Loving Lately 4.17.18

Loving Lately 4.17.18 // Today we talk all about manifesting, chocolate, gluten-free pao de queijo, a new gut supplement I am loving and so much more! 

Loving Lately 4.17.18

Hellooooo my babes! I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday, I’m having a beyond a great day. This weekend was a little tough for me, not gonna lie. I felt like my mood last week was all over the place, it was great at the beginning of the week and somehow by the time mid-week started while I was still on cloud nine because of the BEST NEWS EVER- your girl here is gonna be launching a podcast in JUNE. Actually, I’m gonna launch it on my birthday which is exciting on so many levels.

So while I was still riding the high from the podcast, I could tell I was irritable and just something was off it didn’t help that now that I had officially resigned from my day job (the one that pays the bills) the fear was creeping up. I’ve been very vocal about wanting to dedicate myself to FOP full time but honestly, I was letting small details get in the way and while I would be lying if I said that I still wasn’t still scared as shit, I do believe in myself and in this brand. I honestly just have to remember why I started FOP and leave the rest up to the universe.

I say this because we cannot control everything, something I have a hard fucking time accepting.

I am a control freak 100% not gonna lie, it gives me a sense of calm and peace knowing that I know whats ahead of me but since about maybe three weeks ago or a little more I realized that I didn’t have the control I thought I did.

I mean in all honesty life happens and the universe does whatever the hell it thinks is best and while that sounds really strange it is also incredible.



I’ve been cooking since I can remember, I mean I watched Food Network like it was my job when I was a kid, think seven and it continued long into high school.

Cooking and being in the kitchen was my happy place, a place where I could let the inner control freak in me loose and just be.

Then in high school, I fell in love with psychology and trying to understand the way the human mind works and realizing the beauty of mental health. I saw a beautiful mind and my life was changed instantly.

I remember going to my childhood therapist ( divorced kid here) and telling her I wanted to help out at a psych ward and become friends with all the patients and she asked me why.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said they are judged for being different and they are so beautiful the way their minds work it’s incredible and just because we don’t understand doesn’t mean we have the right to make them feel like they are less than.

I think part of being wanted to understand the way the mind of a bipolar patient or schizophrenic patient worked so badly that in a way I think I called that out from the universe.

While a lot of you are gonna totally think I am batshit crazy, I am honored and grateful for the diagnosis I have.

While it isn’t always easy and sometimes I have an internal battle with my own emotions and mind, I would never change my diagnose of manic-depressive for the world.

I honestly think we forget just how powerful our thoughts can be and if you are constantly in a  negative mindset towards something that is what you are calling out and that is what you’re gonna get.

So I am totally letting the universe take charge and I am sitting in the passenger seat, enjoying the ride.

As I type this I believe, I will be moving to Colorado on May 25th and I am going to dedicated myself full time to FOP, the podcast along with freelance writing and recipe development. Things I am 100% passionate about.

I know the universe has my back and I am grateful for that every second of each and every single day.


I lived in Brazil, Rio to be more exact when I was about 10-11, my mom and her than boyfriend decided after 9/11 that they wanted a new change of scenery. It was probably a couple months after and we left South Florida and embarked in a new adventure (which is probably why I enjoy moving so much, we did it so much as kids). It was hard saying bye to S.Florida other than Colombia when I was a tiny little babe, that was all I knew. BUT I did fall in love with the food, the beach and most of all the way everyone is so open. Anyways. FORNOMINAS makes pao de queijo which is a staple in Brazil and I remember that when we were visiting the school there in Rio they had a snack section and pao de queijo was a big hit. That was probably one of the first things I tried when we moved to Rio. When I tried these gluten-free bliss balls my mind instantly went back to a time when I had no care in the world. AGAIN I always say food a trip down memory lane. I am obsessed and so is my grandpa. The cool thing is the instructions are all in Portuguese and it totally made me laugh, but they are easy to make pop in a 350-degree oven for about 5 minutes and that is it. I am actually sending some to my brother for his birthday tomorrow and I know he’s gonna LOVE them.

Loving Lately 4.17.18


I love sharing with you all the newest addition to my wellness regimen but I do like to use whatever it is I am experimenting with or sometimes sent (not in this case, I bought this) for a month or so, that way I actually can really tell you all about my experience.

I bought Restore on Amazon maybe a couple months back and was really interested in how it would help with my gut and my gut health as you know is VERY important for my mental health. So retore isn’t a probiotic or prebiotic it is actually a carbon-based liquid that helps restore your gut health by strengthening the junction in our small and large gut membrane, read up on it on their website they explain it pretty well.

Anyways. I’ve been taking it about twice a day 45 minutes before I eat, and I normally take it first thing in the morning after I’ve had my huge mason jar full of water and I have 1/2 tsp of it and then will have some again at work before lunch again 30-45 minutes before I eat. I make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day and can honestly say babes that my concentration (the one I lack off) has been so much better and feel an increase of energy without that jitteriness, I also feel like my digestion has been a lot better along with the bloating I often felt after eating. My mood I can say has been overall and considering all the changes in my life it has been doing pretty good.

VERDICT: I AM LOVING IT and will continue to take it.

Loving Lately 4.17.18


Okay, you all know how much I love chocolate. I mean I started the chocolate club on the blog, basically a segment where I talk about my favorite chocolates. I am currently obsessed with the new flavors CHOCOLOVE has come out with, their Strawberry in Dark Chocolate is INSANE as well as their Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds.


If you follow along on Instagram Stories then you know how much I have been loving blender bombs, my favorite hands down are the peppermint cacao bomb. SO it this awesome little full of goodies ball. So they use ingredients like dates, nuts, seeds, and different superfoods. Not gonna, they taste fucking BOMB when you eat them as is. They are turning into my new favorite thing to grab around 3 for something sweet in the afternoon.

I really like that they have a nut free version with coconut, honey, bee pollen, seeds and dates, the ingredients are mega clean and amazing.

I am really excited about the aloe and collagen one. I feel like this will become a summer staple for me.

(while I was gifted the blender bombs, all opinions are my own)

Chaga No Sugar Applesauce

BOOM BRO. There you have it what I am LOVING lately 4.17.18 edition. What are YOU loving lately.? LET MEEE know in the comment section below or shoot me an email. 

Wish me all the luck this week and this Friday as I tackle the road from Albuquerque to Denver SOLO.  All of my love.

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Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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