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Happy Monday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a loving lately post. It’s about time I hop back into the train because A it’s kind of fun to talk about things we love and B there are A LOT of awesome and exciting things going on that I’ve wanted to share.

Before I jump into everything, I want to announce something pretty awesome, I am moving in about two months and I am SO excited. I  mean seriously, I love Colorado SO much. Oh, and I am also gonna be there in a few days where I am going to meet with tons of awesome people and also work on some fun stuff for all of you.! I honestly live for my short trips to Denver and I am really excited because I will be spending an entire week there, I leave on Saturday!

OKAY. Let’s jump to it.


Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee is my ultimate jam at the moment. I discovered a few months back this incredible brand that is local in Boulder and the owner is such an amazing human. She is rocking the herbal coffee game and honestly, the name is awesome Rasa Koffee, yes, please. I feel like it is the best coffee substitute I have found and taste amazing in baked goods, straight black, into lattes and recently in smoothies.  PLUS the energy it offers me is so balanced and calm and not at all jittery. Which is crazy cool?

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Connecting with so many of you after my most recent very personal post, I feel like there is a stronger connection with all of you and also I am blown away with how supportive you’ve been and how amazing you make me feel. I’ve been wanting to plan a meet up with all of you for some time and it will be happening SOON. So stay tuned for all of that.

THE BEST edibles ever Alchemy Food Co is a Denver based edible company founded by the lovely food blogger Ashlae of Oh Lady Cakes and they are vegan, gluten-free and naturally sweetened. Oh, and they are BOMB. I am obsessed and not gonna lie, there is a stash waiting for me when I go back in my mom’s freezer. I tried them when I went last month in February and I honestly wish I could have them near me all the time. Kind of happy I’ll be moving to CO soon.! Check them out here. I can’t wait for the canna coconut oil to come out soon.

The coolest teeth whitening system ever I was recently sent to try out IGNITE LED which is a teeth whitening system that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It is ridiculously cool. Not gonna lie. They literally send it all to you in this cool little blue bag and you get everything you need. What I love the most is that IGNITE doesn’t use any gels or heat that is great for people with sensitive teeth. I have extremely sensitive teeth. I also like that they include a Vitamin E to help with your teeth. I will say I was a little nervous when using it because I didn’t want to get it on my lips or my gums, but overall the experience was super easy and I  honestly see an improvement.


Alright babes, expect an update on how my trip went soon, what places I tried while there and tons of exciting news, in the upcoming weeks. What are you babes loving lately? Share with me in the comment section below, LOVE you tons. Have an amazing Monday! 

None of the brands above sponsored any part of this post, I truly love to share with all of you what I am trying lately and what I am loving. IGNITE LED did send me the teeth whitening to review, all opinions are completely my own. 

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I read your last post just now and first, I want to commend you for speaking out so honestly and being so transparent about your experience. I share a lot of personal things on my blog and often ask myself if I’m being to open and every single time, once I start reading the comments, I realize I’m not being too open about my life at all. Here is the truth of the matter: as writers, we are fortunate that we have this medium to reach others with because our stories don’t just heal us, they heal others too. And PS. Vegan, Gluten-free, naturally sweetened CAKES?!?! Sign. Me. Up!

  2. I’m always love these posts! I’m so interested in the LED, have you done an individual review on it, or were you given an affiliate link I could purchase through?

  3. How does your teeth whitening kit work? I got sent one from a different company. They have you make these trays like you have a retainer and you put the stuff in the trays. It’s kinda cool.

  4. Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee seems interesting. I should check its availability online coz I think its not available here in Manila.

  5. I need to check out that teeth whitening thingy! I have been looking at some reviews of the different ones that are out now. These were some good items on this list. Thanks for sharing!

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