I’m pretty sure by now you all know how much I use collagen, especially if you follow me on Instagram, you will see I probably add it to just about everything, from my morning matcha latte, to my fat balls, smoothies, dips, you name it, I add it. Today we are talking about this fabulous superfood and why I love it so much and why you will too.

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I’ve been on the collagen wagon for over two and half years now and I honestly cannot believe I hadn’t talked about it on the blog yet.

I did get a DM a few days ago and someone asked me why I put collagen into my foods and that got me thinking..

Hmm… post time.

So I quickly answered a little bit and then told her that she could check out FOP for more info and I would let her know once the post was up.

I’ve tried a lot of collagen brands out there and I have to say my favorite is Vital Proteins.

Truth be told the only collagen brand that I use.

Let’s dig in, why collagen?

I remember when I was little my great aunt would talk about how important it was to take care of our skins and she would make jokes about how collagen was the answer. Keep in mind I was probably ten when she shared this with me but hey, I guess we all have our priorities.

Anyways when Kate wanted me to start incorporating meats into my eating again, since my digestion was all over the place and I had not eaten meat a while she told me to start with collagen to help with the lining of my gut and eggs.

Because I am one of those awesome, weird people in this world that thinks everything is awesome and wants to try everything. I was beyond excited.

So I like to do my own research before I taking the plunge.

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Again, I’m the weird hippie girl that will literally try everything that is new in the wellness scene because I want to know why everyone is talking about it. So because of all of my stomach/hormonal/mood imbalances IT is beyond important for me to read up on whatever it is, I’m gonna play around with.

I was still in Panama when I first jumped on the collagen train and I would order it from Amazon cause Panama didn’t have any. I tried out a few different brands and honestly could add them to everything until, I Bethany from lil sipper raved about her love for VP. So I bought the collagen from them, and had my aunt bring it back to Panama. They didn’t have it on Amazon at this point.

Ironically enough it really did help with my gut and digestion PLUS my skin & hair is doing great. I have very thin straight hair. Not the coolest thing in the book.

Another really cool thing about collagen is that you can literally add it to anything and it doesn’t affect the flavor. I add it to my morning matcha, bulletproof, iced or a latte. I also add it to my smoothies. What I love is it is such a great source of protein and instantly gives me a boost. I am not really that big on protein powders, I don’t use protein powders, they don’t sit well with me. I’ve tried SO many brands and I just honestly am tired of buying and then I end up giving it away because it doesn’t work with me. They make me feel off and bloated so adding collagen to everything makes up for not really using them.

Also I tend to eat about 80/20 when it comes to animal meat, I have eggs every day in one way or another, but chicken or sea food or grass fed meat is depending on my mood. So to make sure I am consuming enough protein I LOVE adding collagen to everything.


Little tip right there.

When I first started taking collagen I remember that a couple months in, everyone would tell my that my skin was glowing and I looked great. My mom asked me if there was anything different and I’m like mom, collagen. Get on it. She did, my aunt did. My brother did. I have literally converted everyone.

Earlier this year when I moved back to the states I didn’t plan out the whole collagen thing with my move and ran out so I ordered some and seriously the four or fives days that I wasn’t consuming any. I felt a total difference. Not in a good way. I missed it, my digestion was on the wonky side.

SO I truly believe in collagen and in all of it’s super powers.

Alright babes. There you have it the questions you all have asked, answered for you. If you have any other questions on collagen or VP seriously drop a comment below, shoot me an email. I can always add to this post, or just email you or answer back. Have an amazing day!

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This post was not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I genuinely love Vital Proteins just as the next health foodie out there. Thank you for reading and supporting Follow Our Passion!

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  1. I think I have heard of collagen, but didn’t really know much about it. Sounds like something I need more of in my life.

  2. I try to incorporate it when I can, but I definitely don’t consume it ENOUGH!! It needs to become part of the daily routine because I really do know how GOOD it is for us!

  3. Wow collagen has so many great benefits. I have never thought to add it to my food. I will have to give it a try.

  4. I have to admit it is only recently I have seen about people supplementing collagen into their diet, I think it is a really interesting things to do and something I need to look into more.

  5. Collagen is a protein and as such when you eat it you metabolize it into amino acids as you do with every other protein. In my opinion eating collagen doesn’t do anything more than any other protein does. But that’s just my opinion.

  6. I had never thought of adding collagen to my diet before but I would like better skin so maybe it would help. And I am glad that you said it does not affect the flavour of the food too!

  7. Collagen truly helps our body to stay young and glowy. It is nice that many are gaining interests for collagen.

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