Liver Loving Foods + Tips & My Liver Story

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I’ve been suffering from liver issues for a few years now and while it would be easier if I just said I drank too much the truth is that a couple months before starting my alternative medicine process, I was at the doctor’s  getting a routine check up + blood work. When my momma bear brought up a rash type of spotting I had on my foot for a while now. We had seen my dermatologist who thought it was something from plant that might have touched my foot or something. It turns out it was a sign that my liver wasn’t working the way it was supposed. After over six years on medication, my liver was tired, overly stimulated and not working the way it was supposed.

While it did scare me a bit, it wasn’t until after I was off my medication that I truly realized how important it was to properly take care of myself and my liver.

I was celebrating the fact that was off my medication and had been for over a week. Eating whatever I wanted and just letting go. Too many fries, burgers and cake later I ended up sick, throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down. I was taken to my doctor who ran some test to make sure it was food poisoning or anything and everything they feared was true. My liver wasn’t processing anything else. It had enough. I pushed everything way to far this time.

After having both my doctor and momma bear sit me down and tell me if I kept it up I would soon end up needing a transplant, I decided that it was time to not just live healthy 90% of the time but always. I started learning more about food, nutrition and what helped and what didn’t.

I started realizing that not everything that is said is true, and that if I truly care about myself I need to pay attention to what goes in my body.

I ditched plastic.

believe it or not that actually can cause harm to our liver. 

I started to use glass jars and containers only.

Invested in a good quality water bottle to take with me everywhere.

Mason jars and weck jars are my favorite

I like to get mine in amazon prime.

Lemon water is GREAT for your liver. 

I know a lot of the reason some people drink lemon water is for flavor, digestion and loosing weight BUT

lemon are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, which help increase the absorption of iron and it helps jump start are liver function.

Liver Loving Foods + Tips & My Liver Story


beets are great for you, but they are one of those mega liver loving foods. They have tons of nitric oxide which help eliminate toxins from the body.

check out this awesome beet salad here

Spinach or dark leafy greens in general 

these mega nutrient rich greens are high in glutathione, which is great at triggering a these toxin cleaning enzymes for your liver. I have a giant salad each day packed with greens, roasted veggies, heathy fats and protein. Like the one below.

Liver Loving Foods + Tips & My Liver Story


one of the most healing spices ever, this will help boost your liver detox SO MUCH. by helping the the enzymes that actively flush out dietary carcinogens.

you can use turmeric in a million and one recipes, try these cookies


While I really don’t need anyone to convince me to eat avocados, another great reason to eat them, they helps your body produce glutathione.

incase you need an avocado recipe, check this pudding out!

Liver Loving Foods + Tips & My Liver Story

Dandelion Greens or tea 

Kate has been pushing me to increase this bitter green or tea in my daily routine for almost three years now and for good reason. It helps the liver break down fats, producing amino acids that get rid of toxins.

I like this dandelion root tea a lot.

Milk thistle 

Milk thistle is really great for your liver, it helps protect it from toxins. Remember that your liver is always filtering everything so it is really important to give it some love.

I buy whole milk thistle from mountain rose herbs and then grind it, in my magic bullet or blendtec and then add it to some lifeway kefir and eat that every day. 



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