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Life is complicated. Life brings in relationships that help you grow as an individual and prepare you for the bigger picture. Life teaches you to value yourself. Life throws curveballs at you, that have more significance than we can ever imagine.

I’ve been suffering from a troublesome relationship with food since I was about 11 or even younger. That with a very low self-esteem created a very unpleasant love/hate relationship with myself.

I’ve been trying to find a way to make peace with myself as well as food for many years now.  The real healing process started when I realized that food isn’t a person and doesn’t hold any emotion. Food is just a substance to feed and nourish our bodies, food isn’t sad, or happy, it isn’t bad or evil. Food is just food.

Life is life, I cannot control what happens  and cannot navigate the future, I can only find ways to approach the situations that are placed out in front of me. I work hard every day to improve my relationship with myself as well as accepting food as what it is. Even though I work on this daily I still have off days just like everyone else.

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Sometimes those rocky, rainy days turn into days that my strength isn’t enough and I fall down. Getting up is what matters, not the mistake I think I created when I fell.

I have learned with time and lots of tears that the mistakes we think are just mistakes are at the end different strides of colors needed to add definition to our vibrant coloring book called life.

Last week was a demanding week for me. I was fixated on a number. Even though I’ve been told time and time again that the numbers on the scale are just numbers, this time around it found a way to crawl into my head and move some boxes of feelings around. I didn’t realize just how much it had really affected me until I was on the floor crying, shaking after the outcome of my fall.

The days following my slip up made it painful for me to look at myself. I kept brutally punishing myself for what had happened. The moment I talked about the episode instead of shoving it into the very large box in my brain that occupies emotions and events I am not willing to deal with, I realized that at the end sh*t happens, there’s no other way to put. It just does.

I’ve been back on 4-5 small meals a day, its much more manageable than 3 large ones.

I’m not focusing on exercising rather doing more physical activities that fulfill me in a whole hearted way.

Along with that I am focusing on small coping skills that create more inner peace, like my gratitude journal, my personal daily journal plus mediating before bed.

I know this isn’t my normal recipe post but I think its important to address these types of situations and issues as well as acknowledge life isn’t perfect. It’s okay to fall down the important part is getting up and finding a way to smile and move on. Trust me I know its easier said than done, just remember that that this will make you stronger. In a couple weeks I plan to write a post on how much my life has changed since I incorporated a daily personal journal along with gratitude journal.

Follow Our Passion

We are all beautiful inside and out. Have a beautiful day.

Lots of love.

A. Broom

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I have the same love/hate relationship with my body, but it’s getting better the older I get. I lost 20 kg few years ago and I’m more or less stable since (I don’t weight myself too often though). However, I realized that however small I get, my body will never be thin. I have large (now very stong) thighs and my boobs are small. After too many troubled years, I realized I love them the way they are. I’ll never look like a model, but I love the way I look. No matter the size, there will be clothes that will make me feel amazing and clothes that will make me feel fat and that’s alright. There are no clothes I need to fit in, there are clothes that will fit me. In other words, I changed my perspective. I have this body, I don’t want to change it, but I choose to wear whatever makes me feel good. Another big thing for me has been going to the beach. Being Greek means spending my summer by the beach, where people show their bodies. It was so hard for me to show my body, now I don’t mind. I actually look way more fat in a swimsuit than when I’m fully dressed, but that doesn’t matter. I hope you can figure out the way to love your body and I hope you’re getting the support you need to get there. <3

    1. Thanks for sharing all of this Joanna! It makes talking about my struggles so much worth it when I can connect with people going through something similar. Its been a long process, I do have to say I am doing better. You are right, clothes that fit you not the other way around. Sending you the best vibes!

  2. It’s a beautiful message and I’m glad that you shared it too. People can learn from this and find inspiration from you. Have a lovely life, you may not be perfect but you are loved, we all have to keep that in mind.

    1. It has helped me so much, I do try and go with the flow, sometimes three large meals are easier and sometimes its 5 small meals it depends on the day and how I am feeling.

  3. You are so right. We are beautiful inside and out. Nuff said. Women may be emotional at times and we can easily break down and cry. But the best part, we are the quickest to get back on our feet. You are doing great, you are wonderful. You are enough! Hugs.

  4. I know this all too well, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with food for a very long time as well. Remember to take it one day at a time and that you are beautiful! <3

  5. Food is a big source of comfort for me. I overeat when I am happy, I overeat when I am sad. I am struggling to find a balance and your post definitely inspires me to try harder 🙂

    1. Its one of those things I feel like I will always have to work on.SO glad you were able to find some inspiration!

  6. Such a motivating post, life bogs us down many times, but what matters is actually how we handle it.. We have to handle n better do it with a smile!

  7. We are all wonderfully and beautifully made. We should not allow any challenges of life weigh us down. The most important thing is to discover how to overcome such challenges.

  8. We all need to be kinder to our selves .Getting up.Everytime we fall is more important than never falling .Best wishes in your food journey. I too live greens and chocolates.

  9. When you feeling tired, better rest. Who cares if you have a deadline at work. Your life is more important than work deadlines.

    Enjoy your fabulousness!

  10. Sometimes we beat ourselves up more than others ever can but it’s recognising that we can’t control life but prepare and handle situations as they come

  11. Very inspiring post! I totally agree with you that it’s ok to fall down in life but most important is to get up and move forward with a smile. Failures are the pillars of the success. It teaches endless lessons of life!

  12. Life isn’t perfect but most importantly we humans are not perfect. Try to stay positive as much as you can and relax. Just try to do something for your self, I Know it will not be easy but trust me it will be all worth it!

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