Healthy frozen food is finally available in the form of Good Food Made Simple, in order ten minutes you have home cooked quality food made out of real ingredients. 


You bugs know I LOVE food, I mean Follow Our Passion started as a way for me to share my passion for food which then broke out into other things cause well it turns out I kinda like a bunch of stuff. I passionate about fitness, wellness, living a whole hearted blanked life and of course being an advocate for mental health.

I love to cook and I do about 85% of the time but right now I’m working part time + easily putting in over 50+ a week to the blog + trying to find time to live life + training for half marathon.

SO as I was telling you I have a bunch on my plate oh and I just moved here all on my own and I realized on Sunday that it hasn’t been that long, it feels like it has, it’s only been like a little over two months.

SO when I find brands that I believe in, that follow my passion for food, that stick to my wellness beliefs I get super duper excited. Like jump all over the place excited. YES..! I too like to jump on the bed, okay maybe not on the bed okay fine I do jump on the bed while I eat these delicious meals from Good Food Made Simple.


You see sometimes I get home and its like 6:00 PM and it’s still bright out so I go out for a run and then I come home and I’m starving like HANGRY so having these already made meals in the freezer made with real ingredients that taste AMAZING is like BALLLLLER…! YEAH! ..YEAH! (using Lil’ Johns voice) Go ahead and laugh. Hahaha. I know I do.

 I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable in the kitchen like moi and if you aren’t then buggies check these babes OUT. They got some tasty, delicious food, they have breakfast covered, lunch and dinner. SO basically life is pretty simple, made out of good food Oh you like how I played around with the words. Yeah me toooo!

I was beyond freaked when I found out Good Food Made Simple is doing the green chili game proud. As a new New Mexican foodie you know I’m gonna be happy.

I’m all for the creamy, spicy hatch chile mac, my brother JC tried them cause I raved so much and he and his roommates were mega crazy happy. He told me their freezer is packed with all sorts of goodies from GFMS aka Good Food Made Simple.


I like how the food taste fresh and full of flavor oh and I am also a huge fan that they aren’t high in salt. Sometimes I feel food that comes prepared is way, way too salty. Not the case with Good Food Made Simple.

I mean, I’m a huge HUGE fan their steel cut oatmeal, with Vermont maple syrup, steel cut oats, salt and h2o.!

Its pretty banging that I can actually pronounce all the ingredients on the back of the box.

How awesome is that.??

The burritos are also pretty darn good, I take them hiking with me.

Full of flavor + they fill you up.

I HAVE some amazing news for you all!

Cause Good Food Made Simple LOVES  Follow Our Passion readers so much, not as much as I do, okay I wouldn’t know, they might, no I love you guys  A LOT..! Cause you are so loyal and fun. Annddd well you are my bugs.

Since we love you so much, we are hosting a GIVEAWAY..! How mega exciting is that?!? Really exciting RIGHT..!

All you gotta do is follow me on Instagram just click here and follow Good Food Made Simple by clicking here.

AND. On the comment section go ahead and share what your favorite go to meal is made with simple fun ingredients! Oh and don’t forget to use the #goodfoodmadesimple

Oh BUGS the winner will be announced on Friday!  The giveaway is open from today Monday April 3rd to Friday April 7th 2017!

The giveaways has close and the winner was Jessica Logreira! Congrats Jess!

Thank you Good Food Made Simple for sponsoring this post and the giveaway. It means so much to  me to work with brands that I love and support Follow Our Passion.

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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