My favorite time of the year is back.

We are finally in cozy up in the couch with a book, go roll yourself in leaves and basically cook up stews and enjoy warm drinks again, vibe.

I love when the temperature drops, the season changes and I basically get to rock that fall look. As someone who suffers from a mood disorder, keeping my mood when the weather gets cooler and the days are darker is a must.

The funky schedule and changes can mess with us and even have us cut back on our outside time. I know I am not the only one that can experience the holiday blues and even have a rough time during this time of the year.

TRUST me, I totally get this and understand this feeling.


While I always am on a super cheerful mood at first a couple weeks in my life can have its up and downs and my mood will sadly suffer.

Not only that but as someone who has experienced disordered eating, I know how tough this time of the year can be with all the holidays and the indulgent food. It was always a hard time for me when my eating disorder was in full swing. As much as I adore Thanksgiving and enjoy cooking it was still a very weird and awkward time for me.

That’s why I decided to partner up with prAna and give you guys some tips on how to properly rock that fall look and keep away those blue days. #MamboprAna

I LOVE prAna, their designs keep you looking great + they are literally perfect for going  on walk, meeting someone for coffee, attending that new photography class you wanted to take or even just going to yoga. Not only that you also feel great about what you are wearing with fair trade items that are sustainable to the environment. Check out more here. We need to take care of out planet, with everything going right now, from hurricanes, to earthquakes. We only have one and if you can look good and be considerate, it’s a win, win in my book! #MamboprAna

prAna is so on board with us rocking the awesome fall look that they are offering all of you babes a discount code for the next 30 days! YAY!




+ daily gratitude list/ journal is da BEST,  it really helps you keep a healthier, happier prospective with life.

+eat the rainbow, eat as colorful as you can

+eat slowly. I know sometimes I get super excited and want to try all these delicious foods, and literally over pile my plate with food and then eat quickly and don’t notice how full I actually am. Focus on your food, enjoy it, savor it and take small bites.

+don’t be hard on yourself, you are beautiful and should enjoy life.

+try to wake up and take a walk while the sun is rising. It really does make a difference with your mood. I LOVE going to the park and taking in the sunrise.

+ while it my be tempting to stay under your covers, try something new each week. Ceramic classes, pressing flowers or a new workout class. Who knows you might meet someone, discover a new passion or realize you can’t do ceramics to save your life. aka me.

+ the first thing you should do is make your bed, it really makes you feel like you started the day off right.

+ limit your caffeine fix, while it might seem like getting more caffeine in will boost you with energy. Caffeine can affect your mood, make you a little irritable, mess with your sleep and more.

+ babes stick to a schedule, when I lived in Boston it would get dark at like three in the afternoon and I would lock myself up, immediately. I learned with time that it was better to stay active doing something until at least six. I go out to coffee shops to be around people instead of being alone in my apartment. When I visit my mom in Denver I go to out instead of just chilling in her house.

+ a new sleep schedule will be your bestie, don’t go to sleep earlier than you normally do and stay in sleeping longer.

+staying active is a must for me, I do yoga in my apartment regardless of the weather outside, try to go out for a walk in the mornings before the sunrises and keep it up once it does and then if I didn’t make it that morning try to get one in in the afternoon. I also try to go to a new class every week.

+be social. I know this tough, as someone who is naturally an introvert and a blogger, I tend to shy away from being overly social. I do try to just be around people by going to coffee shops, roaming the aisle at Whole Foods and things that make me happy.

+ dress to impress. if that means rocking a dress, do it, if it means wearing leggings and booties, then go for it, if you like more of a comfy sweater and legging combo, you do you!

+remember to do things that make YOU happy! you are effing awesome, remember that!


This post is sponsored by prAna and it really makes me happy being able to work with companies that share the same values and beliefs that Follow Our Passion does. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for making Follow Our Passion possible. 

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. Loving all of your tips. I have been working on cutting back on my caffeine intake. It’s not easy, but I know it’s something I have to do.

  2. I love all the tips you shared here…I find keeping a gratitude journal and getting outside in the sunlight to be great mood boosters, especially in the cooler months. And working out is always great for a mood boost!

    This prAna top is so cute and comfy looking…I could totally see myself wearing this.

  3. I think I’m an oddball, because I’m more likely to get the anti-holiday blues. This time of year always makes me feel hopeful, like next year will be THE YEAR, whatever that means. These are good tips, but as a mom to a three-month old, I don’t get a lot of choice in schedule or sleep right now. UG!

  4. Great tips! I like the occasional mocha or latte but I enjoy tea. Love the sweater! Fall is my favorite time of year!! Love to stay indoors and be cozy!

  5. I think this can be a tough time of year. The darkness of “falling back” in November used to really get to me. This was especially true when I live in the North East where it would also start getting super cold. I would just want to hibernate. I love all your tips for getting through the holidays feeling good mentally and physically.

  6. Eating the rainbow and the gratitude journal have been part of my life for 40 years! My mom used to tell me to eat my colors. I am really bad at sticking to a schedule, though. Nope.

  7. We have been working really hard at looking at the colors of our food and trying to “eat the rainbow.” Food is beautiful and tastes amazing too. Enjoy it!

  8. I am a crazy coffee drinker, but once fall comes, I tend to decrease coffee to just a morning routine and move more toward herbal teas. I think that is because my mom always drank hot tea in the fall/winter. Plus, totally keeps my hands warm 🙂

  9. Getting social always puts me in a great mood! We just moved into a new home over the weekend so I have really enjoyed meeting new neighbors at the park every night.

  10. I love this list!! Making your bed in the morning is life changing! I just started doing it a couple weeks ago and I love that having the bed made sets a great tone for the day!!

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