My Holistic Morning Routine with prAna

Today on the blog I am letting you into my Holistic Morning Routine with prAna

I started My Holistic Morning Routine a few months ago as a way to get me properly motivated and on the right path and mindset for the day.

I tend to be a morning person if I wake up, shower and actually get myself out of bed.  If I stay in pjs, trust me, nothing gets done, cause I end up watching Netflix, reading a book or spending way too much time on Instagram.

While sometimes it is okay to spend a lazy morning in bed, I do work from home (half of the time) and it is important to make the most out of my day so that I can actually finish and not let my unfinished task invade my sleep. YES, that does happen all to often.

I love going to sleep in something comfy and that makes me feel great.

Just like my food, I like keep my clothes the same, great quality and also showing some love to our beautiful planet.

My Holistic Morning Routine with prAna

The kind of clothes I wear is just as important as my love for routines.

Routines bring some sort peace into my chaotic, messy mind. While I feel like I have achieved a sort of balance in my overwhelmed mind, I still feel the nibs of my disorder from time to time.

I’ve been trying to wake up earlier and earlier for the last couple of months, which means my bedtime is set at 10:30 and unless I’m away on a trip, my bedtime stayed pretty much the same.

I’ve been waking up every day around 6 maybe 6:30 my bodies alarm goes up in between that time, I do have an alarm that goes off just incase. Back up babes, that’s important.

Waking up early has also done wonders for my sleep which helps me with my cortisol levels.


going to sleep between 10-10:30 in something comfortable like these hemp pants from prAna and this loose fitting and very comfy sweater.

6-6:30 my bodies natural alarm is going off, back up phone alarm at 6:30 that’s in my bathroom, forcing me to get up.

I wake up and honestly lay in bed, stretch for a bit and kind of just take a few minutes for myself before I wake up.

I head over to my bathroom and splash my face with cold water seven times, for our seven chakras. It wakes me up and keeps my face looking great. I then go ahead and oil pull with some coconut oil. Its been really great for my oral health and my gums are loving this extra attention.

I then head over to my kitchen and turn my kettle on. Meanwhile I’ll gather the following,  a shot of apple cider vinegar and a huge 1/2 gallon mason jar of water.

I then take out my matcha powder, some root and bones adaptogens that I’ve been adding to my morning matcha latte along with some coconut butter, MCT oil and collagen. This is all great for my mind, body and sprint.

I head over to my balcony and place my yoga mat on the floor and grab my palo santo stick, some sage and a few candles. Bring over everything I have prepared, the apple cider vinegar and my water.

I go back to the kitchen and prepare my latte once the kettle goes off. Literally  dropping everything everything in the blender.

6:50 am

I spit out the coconut oil, rinse out my mouth and head over to my mat with my latte in hand.

I start with a little meditation and sitting in silence for a few minutes.

This is still really hard for me, my mind doesn’t really like to sit still. 

I’ll do some morning yoga.


Then head for a shower.

I’ve been experimenting with interval showering for about five months now and have really made a difference in my skin and overall health.

I shower like I normally do and then the last 3 minutes I go back and forth between warm and really cold water. It takes sometime to build up to the three minutes and I have to say this wakes you up like nothing else.


I’ll change and then have breakfast without checking my phone or my computer. It’s hard, and I’m working on it. It might happen from time to time.

9:00 am

I’ll do my to do list and set a few intentions for the day and I’m off.

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So what do your morning routines look like?

Have an amazing day bugs!

 Thank you prAna for sponsoring this post, I truly love working with brands that support Follow Our Passion and share our values.

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