5 Foods That Help Get Rid Of Bloating + 5 Foods To Avoid

Today on the blog I talk about 5 Foods That Help Get Rid Of Bloating + 5 Foods To Avoid

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HAPPY MONDAY my beauties.! Did you guys have a fun weekend? Mine was pretty chill, I went to 5k Gallop supporting celiac in Littleton on Saturday and met up with my mom for lunch afterward. Then on Sunday, I went out for breakfast with some guy. I wonder if I should really share this with you guys, but then I thought well if I don’t tell you guys, then this open relationship that we talk about everything and anything isn’t really gonna work is it?


Back to beating bloat land, since it’s June/my birthday month (yayyyy) and that means spending more time outside, rocking whatever it is you wanna rock, currently I am really into flowy crop tops and leggings or in all honesty my workout clothes.  It’s kind of funny because I am totally not the summer loving girl, I am way more into fall and winter, there is a magical air during the colder months to me. I do have to admit that Boulder has brought out the flower child in me that actually likes summer. It might have to do with the chill mountain air and also all the greenery around me. Thank you mama earth.

I thought it was the perfect time to tackle the dreaded BLOATING.

I mean I’ve dealt and still deal with bloating, it’s human nature and honestly I’m not perfect, so even though I know that some things can totally crank up the bloating, it also happens when I try new foods, or when I think I can eat something and then it turns out I can’t.

Summertime is officially here and unlike last summer I wanna spend as much time as I possibly can outside and really just soak up as much vitamin d as I can and explore and go on adventures.

Life is all about adventures and the last thing I really wanna worry about is BLOAT.

So I thought I would write an entire post on what foods can help with bloating and what foods to AVOID.


Let’s be honest, to one degree or another, we’ve all experienced bloating and let’s all agree it’s not fun, it’s uncomfortable af and if you’re like me you get cranky and just don’t wanna do anything. So WHAT CAUSES bloating.? Food allergies and intolerances, IBS, hormonal imbalance, dehydration, constipation, certain foods and the way you eat can also cause bloating. WHAT IS IT: in simple words, excess air in your tummy. Basically, you get air in your digestion track while you are swallowing and there you go, bloat.

I am a huge advocate for really focusing on your food, chewing your food thoroughly and slowly. As gross as it sounds, chew your food enough that it is like chewed baby food.

I am lactose + gluten intolerant so if I consume foods with either of these I will get bloated and constipated and just feel crappy af. I also notice that when I eat things that have really poor quality ingredients (not something that happens often but again, life) I also get bloated.

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CBD okay so I’ve been experimenting with CBD for over two years now and it really has helped so much with inflammation, especially when I am bloated for whatever reason. You can either take CBD capsules or tincture or oil. You can read more about CBD + my favorite products here.

WATER as mentioned above, dehydration can cause bloating, something I learned the hard way a couple months ago, I went on a hike with a friend and didn’t drink enough water. I felt like shit that day and a couple days after. I stick with drinking warm or room temperature water as cold water can worsen the symptoms. Water is also great for removing excess salt from your system which causes bloat.

GINGER I mean ginger is a beautiful healing root that helps with so much more than just bloating but it really is great for soothing your digestion when you have a stomach ache or are nauseous. It really helps reduce bloating. I like to either drink room temperature ginger tea or these ginger chews that I take with me everywhere.

WATERMELON is like 90% water if not more and it’s a natural diuretic and really helps. Again to help get rid of all the toxins in your body.

CUCUMBER is full of quercetin an antioxidant that helps reduce swelling and well yeah, bloat. I like to remove the skin cause it can be irritable for me and also the seeds. It is great to add to your smoothies, my girl Bethany from lil sipper taught me that little trick.

FERMENTED FOODS  are really high in probiotics aka good gut bacteria. Try kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, and yogurt. I will eat two to three tablespoons of kimchi or sauerkraut with my lunch and dinner.



Chewing gum can cause more air enter your stomach and cause bloating. I stopped chewing gum last year and honestly can really see a difference.

Carbonated drinks I stay away from carbonated beverages because they can cause bloat and gas to some. I drink carbonated water, stick to one a day normally in the afternoon and I am fine but if I have one before bed I will get bloated.

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, and garlic. All of these contain sulfur which can promote gas. I can eat broccoli and be fine and have small amounts of garlic but cabbage can the rest will cause bloating.

Beans if you are anything like me, beans and legumes can affect your digestion, and promote gas. I stopped eating beans a couple years ago and when I eat them from time to time will feel sick for a week or so.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol.

Sugar can easily ferment in the gut which can cause yeast overgrowth and promote inflammation aka make you bloated.

5 Foods That Help Get Rid Of Bloating + 5 Foods To Avoid

Alright my friends, there you have it how to stay or prevent bloating this summer and actually all year long. Take advantage of the heat and enjoy tons of watermelon or try these all-natural watermelon gelatin cups. I hope you all find these tips mega useful.! 


Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

    1. yeah, i was just talking to someone about this the other day who also gets queasy from dairy and they told me CBD has helped sooo much.

  1. Bloating can be a real headache especially if you’ve been experiencing it for days! I think it’s really important that you follow these tips, it’s really going to help get rid of the bloating!

  2. I had to give up carbonated drinks a while back but it was causing so many issues to my stomach. I thought it was going to be hard but honestly I’ve been okay! Also love watermelon and cucumber!

  3. Aww man I love me some broccoli and cauliflower lol. I need to start paying attention to how my body reacts I don’t notice bloat but it might be small amounts.

    1. lol. trust me i get you, i love them too but had to step away because they were causing a lot of extra bloat.

  4. I do like eating natural as well and I am lactose intolerant too. I know the importance of eating the right foods. Personally, I stay away as much as possible from sugar and processed foods.

  5. Thanks for your guide. Whenever I over eat, I always experience this bloating then I do some ginger tea detox, and it helps too!

  6. These are great tips to know for good vs bad foods for bloating. I can’t wait for our garden to come in so we can pick and eat lots of fresh cucumbers

  7. This is so helpful! I chew gum all the time but I guess that mints are probably a better alternative! Not sure how I’ll kick this habit but I’m going to try!

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