How to Eat Your Way to Glowing Skin with foods like avocado, salmon, collagen and so much more.! 


Hi, my wonderful angels! I hope you all had a wonderful week not gonna lie I am a bit on the tired side, with the unpacking going on right now. I drove yesterday from abq and arrived pretty late in the afternoon and now I’m sitting on the floor of my new apt with a joint ready to be lit and music blasting on the background while I contemplate if I wanna unpack first or go for a run.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I am officially living here in Colorado. You have no idea how great I feel right now.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. I feel like food is such a vital component of healthy, full on, glowing skin. I get so many questions from all of you about my favorite skincare products and mask, that I also wanted to take the time to discuss how much the food we eat affects our bodies, inside and out.

Eating well is a major factor when it comes to the health of our skin, after all, our skin is our largest organ. Something I feel like a lot of us, don’t think about. What we put in our body is totally gonna affect our skin. Like when I travel a lot, I’m eating out more than I normally do and trying new foods, restaurants and more. My skin definitely breaks out a little, I’m eating sugar, and some gluten, maybe a little dairy. Which I normally stay away from, I do balance my mood disorder and hormonal imbalance with food, so eating well is REALLY important.


Not to sound super cliche, but we seriously we totally are what we eat. There are foods that are gonna definitely promote that sun-kissed glow we all crave and want. You really are nourishing your body when you eat. Alright, my babe’s let’s jump in!


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Avocados are filled with tons of healthy fats and are the perfect beauty food. This greenish, buttery fruit is packed with healthy goodness like tons of vitamin B, C, E and K PLUS a bunch of omega three fatty acids and anti-aging antioxidant. In others another awesome excuse to get your avocado on. Eating them on the daily with definitely help improve your skin and hair. Oh, and the healthy fats in avocado are great for protecting your skin, keeping it healthy looking and soft.

Try some of these recipes

Avocado Orange Pudding // Avocado Spring Tacos

Vegetarian-Paleo-Spring-Tacos-Follow Our Passion

Coconut Oil

Follow Our Passion-Fat Ball Recipe

So while coconut oil has a bunch of health benefits, due to their high-fat content. It is made out of medium chain fatty acids which are great for your body and metabolism, plus it gives you a boost of energy. Great for your thyroid and SO much more.  Coconut oil has anti-aging properties, like the antioxidants in coconut oil help protect your skin pretty much like vitamin D. It also hydrates your skin like no other. It also helps with evening your skin tone, so why not make coconut oil part of your everyday routine.

Not sure what to use it on, try some of these recipes

Coconut Fat Balls // Grain Free Pineapple Cake 


Berries are more than just the perfect topping for yogurt, these beauty superfoods are filled with antioxidants that are great for your skin. Take blueberries, they help increase your circulation to help your skin glow. PLUS berries are filled with all types of skin loving vitamins.

Need some recipe inspo, try some of these

Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake // Supercharged Smoothie Bowl 

FISH omega 3’s

Okay so just like avocado has omega three fatty acids so does fish, and fish is the ultimate beauty food. It is GREAT to keep your skin looking fresh and young. Salmon is filled with oily omega three fatty acids and is an amazing source of vitamin D which again protects your skin from sun exposure. It is super easy to add to your daily or weekly eating habits.

Try it broiled or grilled. You are in for a treat.


I started introducing collagen peptides into my diet as a way to reintroduce animal protein into my every day eating habits after being vegan for over five years. I noticed immediately all the skin benefits from consuming it on the daily. My skin tone has improved, I am not breaking out as much and honestly I just feel and look younger. I have everyone hooked on collagen and all the benefits it has. While it does come from animals I HIGHLY recommend collagen peptides, to grass-fed gelatin. I love using Vital Proteins and it is hands down the only company I use, I love their standards and their products are WAY amazing. Babes, I talk all things collagen here, check it out.

Adaptogenic Paleo Cinnamon Roll Pancakes-Follow Our Passion

Try some of these recipes to include collagen in your daily eats.

Iced Matcha // Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

H2O aka hydration is key

 I will always say this, hydrating is KEY to everything in life. I live in the dessert part-time and then spend the other half of my time in Colorado which is also dry and really high so properly hydrating myself has really played a role in not getting dry skin. I also lather up in body oil, but I do see the difference when I am not drinking as much water. I start my day with a HUGE mason jar full of half room temperature and half hot water. It gets my metabolism and digestion going, plus it totally hydrates my body + skin after being asleep for seven hours. They say the correct amount of water is your weight per oz or something like that. I just try to drink water when I wake up, before and after every meal and before and after I eat anything. It helps me keep track of my water consumption and make sure I am hydrating myself properly.

Alright, babes there you have it, how to eat your way to the healthier looking skin. PLUS tons of recipes that will help you achieve that sun-kissed glow. What foods do you like to incorporate into your daily eats to keep you a glowing skin? Drop a comment, I would love to know your skin secrets.

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