Today on Tea Time I am bringing to FOP land the doctor who calls herself unconventional and is giving our body a voice and teaching us techniques that can help us uncover the reasons behind our health problems, the author behind The Listening Cure: Healing Secretes of an Unconventional Doctor, Dr. Chris Gilbert!

As you babes know I am all about the unconventional method when it comes to doctors. The weirder the approach, the better. When I read Dr. Gilbert’s book The Listening Cure, I honestly felt like everything I’ve thought for so long is finally being brought to life. How much our emotions can really effect our body. When I spoke to Dr. Gilbert and her husband Eric on the phone, I was little nervous truth be told. I mean this lady is a pure genius and I was gonna have to come up with some Harvard type questions. RIGHT? It turns out we ended up speaking for a little over an hour and half. Dr. Gilbert co-wrote her book with her husband Eric who happens to be a neuroscientist. Match made it heaven right??..

You basically have Dr. Gilbert with the experience and Eric explaining the reasoning behind it. Cool huh?


I loved the way they explained everything and really gave me a lot to think about. WE even did an exercise and gave my stomach a voice, which was unreal. I found out that my stomach is angry and upset with me, after years of all the punishing I put it through due to my eating disorder and now all the food intolerance I have, my stomach is angry, hurt and he wanted to tell me that.

I agree with Dr. Chris and Eric, we are putting bandages over our emotional issues which than manifest in ways we wouldn’t imagine. Not only that but after years of suffering it can be really difficult to pin point. where it all originated.

I asked them if they thought we needed to get to the point where we were desperate to try anything to receive this kind of help and their answer to this was, sometimes that is what ends up happening and hopefully with this book I can help people see that there is more out there.

I also learned a little something I didn’t know before like, did  you guys know that pain is learned? Like for example let’s say you have a very unhealthy, negative relationship with your mother (BTW so not the case here, with my dad pretty much), and she comes over to visit and you get stressed and anxious and then your pain starts. In your lower back.

Then every time you think of your mother, your body will contract and the pain comes back. So your body and mind (in an very unconscious level) start to associate your mother with back pain. This is a learned behavior.

How weird is that? I mean it totally makes sense but it’s kind of bizarre that pain is a learned behavior. I started to put everything she talks about in her book and apply it to my every day life and I have to say my sleep has improved as has my digestion. Which if you babes know, isn’t the best.

I hope you all enjoyed having Dr. Chris Gilbert over for tea time virtually, it was amazing to be able to talk to both her and her husband and give you guys a little sneak into this interesting and very real way of diagnosing.

If you get a chance, make sure you pick up Dr. Gilbert’s book, The Listening Cure: Healing Secretes of an Unconventional! The book comes out this week on September 26th!

Thank you Dr. Gilbert and Eric it was a pleasure!


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