Happy August + Why I Write An Intentions Journal

Happy August + Why I Write An Intentions Journal

Happy Tuesday lovelies and we are officially in August! I honestly cannot believe that 2017 is more than half way in and we are heading soon towards my favorite season of all FALL! I am such a fall girl, I love when the leaves fall and everything gets chiller. It’s hands down my favorite time ever! Why is it that as we get older time starts flying by? Or is that just me….

Hmmm.. any who.

As you babes know the first day of the month is incredibly important to meeeee. I use it as a guide for the rest of the month and most important I set out my intentions for the next 28-30 days.

I like intentions because they honestly feel like they bring inner peace and are also graceful goals. Basically writing down all the wishes you have for the month. As a true believer that we are what we give and put out, if we our starting the month on a positive note, with tons of great energy and just tons of encouraging thoughts, our lives will be  fulfilling and exciting.

While I love having intentions for my blog and work life, selfceare and taking care of my own personal goals is just as important.


This month I am focusing a little more on self care because I’ve been getting a little off that the last month and it has more to do with, feeling like it’s been so hot and just I feel like I need to get ready before the summer ends. I don’t know, it’s like as a season ends I feel like I have to accomplish all these things and yeah. So August is self-care month and I’m gonna share some of my intentions for this month and also what I like to do when I write my intentions journal.

+Self care Sunday’s, and just take the day more easy

+This month I am focusing on growing my yoga practice.

+ attending or hosting my own moon ceremony

+trying one new thing each week

+not using my phone after 9:30 pm

+learn more about plants, I really wanna grow my own sprouts and herbs but I have a hard time keeping plants a live.

+Sunday dinners with the fam. even though my brother is going back to school, my momma bear is moving to abq. and I wanna be more in the present.

+work on my patience, which goes hand in hand with yoga

I like to make a whole big thing of this, so I light candles and make matcha cause hello it is me and also light some sage to get rid of any negative energy and just clean the space and mind. I take some time and mediate a little.

Alright babes, I showed you how I love spending the first of each month and what I am intended to work on during August.

What intentions are you setting for the month of August? Comment below! I would love to know 🙂

Have an wonderful Tuesday!

Happy August + Why I Write An Intentions Journal

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