Gluten Free Allergen Free EXPO in Denver, Colorado

Gluten Free Allergen Free EXPO in Denver, Colorado will be in a few weeks (April 21 & 22) at the National Western Complex, and YOU can attend, too. 

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As you babes know I’m gluten free and have been for over seven years now, and while I am not celiac, wheat and more precisely gluten the protein in wheat tends to cause inflammation in my joints. So when I found out that my soon to be home is gonna be part of the few spots that are grateful enough to participate in the GFAF Expo, I knew I had to go. So I decided to plan a trip to my favorite city and have the awesome opportunity as a blogger/influencer to connect with brands I love and also get the immense pleasure of connecting with some of you.! Annndddd some of my favorite bloggers.

This is my first GFAF and I am SOOO excited to be joining the official blogger team for the 2018 Denver Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo.!  Not just because I get to try a bunch of new products and see my friends from Enjoy Life Foods (btw they are presenting the Expo) but also I get to listen to some wonderful speakers like Elizabeth Anthony Gronert who will be talking about how Gluten is Hidden in More Than Food and that many with auto-immune issues, skin problems, sleeplessness, low energy and pain among others are unintentionally sabotaging their wellness and also Tiffany Hinton will be talking about Mom’s Guide to Healing Gut Inflammation among others. I can’t wait. Babes, you won’t want to miss it! We are so beyond grateful to have so many wonderful companies that are creating safe foods with those with food allergies. I think back to when I first started to ditch gluten, dairy and more, there weren’t all the options that are available now, which means babes our food options are growing.! Our food future is looking bright af 🙂

If you are interested in attending, please click here for tickets. The price range for the tickets are from $5-$35 and this is open to the public, YAY.!


meet some of your favorites brands, authors, and bloggers (like me and a bunch others)

over 80 exhibitors (like Canyon Gluten Free Breads, Deliciousness, Tribe 9 Foods, and so much more)

samples + coupons at the vendor booths

discounted products for sale

sample from vendors to try at the event

informative classes related to the gluten-free & allergen-friendly lifestyle

free reusable bag to carry your goodies


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For those of you not lucky enough to be in Denver, click here to see the other wonderful locations for 2018.

Babes you can skip waiting in line, pre-order your ticket for the GFAF Expo and save 20% by using the discount code ADVANCE by clicking here.

BABES I am also gonna give away 5 tickets. !!! I am so excited, just comment below why you wanna go to the event. 

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Disclaimer: As an official blogger for the 2018 Denver Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo I received complimentary entry to the upcoming expo in addition to discount codes and affiliate link for the expo tickets. 

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. That sounds like a great expo, I don’t have a gluten intolerance but i do get red spots in my face sometimes and I’m intolerant for wheats, so this is definetly interesting. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love how there are so many different expos now! Looks like this one was fun! I love learning and seeing more GF Allergen Free food! Super helpful to many!

    1. RIGHT. I was just talking to a friend about how before there was no place to go and now we are blessed with all these wonderful options.

    1. Oh wow that is awesome! Check out on their website I know there are few other cities that are hosting the same event.

  3. Hi Andrea! Sounds like a fantastic event to get to know gluten and allergy free food as well as listen to interesting and informative talks. What a pity I’m too far away.

  4. we LOVE this expo!! it looks like the same place where we attended – if it is, SUCH a great space with indoor / outdoor areas. beautiful on a sunny day! 🙂

  5. Wow! This is an amazing event for those that have sensitivities. My sister is allergic to a lot of foods mostly seafoods and chicken and egg so she is not able eat a lot of delicious food that we know how to cook without seafood and chicken. This could have been a great event if only we live close.

  6. What a great event! Like you, I’m not celiac but wheat does awful things to me from inflammation to hives to acid reflux. So thankful to be mostly free of it.

  7. This looks like awesome event for people who like gluten free food. Wish we had something going on in India too.. All the best to you..

  8. This is such a great expo – I have a few friends how have to eat Gluten Free for different reasons. I wish it was in Cleveland, Ohio! I am going to email them a link to this article now

  9. I literally just looked up the cost of a flight to Denver because it would be so fun to go to this event!! Sadly, it’s like $800 right now so that’s not really an option for me…

    This sounds like a lot of fun though!

    1. Yeah, my brother who lives in Boston wants to come down for his birthday a few days before and with that kind of price, it is not happening. Hopefully sometime soon!.

  10. I love EXPOs! Such a great way to learn about new companies. Not just learn about them, but also all the great discounts and freebies that are there! Such a great way to continue this lifestyle!

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