Follow Our Passion - About Andrea

Hi friends, I’m Andrea and this is Follow Our Passion!

I’m a bipolar wellness blogger, recipe developer, cannabis advocate, published writer and mental health coach. I truly believe that we should be our own health advocate and have access to both traditional and holistic medicine.

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder I wasn’t given options, I wasn’t really brought into the decision-making process, I was told what to do, what to take and when to take it. I had to run every single decision past my doctors and felt like I lost sense of who I was. I never dared question what the doctors said because they knew best, even though I was confused. It didn’t make it easier that every three to four months, I was back to square one, the doctors frantically looking for options and answers to why the medication, was once again not working. It turns out the way my body, more specifically my liver would metabolize the medication made it so that after a few months, they no longer had the desired effect.

This went on for a little over six years, until with the help of my mom I was able to find answers in the most unexpected places. It turns out that food was the answer, learning more about my illness and really getting to know my own body and mind. I started to really notice the effect different foods had on my mood. The gut-mind connection was really a thing and living a more active lifestyle actually did a lot for my nonstop energetic personality aka the manic side of my illness.   The mood swings started to reduce and the mania I feared and also loved was soon gone, the depressive side of my illness started to diminish. I started to finally feel like a human again.

It’s ironic that the one bittersweet relationship I had with food started to heal my relationship with my mind and more importantly with myself. I was no longer ashamed or lost. I understood what the chemical imbalance my mind had and started to realize the importance that food, a lifestyle change, and supplements could have on my mind.

Food had always been a huge part of my life, cooking was always a game to me, it was fun and exciting, it brought out the creativity that my manic side encouraged.

The problem was I was still battling the voices that told me food was the enemy because I have struggled with disordered eating since I was eight. It wasn’t until I realized that the mind and food connection was the path for me to mend my broken relationship with food and live a healthier, happier life.

Every week I share a delicious and simple recipe consisting of wholesome ingredients that have completely changed my life, from my mood-boosting blueberry chia jam crumb bars to my go-to energizing beet latte. I keep my recipes sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and delicious! I don’t personally believe in labeled eating and much more prefer the term eat real food.

In addition to these recipes, I create and share guides to help you combat depression, anxiety, insomnia and every other obstacle I still face living with bipolar disorder, and you might too.

I believe in living a balanced lifestyle and not taking life too seriously. I also put a lot of focus on staying active and taking care of yourself. I don’t believe in restricting in or out of the kitchen. Enjoy life, your vacation, the cookie your eating, the movie you are watching or that nap you want to take. Live your best life!

My mission is to share these tips with you all to help you find peace and balance within your mind and also empower you to own your illness and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Lots of love,