What I’m Loving Lately 7.7.17

Good morning my beautiful friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I know I am SUPER excited cause it is FRI-YAY..! In honor of my favorite day of the week, actually my favorite is Monday. CAUSE it totally motivates me to try my best for the new week and not dwell that the weekend is over.

TODAY we are gonna talk about some of my favorite at the moment.

First I wanna share something MEGA important. I have a plant my momma bear bought me before leaving in May as a here is a new buddy present. Actually she also gave me a succulent, her name is Stella but today we are talking about my friend Robert, the plant I actually had hanging in my bathroom that also happens to be an air purifier. MEGA big plus.

If you know me, then you know I don’t necessarily have the best luck with plants. I really, really want to but sadly, they die, or I kill them by accident.

It makes so sad, I was so meant to be a plant mommy apart from a already being a cat mommy but they die and it makes me sad.

I’ve actually been taking are of Robert LIKE really well. He’s still alive.

I didn’t know he didn’t like the sun and took him out on my balcony thinking he totally would love it and it turns out, his little leaves burnt. I know I told you not good with plants, somehow he’s doing better and his leaves are now mostly green, there are few still recuperating.

ANY TIPS? From other plant mommies..? I could use them.

Other than keeping Robert alive, and being excited about that. I am currently OBSESSED with my new water bottle that my babes at Pura Stainless  sent me! This water bottle is non-plastic or glass, while I normally love my glass water bottles when I want to take something hot on the go, they aren’t the most friendly ones to use.

Here I can take my matcha latte on the go and also my warm lemon apple cider vinegar water on the go. YAYYY..!

PLUS let’s talk about these cute AF sleeves. I mean check out the colors. I’m a big aqua/ green fan so this is beyond perfect for moi!

They’re stainless steel so you can totally use the for everrrrrr. I love the mantra they have One Life..One Bottle.

What I'm Loveling Lately-Pura Stainless -FOllow Our Passion

PLUS they are travel friendly, weather you are flying or road tripping it out.

I am also LOVING the coconut butters from my beautiful babes at Pearl Butter. Kati is killing the coconut butter superfood game at the moment and I honestly feel like I met my match with coconut butter. This stuff is addicting.. I probably eat more than I should with just a spoon..

I honestly feel like Pearl Butter is so up my alley when it comes to companies they are on the same wave length as I am with food and about making wellness more accessible for everyone which is so HUGE and important. This isn’t sponsored I’m just crazy excited about this company and wanted to share the goods with you babes.

I use it in my matcha lattes every morning, unless I’m going the iced route. I also am digging topping my muffins with them. They totally make the perfect frosting.

Honestly check them out, highly, highly recommend. I don’t recommend things I don’t use / believe in and if you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen how much I’m loving their butters.

I’ve been loving this for a while, I did get a lot of messages when I posted a story on Insta of me making it and I wanna share why I love warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.

So I have a lot of digestion issues and cold drinks honestly don’t make it easier for the digestion, while I don’t drink my water cold, I like it room temp I do like iced tea every once in a while, iced matcha, especially with this heat going on right now.

I then like to drink something warm to get my digestion back on track, I’ve been doing this since the beginning of the year now and I really do see a difference now. Before my digestion would kind of just stop and now it keeps with a natural flow. Sometimes I’ll just do lemon juice with warm water, you don’t want it to be hot to the point you can’t drink it and that it will kill the raw apple cider vinegar. I like using Bragg’s

Sprouting almonds is also something I am excited about at the moment. The funny part of this is, I actually did this by accident. So I put my almonds in a mason jar with water and left them in the fridge, I kind of forgot about them. Until I going through my fridge 5 days later, thinking, hey where are the almonds I was soaking to make into milk. When I took them out, and rinsed they had little tails. Babes I literally flipped, I was so excited and my brother just looked at me like WTF.

I’ve been doing this now since to make my almond milk, YUMM plus so much easier for our digestion. I’m gonna start sprouting chickpeas next, probably over the weekend.

SOO excited.

What are you babes excited/ crushing on/ loving at the moment?

Have an awesome FRIDAY!!..!


Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I’ve heard good things about people drinking apple cider vinegar water to aid in digestion. I have not tried it yet, but I probably should. Does it help speed things along? (If you catch my drift)

    1. It really does Melanie. I’ve had issues with that is the past and the apple cider vinegar water has truly been my savor. I even have my brother and mom on this as well. Hope you give it a try, let me know how it goes.

  2. Ahhh, I name my plants too! I had a plant (Tyrone) I kept alive for about 8 years until he died. But I think it was because of his sheer will to live. Other than that, they rest die. So I won’t be much help on that matter. On a side note, I love sprouting nuts. So much fun.

    1. Oh so sad that Tyrone passed. I totally thought I was the only that named my plants. Sprouting nuts is sooo much fun!

    1. I leave them their, you are sprouting enough just until you have a small tail at the end. I eat them, make almond milk and sprinkle them on salads.

  3. Oh I love those water bottles and I completely understand your digestive problems. I have the same thing. I had to give up all my fav drinks and just drink water now. Not cold, but room tip.

  4. These seem so cool. I haven’t been drinking anything cold because of my throat at the moment. I didn’t know it will help digestion. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. So cool about the almonds! Do you eat the sprouts when they come out or what are you doing with them apart from the milk? A tip about plants…..read up on each plant you have to know what they like. It’s the only way I learned to not kill plants. I used to kill ANY plant left in my care. Now you should see my balcony!

    1. Thanks for the awesome tips! Gonna apply them, I have a few gardening books but never thought about focusing on each plant. I like to top my yogurt with them or eat the as is. They are easier to digest 🙂

  6. It sounds like everything is going so well. I hope you do figure out the whole gardening thing. It’s a tough one and I rarely give it a try because plants aren’t really friends with me either!

    1. Seriously… I totally thought I was the only one that couldn’t keep them alive LOL. That’s awesome!

  7. I do love a good stainless container. I love drinking coffee from mine…and wouldn’t think of going anywhere without it. Love yours.

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