able to get him to try some of these functional exercises. I have also incorporated these movements after my walk. I feel like if we start a healthy relationship with our body and staying active it makes it SO much easier when we are older.

PANTRY AND PLATE // This is a book for the foodie in me. I still v much LOVE reading cookbooks, I get a lot of inspiration from them. I have always loved to cook and being able to get to know someone by their cooking is amazing. I feel like I get an inside glimpse into someones soul when I check out their cookbook. Pantry & Plate is Simon Thibault first cookbook and I feel like he shares a part of his history and basically himself in this cookbook. I have made some of the recipes, tweaking them to fit my needs and LOVE them. I am actually getting a lot of my Thanksgiving ideas from this Pantry and Plate. He focuses on Acadian food which is essentially comfort, made with love and just something that makes you feel like you’re getting a hug. I love how food and recipes can recreate these emotions. Seriously babes check out this BOOK asap.

Activated Charcoal for Health // I’ve been obsessing over this book all month long. It has taught me SO much about activated charcoal and how you can use it in a natural way to heal your body. I had no idea it was antibacterial, it can be used on wounds and can clear up acne and so much more. I’ve been mixing it with aloe and applying it on my armpits, since I use natural deodorant it can cause a lot of sensitivity and sometimes rashes. It has been life saving. LOVE it. The author Britt Brandon is a genius, she is giving me so much knowledge. Impressive. I’ve started to incorporate charcoal into my weekly routine, about two times a week.

OUT OF THE WOODS // Brent Williams wrote this incredible book based on his journey with depression. I have lived with depression and know it way too well. I love that he is speaking up and being so vocal about something that we all should and sadly is taboo. He talks about what made him get help, which is something that so many ask. When do you get help. Honestly it all depends. I also love how writing was a main component to helping him heal and cope with such a painful illness. I am also going to have Brent on Tea Time soon so keep your eyes out for that babes. I actually received the book on PDF and highly recommend it. Check it out here on Amazon.!

Alright my loves there you have it, what I read this October, what books I recommend and seriously, get reading it is a great way to get a technology break and also learn a few things.! Xo

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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