Gut Love with 14- Day Kimchi Live Shot Challenge

Gut Love with 14- Day Kimchi Live Shot Challenge from Wildbrine is the new rave, check out my experience with these amazing gut loving Wildbrine kimchi live shots. 


I love food. You all know I love food and 75% of the time I’m talking about food. I’m a major foodie.

As you babes know… my relationship with food hasn’t always been the best and while it is on a much better path I still have my days.

As my relationship with food evolved as did my eating habits. I focus on eating whole foods, lots and lots of veggies, fruits and tons of probiotic-rich foods.

I use to take probiotic pills on a daily basis and I still keep them in my fridge for days when I might need them, especially when I travel or I go out to eat. On a day to day, I lean more towards foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, vinegar drinks and yogurt for my probiotic needs.

I’ve been a major fan of Wildbrine for some time now.

Their kimchi is to die for, I’m also a huge fan of the Brussel kraut CAUSE… Hello, brussel sprouts in kraut YUMMM..! Truth is babes,  I’m a big fan of all of their fermented yummies.

So I was beyond excited when Wildbrine sent over their newest addition. The tastiest shots ever made—- Kimchi live shots.

No, they aren’t weird.

Okay maybe they are a little weird but they taste amazing. LIKE the perfect combo of spicy, tangy, citrusy all in one perfect sip. I really enjoyed pretending they were real shots, I liked sipping on them too.

So I know you all wanna know what probiotics are.

Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. Research shows that having a healthy gut bacteria can help with allergies, skin condition, better sleep and improve your mood along with your digestion and so much more.

When I was younger I totally suffered from acne, and back acne. Truth be told whenever I eat things I shouldn’t my skin acts up, my digestions goes wonky and my sleep that already isn’t the best gets a bit worse.

When I started eating more of what my body needed and really paid attention to what was going inside I realized how much food can impact your life and body.

You are what you eat.


I stopped taking the medication doctors told me I would need for the rest of my life.

I focus on using food and keeping my body how its supposed to be in order to be off them. So to me its really important to keep my gut happy and feeling loved.

These kimchi live shots taste UNBELIEVABLE.

My favorite one hands down was the Spicy Korean. Wait no I really liked the Citrusy Japanese. Then again the Zesty Thai was also really nice. I don’t know. If you guys follow me on snap chat then you def saw all the funny videos of me taking my kimchi shots. As you know sometimes I was still in my PJs and sometimes I was getting ready to go out for a run.

I first went for the Citrusy Japanese cause it seemed interesting. That I actually could imagine just drinking. The Spicy Korean was awesome to drink first thing after my warm water it totally woke me up and got my sense jumping. HELLO> SPICY..!

Anddd yes. I will continue to use them.

I still eat kimchi/or kraut with most of my meals. I mean I wouldn’t throw it on top of my granola or smoothie BUT now with the shots, I can definitely get my probiotics in.

OH and cause Wildbrine awesome check out this link for Kimchi Live Shots –>

Thank you Wildbrine for letting be a part of this challenge and providing the products for this post, I truly love working with companies that support Follow Our Passion! 


The good thing is bugs it’s never too late to get on a probiotic-rich path. Nothing is foolproof and there isn’t a magic pill that fixes everything but I love sharing with you what helped me throughout my path to bring more info to help you bugs reach your ultimate, balanced, healthy, passionate and fun self. 

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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