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Tea Time with Kelli From Can Cook Will Travel-Follow Our PassionGood morning my lovelies! Today on Tea Time I have invited a friend from Instagram and the awesome blogger behind Cook Will Travel, Kelli! Her recipes are aligned to my kind of foods, and her beautiful pictures make your mouth water. Couldn’t be more excited to have Kelli over for tea, thank you so much Kelli for joining us! 

Full Name

Kelli Wallace

You wake up, what’s the first thing you do..

Journaling, this is super important to me, it sets off the tone of my day and starts it off just right. I always write down three things that I am grateful for, to begin my day with appreciation. I love this habit and wrote a whole blog post about journaling because I think it’s crucial.

Do you have a favorite mantra or quote…

Improvise, overcome and adapt. I learned this quote in 5th grade band class and it has been a instrumental mantra to guide to this day. Thank you so much Mr. Svoboda!

What made you start your blog Can Cook Will Travel? 

Honestly… I was in place where I hated my life. I was literally wishing my week away thanks to a job that was sucking the life out of me. Monday would roll around and I was begging for Friday to magically appear. I had a moment where I was sick of my inner monologue and decided I needed to flip the script and infuse my week with a hobby I love to give me something to LOOK FOWARD TO. (Not trying to yell, but it’s important) I loved to cook, but wasn’t doing much of it so I vowed to cook something new each week. Then I had something to get excited about during the week and I used my blog platform as a way to hold myself accountable. Six and half years later and I am still posting new recipes every week!

Can you share your favorite wellness hacks with us?


Go for a walk as soon as I get up

The first thing I drink or eat is lemon water

Ooops, sorry three things..

That one guilty food pleasure you have..

Oh it’s gotta be mac n’ cheese, which is pretty funny since I’ve started to not eat much dairy or gluten. If I do want to treat myself and regret it later, that is my favorite treat. LOL

You are on your perfect vacation, where are you.. 

I kind of go back and forth between an all inclusive resort with a beach and book in hand.. and discovering a new place by exploring a city. However probably my most favorite vacation have been the ones where I get to explore a city, see the sites, eat the food, and then do it all over again the next day.

The one item always on your grocery list… 

Lemons. I can never have enough of those, and since I have lemon water daily, they are a must.

You’re absolute favorite recipe.. 

Ooh.. that is a tough one! I’ve made hundreds of recipes since starting my blog, the one that always seems to come to mind is this yummy Firecracker Chicken. I’m down for pretty much anything on the blog with Asian flavors.

What does your typical day look like… 

I usually wake up between 6 and 7, journal and then get up and get moving by taking a walk. I try to get 4 or 5 miles to wake myself up and move. Lemon water and then right now a smoothie bowl or yogurt and granola for breakfast. Coffee is a must. Then if it’s a week day, I am working at my day job from 8-5, I also work from home so I have some flexibility. I’m usually balancing blog work with some downtime. Then after work I like to cook dinner and relax a bit or go out on a day or happy hour with some friends. Sometimes it is much needed when you don’t get to see people every day. Hahah! I am usually binge watching a show or catching KC Royals baseball when relaxing at home.

Thank you so much for joining us Kelli! We honestly love all of your ideas on journaling and you have definitely given us some inspiring tips! Babes if you wanna keep up with everything Kelli make sure to check out her blog here and follow her on Instagram, she has some awesome pictures. 

Tea Time with Kelli From Can Cook Will Travel-Follow Our Passion

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