girl’s weekend getaway: the dove inn, golden, colorado

girl’s weekend getaway: the dove inn, golden, colorado

girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

There is something about a weekend gateway that truly seems not only totally adult of me but also adds this ‘je ne sais quoi’ type of spontaneous air to it. The Dove Inn actually caught my attention with its small-town charm that literally transports me into a different reality.

I happen to share my birthday month with one of my oldest friends and as a way to celebrate our 28th year around the sun and also my exciting new adventure, we decided to get together for a few days in June.

It felt totally perfect to get out of the everyday routine (yes it is still a tad bit new but still routine) and explore a new side of Colorado.

Deep in me, I knew The Dove Inn in Golden was the perfect place to escape for the weekend while Michelle was visiting.

The weekend flew by way too quickly for my taste but it definitely left the taste of total bliss. We went river rafting in Fort Collins (more on this adventure at a later date) and then took off to Golden, Colorado, where we were gonna, unwind, relax and just enjoy the local charm Golden has to offer at The Dove Inn.

We ate amazing food, sipped on tons of kombucha and cold brew with so much laughter in between my stomach hurts. In the best way possible.


girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado 776


girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado


Babes, that was just a teaser. Here are some of my favorite highlights of my stay at the Dove Inn! Enjoy.!


girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

Okay, there are no words.

This kitchen is literally INSANE, I mean I totally wish I could cook there. You know when you can literally picture yourself, in the kitchen, cutting veggies, stirring in spices, adding ghee to the pot. When you can see yourself doing all that you know you found your match. Take a look for yourself. PLUS it was very well stocked with gluten-free goodies like bread and granola for breakfast.


girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

This is actually the funniest thing in the world, I have always wanted a bathtub in my room, like not in the bathroom, just in a corner of my room, those really fancy-free standing bathtubs. When I started to explore The Dove Inn and walked into the room and saw this beautiful, bathtub of my dreams literally, I thought okay the universe is definitely giving me a sign that everything is gonna work itself out.



girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado

The Dove Inn has kombucha and cold brew on tap.!! WHAAAT. Literally, want this, the only thing that could beat it would be matcha on tap or CBD coffee on tap. But seriously, how cool is that. I also love that The Dove Inn has gluten-free friendly options, like gluten-free bread, granola, and fresh fruit. We also explored locally and found tons of great places to grab a bite.

ABEJAS: The brunch menu is insane and totally worth the trip. We munched on duck confit hash, potato pancakes, and fresh fruit.

EL CALLEJON: Latin American food from a Colombian couple that is from the neighboring city my family is from was a sure sign this was a great pick. We munched on arepas (they are gluten-free) sweet plantains, Colombian chorizo, guava and lulu juice.

THAI GOLDEN RESTAURANT: Right across the street from The Dove Inn is this great Thai restaurant, it was packed every single day we passed by and finally decided to step in. We munched happily on papaya salad, pad thai and crab fried rice with enough leftovers for days.


girl's weekend getaway: dove inn, golden, colorado


If you ever find yourself visiting Colorado take a stroll in Golden and stay at The Dove Inn, with small town charm this bed and breakfast will keep you from wanting to go back home.

This post was sponsored by The Dove Inn, however, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that support Follow Our Passion! 

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  1. Yep, love the tub there as well. We just did it a weekend away and spent the day at a brewery, not so cute, but fun.

  2. Now this looks like an amazing place to go and have a girly weekend away. It sounds like it has some lovely luxuries and it is the perfect place to just relax and spend some down time.

  3. The inn looks great and the architecture is very detail. Loved the ambiance your photos brings it this post.

  4. I need a girls getaway so bad! This looks like a great place to stay and Colorado is on my bucket list for sure, I always hear such great things about it!

    1. it was very much needed, it was amazing and when you come to CO hopefully you stop by the Dove Inn! 🙂

  5. This looks a great place to visit. If I am in Colorado I will head towards the Dove Inn. Thank you for sharing

  6. AW this place is too cute! weekend getaways are sooo fun and definitely necessary for staying sane lol….I am planning a trip to CO soon so I have to look this place up and see if its near where we’ll be

  7. This place looks amazing! It gave me a very home-like, warm vibe. I always love finding a great bed and breakfast to stay at when we go on trips. I’ll have to keep this place in mind if we ever visit that part of colorado. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kombucha on tap sounds fantastic! I feel like “of course a hotel in Colorado would have that!” It looks like you all had a comfy stay! Happy 28th to you both!

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