Meet Pepper: Helping Women Embrace Their Bodies

Meet Pepper: Helping Women Embrace Their Bodies

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I personally have huge boobs, and to be honest with you sometimes I wanna chop them off and when I ever express this, a lot of people look at me with this HOW COULD  YOU FACE.

It took years for me to accept my boobs, for their size and the gift they are. A few years ago I realized that just like I felt insecure about my boob size, the same happens to so many other women out there and it’s totally normal to feel like this, it should be totally normal to talk about openly.

When Pepper reached out to me about a collaboration I have to admit I was ridiculously excited. I had already heard about the startup and was impressed with their vision and how much they supported body positive movement.


Meet Pepper: Helping Women Embrace Their Bodies

I had the pleasure of virtually having Jaclyn over for tea time and picking her brain on all things Pepper and so much more.

What was the idea behind Pepper?

Pepper was first inspired by my own experience growing up and noticing I didn’t look like the women I saw on TV. There were these unattainable beauty standards that I was never going to be able to achieve, and I felt this especially every time I went bra shopping. When I walked into Victoria’s Secret they think because I’m small I want to wear a push-up bra to look bigger! Society reinforces that being ‘flat’ is something to be ashamed of. Most bras are a disservice to women with small busts because they usually create a cup gap when the cups are too big and you can’t fill it. We’ve talked to so many women where they say these fit issues make them feel like they’re not enough or less than. So Pepper was created not only to offer bras that finally fit but to also rally women together to celebrate the body they have.

LOVEEEEEEEE. And so true, don’t understand why we are constantly taught to change the way we look?

If you could tell your 15-year-old self about body positivity, what would you say?

I would tell my 15-year-old self that bigger boobs just weren’t going to be in the future for me and that it was going to be absolutely OK. I will still grow up to be loved, beautiful and brilliant, regardless of my cup size. I would tell myself that external validation doesn’t bring true happiness (can you imagine a 15-year-old actually believing this though?) and that real confidence comes from understanding and embracing all the different parts of me. YOU know what’s best for you.
YES!. It is so important to be YOU and feel happy with you have. 

What does your morning routine look like?

I usually wake up around 7 am and start the day with my morning skincare routine. 1 minute of rinsing my face with tepid water to wake myself up and open up my pores, 1 minute of cleansing, and another minute of rinsing (I do the same at night but for 2 minutes each step). I can’t function while hungry so next comes to breakfast, which usually consists of eggs and toast. If I immediately have meetings in the morning then I’ll make coffee at home, if not I’ll bike into the office and have my coffee there. I love mornings!
I like this skincare routine of yours, love the tepid water idea to wake up and open up my pores. 

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness means harmony and balance for me. It’s the feeling of moving effortlessly through life, which requires both physical and mental well-being. The specifics of achieving that could differ depending on what I need at that moment, but the first step is to really understand “what is it that I need right now”? It could be a yoga class, a nap, a night out with my girls, or a croissant.

I love that and wholeheartedly agree. It is a very, what do I need right now type of feeling since everything is always changing and we have different needs at different times. 

What is a day like now that you have a startup and know Pepper is going to explode soon?

I feel very fortunate to feel this level of passion and excitement for something; I know not everyone gets to experience it so I’m treasuring it every day. A day usually consists of a lot of meetings and phone calls, so now I’ll try to stack certain days of the week as my “meeting days” where I know I’ll be exhausted and talking all day, and the rest as “working days” where I can buckle down and get stuff done. Having some semblance of routine is helpful for keeping my life on track, so I’ll make sure to carve out time for a workout at the end of the day to signal to myself that I’m transitioning from work to home.
I like that you use your workout as a transition tool, what a creative and unique way. Gonna grab them from you since I started to venture more into the blog, and I’m having a hard time with routine. 

Small world that we both live in Denver, do you have any hidden gems in Denver or Colorado that you love?

I love it! Whenever friends are in town I make sure to bring them to New Saigon on Federal. I think it’s still a hidden secret that Denver actually has some of the BEST Vietnamese food (even my friends from Southern California agree!).

Thank YOU so much for the insider tip, had no idea and I’ve been looking for a good Vietnamese place. 

How funny that the name literally came from a lunch date you both had and how Pepper is an alliteration for petite. I too like to add pepper to my french fries, is there something next for Pepper?

It’s a really exciting time because we’re working on a lot of new developments at Pepper! At the moment we’re designing a wireless bra next and working with the community to choose which next color to launch the All You Bra in.
That is so exciting, very excited about the All You Bra. Wish you the very best! Cannot wait to see all the wonderful soon to be’s for Pepper
Meet Pepper: Helping Women Embrace Their Bodies
Learn more about Pepper and take advantage of this amazing DISCOUNT CODE we are getting from the Pepper team for the NEXT 7 DAYS. USE DISCOUNT CODE: PASSION



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  1. This is such a great initiative. My sister was the one blessed with all the boobs in our family, and she also had “looks” when she complained about them. 💜

  2. I’ve always had bigger boobs and that made it look like all of my shirts were too small or that I was bigger because I wore looser shirts. If designers were smart, they’d have lines for everyone. I’ve never been able to wear button up shirts because they always gap. It’s kind of embarrassing.

    1. i totally agree with you, I’ve had the same issue, button-up shirts, certain dresses. i think designers and brands need to create things that help us feel comfortable with who we are and not try to change us.

    1. it really can be I know growing up it was because I was too large and now I feel like I ever make a comment about back pain and my large breast, I do get the are you ungrateful. We focus so much on size, and we should just be happy with what we have and be grateful.

  3. A very important topic. I think teenagers in general already feel awkward without input from others. Being able to help them feel positive about their body and image during the vulnerable teenage years will go a long way to their self esteem and self-worth in the future.

    1. i agree with you it is a very interesting age and a lot of them need the support to help them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin!

  4. It is a pretty important topic you covering here. It is really needed in today’s world, many people actually take it to the wrong level and I am happy that you are the one who is taking the right measures. Self-Esteem is a must for them. Like the idea that this brand Pepper is helping with such issues. Best of luck.

    1. I totally agree with you, where we are in right now we need to love our bodies as they are and not try to alter them always. thanks so much!

  5. No matter what size you are, you should always be proud of yourself/body. Never compare to others because this is a never stopping psychologically process that will eat you up. Spend more time to think the positive of yourself and if you want to improve anything, just go ahead and make it happen. Very glad to see brands nowadays will try to help to embrace women with their bodies instead of trying to make a quick buck.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Casey. It makes me happy to be able to partner with brands that are embracing women to love their own bodies as is.

  6. Great message! I love it when brands spread body positive image and help women feel great about who they are and not like they have to aspire to be something they’re not! I will have to continue to keep an eye out on Pepper!

    1. I totally agree. As someone who struggled with body image as a kid and still do at times, I’m so happy there are companies now breaking the stigma around what women or man should look like.

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