The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy In (And You Might Too)

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

Happy Tuesday, my loves. I’m so happy to be back here with you all. I took a blogging hiatus last week, more on that later, I have some exciting news to share with you babes next week! So keep your eyes opened, I am so excited.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty chill. I spent Saturday pretty much in bed, with warm foods working on some awesome content for you all and Sunday in bed, with an ear infection and bing watching Everwood on Hulu. My mom stopped by to check on me and it really inspired today’s post: The little things in life that bring me joy.

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

Ever since I can remember my mom has been saying that happiness is not a destination but rather moments in our life where we choose to be happy, she always told me to find joy in the little things in life. Something I always had a hard time with before, I thought we would just be happy and after everything that happened last year, I really noticed how much truth there was to this life lesson.

Last year on our very spontaneous trip to Colorado, where I fell in love and also discovered how healing this life lesson could be.

Whenever I find myself in a negative headspace place, situation or mindset I immediately make a list of 100 things in my life that currently bring me joy. From the messages, you guys send me to the beautiful clear sky and snow-topped mountains. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for everyday things we take for granted. I was driving to Boulder yesterday and while the mountains were covered in fog, there was something beautiful about this fog layered fall day.

Now I’m in bed with Drake next to me, Gilmore Girls in the background and the darkness peeping through the blinds. I woke up this morning around five, for no apparent reason other than I couldn’t fall back asleep so I decided to make some tea, turn on the TV and burn my new favorite candle I picked up at River North Workshop, it gives my apartment this warm, cozy autumn vibe. #fallgoals and write this post. In hopes to bring you all a little joy.

My list is ever changing at the moment I feel strongly connected to this list,  I will check back into it often to add to. If you babes have any you think should be included in here, let me know I would LOVE to do a readers version. I love hearing about the simple things in life that bring joy to someone’s day.


The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

  1. Taking a hot a shower with eucalyptus wrapped around my shower head, while it’s freezing outside.
  2. Warm socks out of the dryer during the winter.
  3. The view of a city from an airplane at night.
  4. Ducks.  I have a fascination with them.
  5. Women supporting other women.
  6. When my cat cuddles next to me while I snuggle in bed.
  7. Making a to-do list.
  8. Finishing said to do list.
  9. Walking through an airport late a night to catch a flight. It’s peaceful.
  10. Seeing older couples holding hands.
  11. Walking around Wash Park while multicolored leaves cover the grounds.
  12. Perfectly steamed rice. It literally is the perfect base for just about anything.
  13. Soft scrambled eggs with buttered toast.
  14. When the full moon surprises me.
  15. Watching Gilmore Girls in the middle of a snowstorm.
  16. Earthing. The feeling of the cold grass against my feet. Or even snow.
  17. Weekend road trips with my friends.
  18. A perfect dollop of homemade coconut whipped cream.
  19. Food Network.
  20. Catching the Rachel Ray Show.
  21. Discovering new neighborhoods.
  22. The smell of hot coffee brewing in the morning.
  23. Clothes fresh out of the dryer.
  24. Talking to my grandpa.
  25. Walking around and spotting an apple tree in the fall. #smile
  26. Thanksgiving.
  27. The image of a white Christmas.
  28. The random videos my brother sends my mom and me.
  29. Birthday cards from my brother. I live for them.
  30. Movie dates with my mom.
  31. Reading a book while it’s pouring.
  32. Crispy, perfectly seasoned french fries.
  33. An empty grocery store, to roam from aisle to aisle.
  34. When I turn on my car and Post Malone is on the radio.
  35. Listening to a new podcast episode.
  36. When I see someone wearing a Patriots jersey here in Colorado.
  37. Falling asleep with my cat purring next to me.
  38. Laying on newly washed bed sheets right out of the shower.
  39. Sunflowers. They remind me of my late grandmother
  40. Feeling sore the next day after working out. #gains
  41. Driving up the mountains. #relaxingaf
  42. When someone gives me lilies, they’re my favorite.
  43. The perfect shave.
  44. When you walk into a coffee shop that is packed and somehow divine timing works and you get a seat just as your drink order is ready.
  45. Snow covered trees.
  46. Cutting into an avocado that is perfectly ripe.
  47. Waking up to a snow covered window.
  48. When I take off my boots after a long winter day and put on my uggs at home.
  49. Writing in your journal and realizing how much you’ve grown in the last couple of months.
  50. Summer peaches. #ColoradoSummerPeachesYouSpoilMe
  51. The freeing feeling after you have a good cry.
  52. Crazy good tacos.
  53. Paleo tortillas from Just BE Kitchen.
  54. Brick walls and hardwood floors. #Swoon.
  55. Singing in the shower.
  56. Waking up a minute before your alarm goes off.
  57. Birds chirping in the morning.
  58. Waking up early on a Sunday morning early and realizing you can take your time making breakfast.
  59. Finding a penny when cleaning out your purse.
  60. A bubble bath on a cold winter day.
  61. When the elevator is already on your floor when you press the button.
  62. Eating a bowl of cereal in bed on Halloween while watching Hocus Pocus.
  63. Crazy good Chinese takeout.
  64. Small town charm.
  65. When you guys send me messages on Instagram.
  66. Sweater and boot season.
  67. Clean laundry.
  68. When you tell me I inspire you, I always cry happy tears.
  69. Waking up on a rainy day and realizing you have no responsibilities and can spend the day reading in bed.
  70. Writing down one thing you are grateful for every day.
  71. Genuinely feeling happy for someone else. #Purebliss. 
  72. When things don’t make sense but you still know everything will work out.
  73. When it’s dark and gloomy and all of a sudden the sun peaks out.
  74. When you wake up and realize you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. #Goals
  75. Making a new friend.
  76. Ice cream. Even if it’s freezing out.
  77. The humidity the moment I get out of the airport in Panama. It’s a welcome home hug.
  78. The window seat on an airplane.
  79. The smell of fresh mountain air.
  80. Driving in the city at night. No traffic and it is incredibly therapeutic.
  81. Living in Colorado. Just remembering that I live here makes me smile.
  82. Finding a pen that makes you want to write.
  83. Watching your favorite sitcom for hours in bed.
  84. Sleeping naked during the summer.
  85. A stranger smiling at you for no reason.
  86. Seeing children laughing and being kids.
  87. Listening to a song you haven’t heard in a very long time.
  88. Dirty jokes that make you laugh until you have tears coming out.
  89. Dancing in the rain.
  90. When you are thinking of someone and they call you.
  91. Watching my plant babies grow.
  92. Hot chocolate with string cheese.
  93. Being able to help someone in need.
  94. Exciting emails.
  95. Finding a perfect pair of jeans.
  96. Christmas lights. Seeing the city during the holiday season.
  97. Telling someone you love them.
  98. Leaves falling from the trees.
  99. Falling asleep to rain storms.
  100. People who impact your life in unexpected ways.

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

The Little Things: 100 Things I Find Joy in (And You Might Too)-34

I hope you all enjoyed this post and could relate to one or many of these little things that bring a smile to my face. While all of our little things are different when we realize what they are, not only do they bring a smile to our face but also connect us in this large beautiful world. Drop a comment below with a couple of things that make you smile and bring joy to your life. Have a beautiful Monday! Love you all.

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I love your list. I too find joy in the little things like the quiet airport. I once had to catch a plane at 6am and had my husband take me at 11pm so he did not have to get up at 3 am. It was a great time to catch up on work.

  2. warm socks from the dryer and the smell of coffee in the morning are for sure on the top of my list. I love your list. It’s the little things that keep us going. So much to be grateful for.

  3. I really enjoy reading these and getting to know more of you. I did number 1 literally like 3 hours ago and its life for sure hahaha You can feel how the eucalyptus helps you breath better and feel relaxed. I enjoy Thanksgiving as well and all the holidays lol Specially the pumpkin spice typical of October.


    1. I totally agree, eucalyptus is amazing and really does help you with your breathing so much. have a beautiful day Candance!

  4. Wonderful list! I also love the smell of hot fresh brewed coffee in the early morning. Sunflowers, snow covered trees, and the smell of fresh mountain air are some of my favorites too.

  5. I absolutely love this post! It is so important to focus on the little things that bring you joy. People forget that. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something small like ducks! For me, pumpkins and fall bring me a lot of joy!

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