Why I’m Loving LiquiSlim 24 + Why You Will Too

Why I'm Loving Liqui Slim + Why You Will Too

(First of all babes, this post is sponsored by LiquiSlim 24, all opinions are my own. Thank you for making post like this possible and supporting Follow Our Passion! )

So babes, let’s talk about LIQUISLIM 24. I’m all about mindful eating, it’s crucial for my health, digestion and also keeping me on a healthy place with food. I love LiquiSlim’s 24 approach to boosting our mood naturally + keeping me feeling great. You can literally take it when ever you want, doesn’t affect your sleep or anything PLUS taste good.

Liqui Slim is literally elevating your water by adding mood boosting ingredients which also help you lose weight.

COOL.! Right?

PLUS I love that it doesn’t give me any weird, jittery side effects.

Oh and it won’t give you these unrealistic goals around losing weight.

I really, really dislike false adversing, I feel like it just makes your more conscious.

Again, hitting that mindful eating tidbit

I started adding liqui slim cherry to my water about a month or so ago. I add about 20 drops, watch the water turn from clear to a bright. I just chill for about 30 minutes before I start eating. It’s great because I use this time to reflect on my food, and journal. It’s great because I hydrate myself before eating anything which is really good for digestion.

It is really important for me to keep a journal on what I eat to help manage my mood and PCOS, so this extra 30 minutes, really come handy.

Why I'm Loving Liqui Slim + Why You Will Too

How cute is this water bottle BTW? I love the it matches with all of my crystal babies. Just like my crystals are part of my every day routine LiquiSlim 24 has easily become my go to, before eating. I feel like it makes me more conscious of what is going in my body. This new ritual of mine has helped me become even more in tune with my body and mind. I am getting to know myself a little more and listening more to my bodies cues when it needs something.

The water bottle makes it easy for me to take this on the go and the cool squeeze bottle makes it easy to use and also control how much I add. While you can add as little or as much as you want into your water, I try to keep it a little on the less side, it can get too sweet for my taste.

I’ve also been adding it to my water all the time just in general to give it a little extra flavor boost.

I love drinking water with lemon slices and with a squeeze of LiquiSlim 24 cherry it is great!

If you babes wanna learn more about LiquiSlim 24, click here for more info.

Alright babes there you have it my newest eating wellness hack, that has me feeling great and is also reminding me each meal to eat more mindfully. Have an amazing day!

Why I'm Loving Liqui Slim + Why You Will Too

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  1. I’ve not heard of this brand before, but I need to look into it more! I’m very conscious of what I put in my body and I try to stay healthy (especially as I have a wedding dress to fit into soon!) – this looks like something I need to try out 🙂

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