Tea Time With Bethany From Lil Sipper

Good morning bubs! Today on Tea Time I have invited someone I admire, she is candid, very truthful and has shared her awesome, kick butt recipes who help people with IBS everywhere. I love watching her stories and have to admit I was a little nervous to ask her over for tea time but when she agreed I literally jumped up and down from excitement! Thank you so much Bethany for joining us, you are an inspiration to us all! 

Tea Time With Bethany From Lil Sipper- FOLLOW OUR PASSION

Full Name

Bethany Ugarte

You started lil sipper, what inspired you to share so much with the world?

I started my Instagram @lilsipper just as a personal account, sharing my passion for cooking and clean eating. I had always had stomach trouble and through a period of 10+ years working with a well acclaimed holistic doctor (who does work with actors, models and professional dancers all over the world) as well as my own extensive research I learned how to manage my symptoms, creating VERY odd recipes … and it caught on. Now that I just launched my blog, I feel so honored I can share with so many people (at no cost)  how to help their own IBS symptoms.

You dream vacation, where are you?

Definitely somewhere tropical!

Favorite quote or mantra?

“Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”

Favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Make a huge smoothie and watch the Food Network!

Your go to meal 

My sweet potato smoothie ( yup, that’s right)

Best wellness hack you can share with us?

Pureeing your meat! I have an entire post about it here on my blog. Such a life savor!

Guilty food pleasure?

Honestly I don’t ever crave anything naughty, my body craves, good wholesome food all the time, and if I do crave something sweet, its usually just more fruit! Haha.

Salty or sweet?

Both! I actuality put pink Himalayan salt in my smoothies!

Coffee or tea? Milk (plant based or animal) sweetened or bulletproof?

Both! Usually coffee with ghee no milk and grass fed gelatin in the morning, then afternoon herbal tea like dandelion or chamomile.

First thing in the morning you?


Thank you so much Bethany for joining us here for tea time, it was great having you! If you guys wanna see more make sure to follow her on Instagram @lilsipper  

Tea Time With Bethany From Lil Sipper- FOLLOW OUR PASSION


Andrea Broom

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  1. Mmmm, a sweet potato smoothie sounds intriguing!! Now I need to get the recipe and try one! Loved this interview.

  2. I love her quote/mantra. No dreams or goals will ever come true if you don’t work for them. I’m working my dreams every day.

  3. She is such an amazing woman! I’m glad that you were able to interview her. I love that quote that she shared, “dreams don’t work unless you do”, that’s one of the quotes that I read every time I need a little motivation!

  4. Oh wow! I would love to try a sweet potato smoothie! I think it would be my go to meal too! I love sweet potato anything!

  5. Love how you did an interview with her. I feel like IBS is not talked about enough and many people struggle with it. I have it and it’s so difficult not eating what irritates my stomach because its all my mommy good spicy Mexican food 🙁

    Started following @lilsipper! Hoping to find some good alternatives 🙂

  6. It’s really nice to meet bethany and great that she is overcoming her illness while helping others! I will have to show this to a few of my friends, they are struggling with IBS at the moment!

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