HAPPY JUNE.!! Good morning my beautiful friends, I hope you all had a great week so far, mine was an adventure, to say the least, honestly, I could not be more grateful for the warm welcome boulder received me with last Friday and every day since.

A little recap in case you guys have no idea what I’m talking about:

A love affair turned into reality, last year on a very spontaneous trip with my mom and brother I fell in love with Colorado. I fell for the way the mountain air relaxed me and soothed me, the way it whispered into my ear, telling me to let go. I felt free for the first time in a few months, I felt like I could breathe.

I promised myself then and there that I would move to Colorado the following year before summer started and babes, here I am. I couldn’t be more grateful for this new adventure.

So I quit my day job and told the universe that it was time for me to take a leap of faith and believe in myself which meant, leaving the security of a 9-5 and jumping with both feet balls out into waters so deep my heart is content. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, I am still trying to find the balance of managing my own time and literally working from home or wherever the hell I feel like working that day. At the moment, I am in my bed, with drake staring at me with this- why- can’t-you-let-me-do-what-I-want- face.

There is something beautiful, the butterflies in your stomach type of beautiful, about planning each day that morning. I mean I do have meetings and events that I have to go to and I know ahead of time but on the day to day, it’s all an adventure, I might be working on some recipes, creating new projects for you guys, helping out local business because HELLO it’s an amazing feeling when you get to lend a hand and watch someone succeed beyond belief.

It’s funny how you sometimes meet your people via social media. I have met some of the most beautiful, inspiring and magical souls through Instagram, sometimes it’s another influencer, a company and believe it or not a lot of the times I have the amazing pleasure of meeting a lot of you IRL and it is the most incredible, humbling experience ever.

I use to take life and everything we are gifted with for granted now I know just how precious and short life is and how much we need to say thank and say fuck the little things.

I had the immense honor of joining the Rasa team at their tent all weekend long and basically just taking in everything Boulder had to offer, while at the same time getting to talk to amazing people about a company I really am passionate about. (Disclaimer: I did get paid to work the event but if you follow along you know how much I LOVE Rasa and the value of the founders and the brand itself) I felt like I found my people, it was an amazing feeling being able to just let myself be, I think this is what drew me to Boulder in the first place.


I left Drake with my mom on Friday so that I could settle in my room before I bringing him in. I knew he would totally freak if all he saw were boxes everywhere and honestly I still haven’t unpacked everything.

You see since I am the go with the flow type of girl, the one that truly believes everything happens for a reason, I moved into a house for the next two months with three guys. I did not know them before moving in on Friday and to say that this has been a learning experience is the least.

I did this for the following reason I didn’t want to commit to a year-long lease without really getting to know the area and while I am still not sure if I am gonna stay in Boulder or Denver, I do feel like this was the best decision for me.


On Tuesday I had a couple meetings in Denver so I had lunch in Just BE Kitchen after and then headed to my moms and ended up staying the night.

I tested some recipes on Wednesday and made those lemon bars I keep teasing with you all again, cause well if life gives you lemons you make cannabis-infused lemon bars.

Using Alchemy canna coconut oil. BECAUSE well it’s fucking awesome and women behind it all is a pure genius, I mean she makes crazy good cookies and pies and everything nice at Oh, Lady Cakes.

Then I made a chocolate cake, that is packed to the brim with walnuts, CBD chocolate, and rasa koffee. The herbs in rasa add this layer of depth and keep you coming back for more.

I also made my mom these giant stuffed sweet potatoes, if happen to catch my stories then you know how it went down, for those of you that did not. WALNUT MEAT. SAUTEED ZUCCHINI. PICO. AVOCADO.

Basically everything nice in this world, all stuffed into a giant sweet potato and then tackled my yours truly. I didn’t actually finish the potato, and ended up having the rest of it with eggs for breakfast. Who says I don’t know how to party.? Hehe.


Yesterday I had another meeting in Denver and since I didn’t want to sit in traffic again, I decided to hang out in Just BE Kitchen, grab a late lunch with my mom and work on the blog a bit before heading back to Boulder.

I would be lying if I said I was a bit tired, and that my emails are not gettign answered as quickly, but I am still settling in to my new routine. Drake is now in Boulder with me and cries at random hours becasue as my mom puts it, is spoiled af and when he doesn’t get what he wants will cry until I give in. YES. I am talking about my cat, and yes, right now I am letting him cry it out, which breaks my heart but also annoys the hell out of me.

Just keeping it as real as can be.

I’m human and while I love my cat he can be a tad annoying at times.


Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. You should hug your cat a bit harder today as is Hug Your Cat Day. I also have a spoiled cat at home. But she does not cry or speak much as a matter of fact. What she would do when she is annoyed would be to come and attack me :)) I’m glad you moved where you wanted and that you took that leap of faith and let go of a 9 to 5. I don’t have to courage to do so myself yet.

    1. awww i had no idea it was hug your cat day. yeah, he is pretty vocal, when something is wrong. oh man, yeah my cat will attack me if he wants my attention. hopefully you will 🙂

  2. Moving is always such an scary exciting time! My friend recently relocated from NY to Florida and she too was skeptical about signing a 1 year lease because she wasn’t exactly sure where she wanted to live yet!

    1. yeah, i totally get it. i had the same issue and decided to sublease a room for the summer while i get to know the area.

  3. Moving can be a crazy time, that’s for sure! We’re a military family so we tend to move every few years.

    And yes, I have two cats, and they can be rather annoying at times. One likes to lay smack in front of the TV.

    1. hahahaha that is so funny. my cat does that with my laptop. and yeah moving can be crazy but also exciting.

    1. it does and i thought it was a perfect time, my lease ended i don’t have any kids and i’m not in a relationship. i do know not everyone has the luxury to do what i did. and thanks sooo much!

  4. Congrats on your new move! Colorado sounds like a nice place to live in. Hope you settle in well. By the way, this giant stuff sweet potatoes is making me hungry now.

  5. I love how you fell in love with Colorado on a trip and just went for the big move! I have never been but would love to experience its beauty!

  6. I love stuffed sweet potatoes <3 you are right, you can meet so many wonderful and inspiring people online. I have never been to Colorado

    1. aren’t they the best, so tasty. and yeah we can def meet a lot of beautiful people online. you need to visit, beautiful.

    1. yeah he def does, still crying at night but once the sun is up he chills out. weird. lol thank you SOOO much carrie.

  7. Such a very bold move to quit your job. I would have done the same thing if I don’t have a family to raise. I’m thinking of starting my own business, but I can quit on my job right now because it’s my only source of income. Good luck to you.

  8. Congratulations on your leap of faith … think of the law of attraction and go for it as though you already have it (and i think you already do ) Go you!

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