Hey babes! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I still cannot believe it’s Monday..! The weekend just flew by and why I normally wouldn’t be jumping off the walls for this, I am really excited because today is the grand opening of the new Planet Fitness in Las Cruces, NM..!

A couple weeks ago Planet Fitness invited me to their re-opening at the new location and I was BEYOND excited. They are re-opening after renovating the facility and honestly babes, couldn’t be more thrilled.

It looks GREAT.!


As someone who is a huge advocate for staying healthy both on a spiritual and physical level (I do think that they both go hand in hand and it is important to satisfy both in a healthy way) it makes me so happy that I am able to attend such a fun event. I feel like that’s why I really like Planet Fitness philosophy, they talk about a place where you can go that is completely judgement free. They even take this whole judgment free mentality out into the community with their national philanthropic, The Judgement Free Generation. As someone who has battled at eating disorder from a young age and body issues it is really great being able to partner up with a company that has the same values as I do.

I travel a lot throughout New Mexico and do go to Las Cruces a couple times a month, and it is awesome that I can now go workout and just be in a passive environment. The renovated gym is now at 20,000 sq feet and has upgraded equipment, state of the art cardio machines and strength equipment. My brother will LOVE this, they even have PF360, I know, crazy right?!


PLUS if you’re like me, that has a hard time sleeping and will go to the gym whenever, you’ll be happy to know, that it is opened 24 hours a day, Monday -Thursday and on Friday’s from midnight to 7 pm, on the weekends they do work from 7 to 7.

I love that they are bringing more of this judgement free fitness experience to New Mexico and totally know that it’s a great way to help people feel better about themselves. I love that they celebrated their re-opening with the local Boys & Girls Club.  It’s amazing being able to see such a large franchise that still is dedicated to their community.


I have some really exciting news, they are offering free pizza on the first Monday of every month and free bagels on the second Tuesday of every month. How cool, is that.?

Check out this mega awesome special the PF Black Card membership is only $21.99 a month, and you can bring a guest in every day with no additional charge PLUS access to all the other Planet Fitness locations, 1,400+.

How can you not join, with prices like that..? And the added bonus of being able to go to any Planet Fitness.  As a blogger I am always checking out new cities and traveling and being able to hit the gym wherever I am is kind of a load of my mind. It really does take a little bit of the pressure of traveling off.

If you can’t spare that, you can now join for 25 cents and then just $10 a month with no commitment, through November 22!

Guys I had so much fun, being able to be part of such an amazing event, and also getting to meet a lot of the community and kids from the Boys and Girls Club! Thank you so much Planet Fitness for inviting me and letting be part of your special day. You guys are honestly doing such an amazing job with the Judgement Free Movement!


This post is in partnership with Planet Fitness. All options and thoughts are my own! Thank you to the brands that make Follow Our Passion possible! 

Andrea Broom

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  1. $21.99 a month for membership is a steal as most places charge double that already! I have not seen a Planet Fitness near my area so I hope they opened one soon! Thank you for sharing your experience at this event!

  2. I think fear of being judged keeps a lot of people out of the gym, so I love that Planet Fitness has this philosophy. I bet more people will be willing to try going in the New Year because of this movement.

  3. How fun!! I absolutely love Planet Fitness and get excited whenever I see a new one open! I’ve been on the basic membership for nearly year and think I’m going to upgrade to the Black Card so I can start having my dad go with me!

  4. This sounds like such a great event! I LOVE Planet Fitness and we are getting one close to my house soon!!

  5. This sounds like a fabulous event – I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and I feel it’s important to me that I stay fit and healthy; it’s great there are companies who are supportive and have great values out there!

  6. I have not been to a gym in a while, we have our own in our complex, plus I have some of my own equipment . But if I would have to pick a place, Planet Fitness would be on the top of my list. Blessings!

  7. Didn’t realize there was an actual judgement free movement but totally support it. The journey can be difficult enough, support not judgement is needed. So cool that you get to be a part of it!

    1. As someone who suffered from an eating disorder and tons of body image issues it is great to know there is a movement out there.

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