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Let’s talk today about something that I find exceptionally important in the magical life we live in. I honestly feel like we need to know we are as we are, wholeheartedly rock that and not feel ashamed.

BABES. You are ENOUGH. You don’t need to change yourself. YOU are ENOUGH exactly as you are. Rock the being you are and exactly who you were born to be.

We all have an idea of who we are inside and out. Our souls are there, present, and screaming at us. Just like it is there constantly reminding us the truth, and inspiring us, loving us and showering us with affection, we also need to treat out body the same way. It means nourishing it, not questioning it, accepting it and living the happiest, healthiest, most confident self we can.

You feel me?

When it comes to it, we can work on the inside- being a more spiritual being, finding yourself, extensive therapy, fulfilling yourself to the most powerful way possible and so  much more.

I am all about TEAM accept yourself.

You are beautiful, gorgeous and deserve it all.

I have battled self esteem issues, body image issues and more since I can remember. I would often compare myself and idolize people who had completely different body types, body mass and more When I started to fully emerge myself in mending my relationship with food, the biggest obstacle hands down was accepting myself, for me.

I would wake up every morning and stare at myself in the mirror, naked and say, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It was hard at first. I mean to truly say this, and mean it. Not just say it to get over it. I knew after years of hurting my body, my mind and spirit it was time to give in and love myself.

I can honestly say now, I love the person I see in the mirror and have also realized that measuring yourself based on how you look, does mean anything.

The way I look doesn’t show everything I have overcome, from an eating disorder, dealing with my parents divorce, finding peace within my mind after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviors, abusive relationships and so much more.

So while I do accept and love my body, I don’t measure myself based on how I look.

I don’t workout to look a certain way, I stay active for a peaceful mind, to help me release any built up negative energy, to release and burn negative thoughts or excess energy. I stay active because it is the best high I have discovered naturally. Something I seek now that my bipolar disorder is balanced and I no longer experience the high of mania. (something I am thankful for)

There is always going to be something we don’t like about ourselves, but we don’t really have a choice in that matter, we cannot change the color of our skin, our natural eye colors or hair color, our faces or bodies.

Instead of fighting ourselves we should just love and accept ourselves.

I know, that everything I am saying is WAY easier said than done. Embrace the things you don’t like about yourself.


I don’t like my boobs.

Here’s the thing. My family is Colombian, all the women have pretty big tits, and I can’t change that. While I could get a breast reduction if I wanted to, I honestly have learned to love my boobs.

While a lot of you might think this is dumb and superficial. It is what it is.

Remember to value yourself, be comfortable in your body, feel confident in your skin and make choices that make you feel happy, confident and healthy. 

We have one body, we should nourish it, instead of critique it.  In honor of national eating disorder week starting today, I want to tell you all how worthy and beautiful you are. How you should rock the body you are in and tell anyone who says otherwise to shove it. Because in all honesty, they don’t know.

Have you ever suffered from body image issues? Or self esteem issues? If you have and this resonates with you in any way, shape or form, share something with us. Not for me, but for the others reading this that need a little inspiration.  Love you lots. 



Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. Beautiful post. I have a reminder in my phone to prompt me to find one thing to love about myself every day. It’s hard but it’s necessary. The longest relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.

  2. This is something I really fail at I really don’t like my body – I’ve never liked it and now I am just wishing I could go back to when I was different, it’s like I’ll never find a happy place at the right time. But I do try and work on it.

  3. I am a whopping five feet zero and not quite tall enough for what I weigh. I am fine with that, might as well be at my age. However, hubby and I are always taking baby steps toward better health. One thing we do not worry about is what other people think about how we look. It takes effort to get to that point but it feels good.

  4. I totally agree with you! It took me a while to even learn that I need to start loving myself and my body. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m getting there.

  5. Great post, no one is perfect and we all need to accept that. I’m not a vain person and I love who I am. I’m in a place in my life where everything is good. I get tired of Hollywood pushing the bling and how a woman should act and look and those silly airbrush apps, are another way that woman, don’t accept how they look. More women need to read this post-LOLL

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