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Me in 7 words. 7 chakras.

It’s taken me a while to get here.

While they were always there, I didn’t know how to accept or embrace them.

I thought I had to fit into a mold and be what the world thought I should be.

Here it is.

+ I rather stay in and Netflix & Chill then go to a club.

+ I pretend I’m on Food Network when I cook alone. The only people that knew this before were my mom, brother, aunt and grandpa. They refer to it as, she is live. Have been doing this since I was about eight.

+ I have a very addicting personality

+I started doing yoga this year and it has been life changing. Taught be a lot about patience and how to just be.

+ I believe the universe teaches me life long lessons, that might not make sense at the time but do afterwards.

+ I can’t keep plants alive and it makes me cry, because I really want to have my own garden.

+ I don’t drink

+I love taking baths and reading

+ I am an extroverted introvert. It took me a long time to realize, accept and embrace this. I thought because I was naturally bubbly and social that I must be an extrovert. It turns out, I need me time. Now, I know its okay to like to be alone, I have found a nice balance. I don’t like being around a large group of people, I’m more of a hang out with a few than sit in a noisy bar.

+ I have a massive, undying obsession with Drake, hence the name of my cat.

+ I love to laugh, and it carries.

+ Blogging is my dream job. I found a way to share something I’m crazy passionate about and also help make a difference all while feeling internally satisfied. Best effing feeling ever!

+ I’m a total dork, I have no rhythm, which means I suck at dancing, cannot catch a ball to save my life, and have tons of quirks. It’s all good. I love it.

+ I don’t like wearing makeup. I think I went through I brief period when I was like 12 when I thought it was awesome and quickly realized how not awesome it was. At least for me

Also I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

+ I see a therapist once a week.

+ I have a hard time living in the present.

Yoga has helped a lot with this. 

+ when I am older I want to live in a small town in Connecticut, where everyone knows each other and have an apple tree in my front yard. I also want a huge porch with a red door.

+I have never wanted to have kids, I’ve always wanted to adopt. Even before being diagnosed and told that maybe I should reconsider having kids, I always thought adopting was the way to go.

+ I love Gilmore Girls and know the show backwards and forwards. I always really want them to add more to the revival. Seriously? Is that it…?

+ Before I turn 30 I want to go to Japan and meet a geisha, buy a Japanese knife and eat tons of traditional Japanese food.

+ I have an addiction to socks, and don’t like them to match. So I wear different socks, that aren’t their pair.

+ I want to stay at an ice hotel.

+ I want to get married in the fall around Thanksgiving, and no I haven’t found a guy yet.

+ I like the beach but prefer the mountain life way more.

+ I want to move back to Boston next year. My heart will forever belong there. 

+ When I was born, I weighed 4 lb. and went down to 1 lb. I was a premie.

+I had a pet squirrel when I was 14 and his name was moo.

+Cows fascinate me. Hence the name of my squirrel.

In honor of my birthday yesterday, I wanted to share 27 things you bugs don’t know about me.

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I hear you on gardening! This week I killed 6 tomato plants…. and I was so sad about that because they were grown from seed by my friend :-/.

  2. This was such a good read! My favourite was the part were your family say you are going live when cooking😂 I love that as bloggers, we can just be ourselves on our blogs☺️

  3. Happy belated birthday ! I have been always saying for myself that I am an extroverted introvert and introverted extrovert. So, I can feel you totally ! Have fun and enjoy your life! Xoxo Milijana

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