These last two months have been incredibly overwhelming, my grandfather’s diagnose has been a bit difficult for me to process and also has brought back old wounds who have resurfaced and caused my emotions to rise to the surface.

In December I had the wonderful pleasure of reading the powerful and inspiring book The Yoga Of Leadership. Tarra’s words have helped me cope with all of these overflowing emotions and learn to be more in control of them and help me destress without wanting to pull my hair out. Tarra has helped me become a better person overall and help me work through this hard time.

This book was so enlightening and fantastic that I reread the book once again this past week to help me through this rough patch. She inspired me to write this post a week ago and honestly has helped me think more clearly without letting my emotions fog my brain.

It is the perfect book to read when you are overwhelmed with life, whether that is your professional or personal it honestly gives you a glimpse into how to live a more healthier and holistic life something that I am full fledge into.  I love that others words can light a fire of inspiration in you and help you grow. I think that is what tied me into a love affair with reading and writing the way your words can transport someone. The way your words can heal and help you grow.

I’ve been on a more mindful approach to life for years now, and I feel like reading  The Yoga Of Leadership has provided me with more tools to continue on this road.

This past week I sent this very book to a friend of mine who is also struggling with life and just trying to resurface from her drowning emotions. She called me a few days after the book arrived and told me that she felt an immediate release. Ir brought an immense amount of joy to my life that words as powerful as Tarra’s were helping others just as much as they helped me.

Inspiration is something that comes and goes and isn’t something we can control. For years I loved how my mind worked and worshiped that my manic depressive gave me an edge to fueling my creative mind. The last few months my creative spark has been low and  I am finding it more and more difficult to connect with that side of myself. I reread  The Yoga Of Leadership to see if it would help me reconnect with myself and it did, it also helped me learn that while you can get a grip over your emotions and learn to steer them, they are also a blessing.

I’ve been able to apply a lot of what Tarra talks about not only in my day to day life but also into the growth of Follow Our Passion and have to admit that her book helped me not only write a powerful post a week ago but also make a decision I was fighting with back and forth. I am moving to Denver, Colorado in May and could not be happier.

My favorite way to spend the afternoons lately has been a great book and a mug of chaga latte. It is incredibly healing, caffeine free and so DELICIOUS.

Alright my loves, I hope you all have an incredible weekend, and that you find a little inspiration. Love you tons! Xo 

Treating my Manic Depressive + PCOS Naturally


2.5 cups of hot water, almost boiling

1 scoop of collagen peptides

1 oz of cacao butter

2 T of coconut butter

1/2 tsp of cinnamon, chaga, ashwagandha

1 T of cacao powder

Add everything to your blender, and blend on medium-high for 1-2 minutes. Pour into a mug and enjoy. ! XO


Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

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