What I’m Loving Lately Segment Continues Today March 23 with The Newest Things I’m Crushing On.

Hi there! Hope your week has been AMAZING, so far mines been pretty solid.  Not just cause I discovered a local kombucha company this weekend and now I’m OBSESSED but also cause my mood has been pretty stable which is good considering you know life. Hahaha.

Oh, and my sleep is kinda doing better. I really wanna bring you into what I am using but I am still in the experimental phase. STAY TUNED.

That’s pretty cool.

I’m sure if you follow me on Insta that you see what I’ve been trying lately but in case you don’t you totally should ..and no don’t worry I won’t blow up your feed with pictures of my cat. I mean I could but I won’t cause as much as I love him I know not everyone does. Which I don’t totally get why..? I mean he’s an adorable kitty…He’s no longer a kitty since he’s like seven but in my eyes, my babe is always gonna be a kitty.


I am totally obsessed at the moment with The Kombucha Project BTW they are local here in New Mexico from Santa Fe which is awesome on so many freaking levels CAUSE I love discovering local products. I actually found them at my local co-op and really, really liked the blue bottle and grabbed one just cause you know my BUCHA game so strong I gotta try them all. Turns out it wasn’t overly sweet, and sometimes I feel like they are too vinegary…is that word? I don’t know..While this one the taste was on point. Umm.I ended up going back on Sunday and buying like $50 worth of kombucha I know, I  know. What can I say? My favorite hands down was the ginger. Like healthy ginger ale.


I’m also on a kick with Lifeway Kefir Yogurt Cups, I really like the blueberry lavender SO GOOD!

The tang of the kefir is there which I’m all for and it’s not overly sweet which is totally me! I love to take them on the go, they pretty awesome as a snack or breakfast okay honestly more like a snack or like half of the breakfast. Y’all know I munch on food all day long.  PLUS I totally dig the part where my stomach doesn’t get upset for eating. I have like over 5 of them in my fridge. It’s pretty cool.


Oh, and my SNS Nails game is still going STRONG..! I am obsessed with SNS Nails like I can’t even describe it. I go this place here in abq called Princess Nails for those of you who are local and are curious. I get my feet there done also, I don’t do SNS on my toes cause I prefer to paint them every other time I go to let them breathe if that makes any sense. While my hand nails, if they don’t have polish I feel like a boy and one of my biggest pet peeves and I blame my momma for this, chipped nails. SO since I cook all the time and constantly wash my hands and dishes, SNS Nails have saved my life

OH BTW. Bugs…

Let’s talk about my skincare routine for a moment. Since I moved to abq. I’m not in humidity anymore and as much as my hair LOVES the dry air, my skin is having a tough time adapting and I am really, really loving washing my face with an oil-based cleaner. SO what I do while I shower is scrub my face with a bamboo charcoal sponge with just water (my pores are seriously so MUCH smaller) and then use an oil cleaner after. Last week someone told me I looked like I was 20 I mean I’m 26 but still, that’s an effing compliment! I’m almost 27 and then I’ll be 30 and I don’t know but time goes by fast. Hahaha.


I will also all you I am obsessed with Chickpea in The City’s coffee with collagen. I totally copied her..I kinda tweaked the recipe a little. She uses chameleon cold brew, I do too or just any cold brew I have in the house currently I’m really digging the local Nitro Cold Brew from Villa Myriam, blended up with collagen from Vital Protein (1-2 scoops) + Organic Valley Lactose Free Half & Half SO YUM + bakers spice from Greenpoint Co + TONS of ice.

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