About Follow Our Passion


Welcome to Follow Our Passion.

Follow Our Passion is the only bipolar wellness blog, founded by bipolar survivor and expert Andrea Escobar. Follow Our Passion focuses on providing women living with bipolar disorder tools, recipes, and holistic tips to encourage women to live a more balanced life where they feel confident enough to own their illness and keep showing up every single day.

Join me every Monday and Thursday for new recipes, tips and more to empower you to feel your best while living with bipolar disorder. If there is anything you want me to touch on more please let me know in the comment section or feel free to send me an email, after all, I started Follow Our Passion as a way to bring more awareness to the community and fill in the gap I felt was missing when I was first diagnosed. I hope that I can be there for you on those days when you need someone rooting you on! Im on your side and will always fight the battle with  you!

Love you all and have an incredible day!