Why I Quit Processed Sugar + How You Can Too

Hi beebs! Happy MONDAY..! The one week no sugar challenge that mind body green arranged is over, and while I’m happy cause I really wanna dig into these cookies I’ve been playing around with all morning. I do wanna share why I stopped consuming processed sugar a few years ago and how you can to if you please.

When I first started living a label free food life, there were a few things I knew I had to cut out for health reasons, gluten, alcohol, dairy and sugar.

While I am intolerant to both gluten and dairy, I also have severe liver issue and should not consume alcohol. I also started to take away processed sugar, I’ve always had the BIGGEST sweet tooth and I knew that it wasn’t helping my hormonal imbalance as well as my depression.

I started to notice foggy brain, tons of energy crashes and just an overall weird/off feeling post binges of anything sweet.

My holistic nutritionist asked me to try it out for a while to see if it would help with my mood swings. It turns out it made a huge impact and I decided to keep it up.

I’ve been off processed sugar/refined sugar for almost three years now and it has been such a life changer. I know some people decide to eliminate natural sugars too and honestly I think it depends on your body and how it makes you feel. I try to limit my natural sugar intake and have learned to really understand what my cravings are really about and it helps me SO much when it comes to eating.

I read Woman Code and it totally opened my eyes regarding all the hidden sugars I was eating and how that was affecting my hormonal imbalance.

While my sweet tooth hasn’t changed I have realize that a lot of it had to do with a mixture of addiction to sugar (yes that’s a thing), and my body telling me something was wrong.

My back acne has cleared, the headaches, anxiety, bloat, foggy brain and I now feel more calm and at peace.

I like doing a no sugar detox like Mind Body Green did every couple months, it helps me feel more in tune with my body and also awakens my sense and somehow I feel like my taste buds are more alive.

I know what you’re wondering…

How I really satisfy my sweet tooth.. and I still do cause I LOVE sweets.

I just make sure they come from our planet and not from a lab.

I like bananas, I’ll eat a banana or banana bread, but I don’t fill my smoothies with 90% fruit anymore and that has really helped A LOT.

It’s really about finding the balance that works best for you.

If you check my pantry, you’ll notice I only have raw honey, maple syrup and dates. I alway have fruit in my freezer, I stick to low sugar fruits like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. I like to keep frozen mango in there just because it remind me of home.

In the fridge I like to have whatever fruits are in season, at the moment since it’s summer, I have watermelon, fresh raspberries, cherries and peaches.

I now know to focus more on healthy fats, dark chocolate to get rid of the sweet craving that can come from time to time. I’m big on magnesium and literally have it in so many forms. I realized that the sweet cravings I was getting before had more to do with low magnesium than anything else. I have magnesium flakes to add to my bath, magnesium calm to take every night and also regular magnesium to keep around. I also make sure to eat lots of magnesium rich foods, like dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, kefir, avocados, figs and more. More on this in an upcoming post. 

I’m the kind of person that likes to enjoy something sweet everyday arounds 4 or 5. I’ll have a raw cocoa latte, or some of my fat balls.

I normally keep my fruit intake to about 2-3 servings a day and stick to low glycemic for my smoothies.

If you wanna join me in quitting processed sugar, you totally can, here are some of the tips that have helped me.



Whenever you have an afternoon or morning to yourself, put some music on, and sip on something tasty while you check all the ingredients of everything in there and see what is worth keep and what is worth giving away. You can even invite some friends over and make an event out of it!


Learn for yourself, read and actually see what works for you. As I mentioned above reading books like Women Code totally put me on a different perspective. Be open to change and getting to know your body and mind more. Our bodies are always changing and we need to be in tune with them to prepare.


Get yourself in the groove, experiment with new foods, try new recipes and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Listen to your body and you might discover you actually enjoy this new way of eating.


Instead of focusing on what you cannot have, embrace the new exciting foods you’re gonna eat.

I love my fat balls, I make these every single week and tweak them depending on what I am in the mood for. I make coconut fat ball, cocoa fat balls and more.

Eating Evolved – they freaking rock. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Midnight Coconut with NO SUGAR added.

Coconut Butter- I LOVE eating coconut butter, like I eat it with a spoon it’s so good. My favorite coconut butter at the moment is from Pearl Butter.


You don’t have to be perfect, and it is okay to every once in a  while indulge. I’m a major foodie, and I LOVE going out to try new restaurants. I’m not gonna sit here and say that I ask them to bring the chef out and repeat every ingredient used. As long as it is dairy free and gluten free, I’m good. I used to be super anal and a lot of it had to do with my eating disorder. WE only live once, make it worth wild and nourish yourself..!


xxx. Andrea

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I think that is really impressive. I am glad that doing this worked for you. I think you are amazing for following through.

  2. It’s good to avoid sugar especially processed sugar as much as we can. It can do so much to our health and it’s awesome that you were able to do this! I love that you also shared your journey with us! Such a good example!

  3. A couple years back I managed to cut sugar out during a fast and it was pretty hard but I was able to survive. Now I’m so addicted to sugary drinks but I can’t imagine not being able to drink them anymore It would be so hard to take sugar away but I know I need to do it .

  4. Wow! Quitting processed sugar is such a commitment. I’m a total sugar junkie, but I’m trying to at least acknowledge every time I have processed sugar. I’m hoping to switch to honey a bit more when I bake (after my youngest turns one.)

  5. Quitting sugar is so good for you and it’s funny how quickly you come not to miss it anymore! I try to limit sugar always but there are occasions where I find it slipping quickly back into my diet and I have to reign it back in

  6. Ooooh this is tough…I haven’t thought about doing this yet because I really don’t think I can but I admire those that do! Awesome of you to share!

  7. I have very little energy levels, extreme headaches and cramps and despite being a vegetarian I don’t have the healthiest diet going. I want to try a refined diet to see if it can help me out! x

  8. Sounds like giving up processed sugar was a great move for you! I’m going to have to look into the magnesium calm you mentioned, I know I need more magnesium in my diet.

  9. I quit sugar four months ago, but I have had a few relapses. I am back on the lifestyle and I feel so much better for it. I know it is best for me but I, too, have a sugar addiction. I am looking for good chocolate sweets to indulge in from time to time.

    1. right, it totally makes you feel awesome when you get to get off processed sugar and then when you have something like good chocolate you can appreciate it more. i am so happy for you terri!

  10. I’ve always become more conscious about eliminating processed sugar from my diet. I read labels and look for foods that don’t contain added sugar. I still have my craving and do indulge every now again, but on things like dessert. Instead I used honey, maple syrup and dates as well.

  11. I think everyone who can make such major changes in their diets show so much dedication. Your tips for being able to quit processed sugar are so great and make it seem less daunting that I may have thought before.

  12. Back then, processed sugar is a must have and must buy for me but I’ve heard lots of negative comments about it. Now, I’m trying to get rid of it. So happy for you!

  13. I am impressed to hear that you completely quit processed sugar. I know a few who have done so in the past, some have stayed off completely while others have fallen pretty hard off the wagon. Keep it up, it is an inspiration to those that want to quit.

  14. I have tried doing this so many times and every time I fail! I would love to really commit to it this summer and make it happen. I know sugar is so bad for you!

  15. I’ve thought about this a lot. I think it’s something I’d love to do so reading others stories is very helpful and gives me hope I can do it!

  16. One of the first things that you’ll notice is how much your skin has improved! I eat little to no sugar at all because it’s been really good for my health.

  17. This had to be tough for you. Congrats on getting through the hard part and thank you for encouraging us to do it too. Processed sugar is so unhealthy and has so many bad side effects. We know this but we just keep eating it.

  18. I really needed to read this! I was gluten-free for about a year and I felt so much better. Eventually I gave it up when I moved to a work at home job and had a child. Now more than ever I feel like I need to cut out gluten and sugar as much as possible because I’ve realized I feel tired a lot and find myself in a fog more than I should. So thanks for sharing this and giving me a kick in the pants! 🙂

    1. the same thing would happen to me Trisha and being able to stop eating it had been life changing. hope you get a little inspiration!

  19. Sugar is so bad for you! I was once one of those people who chugged soda all day long then wondered why I always felt like crap. I cut way down on sugar and omg…. I feel like a million bucks

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