Life Lately: END OF APRIL

Life Lately: End of April 

Life Lately: END OF APRIL

Happy Friday, my loves.! Hope you had a wonderful week. I am still reliving the wonderful weekend I had in Colorado.

April is always the month of transition to me, the school year is almost over, spring is finally happening and in some cases, you might see a glimpse of summer. This year though, it was an incredible month, not only am I moving in a month to the most magical city in the world but I was also lucky enough to attend the gluten free allergy friendly expo in Denver last weekend.

Not only was I not thinking of taking a trip in April since it was so close to the move but then it ended up being the weekend of 4/20 my dreams were instantly made. While it would have been amazing to go for just 4/20 it wasn’t a big enough reason but when I was invited to the expo I thought, okay thank you UNIVERSE.

You are amazing.

I am constantly amazed by how giving and powerful the universe is.


It also worked out because at the time I had only flown to Denver and when I did go by car I wasn’t the one driving so I thought it was cool that, I could try the drive out without the pressure of moving.


Again the universe is so freaking amazing.

While I had been complaining all winter that every single time I went it wouldn’t snow. I was there all for a week after Thanksgiving and while I did go to Breckenridge, in Denver there still wasn’t any snow.

Boulder didn’t have snow yet.

Then again for New Years.

Again no snow.

Life Lately: END OF APRIL

I went again in February and again no snow while I was there. The same thing was repeated when I went in March and while it would snow the day before or the day after, it didn’t while I was there.

Funnily enough, the universe finally gave me SNOW. Yeah, when I was driving. So while you should be careful what you ask for, remember to give thanks. Oh, and it isn’t ever like we expect it to happen.

So while the drive there I was scared shitless and we ended up staying in Colorado Springs for the night because the snow and fog were intense, it was so much fun being able to go to the expo on Saturday.

I finally was able to meet IRL a lot of my favorite brands.

Life Lately: END OF APRIL



Rolling Greens.

Bob’s Red Mill.

Enjoy Life Foods 

Boulder Organics

Don’t Go Nuts


Life Lately: END OF APRIL

Oh and I even got to meet some of the amazing family members of Honey Bunchies, apart from the fact that it is a family owned company, they are also making crazy good, honey nut bars that bring me back so much to my childhood.

Oh and I discovered some really awesome new brands, some local to Colorado which is ALWAYS a plus. Not only is it more environmentally friendly but it is also great to support local business. Best cookies of my life hands down given to the crazy good Molasses Ginger Cookies from Bow Beas Gluten Free here in Colorado. OMG. These cookies are literally making me drool, I kind of wish I still had some leftover…

Okay since we are talking about local companies and all I have a few more that I am CRAZY for and honesty cannot believe it took me so long to discover these gems.

First I give the award to the best gluten free bread out there to the incredible team behind Kim and Jake’s. They literally are killing it when it comes to gluten-free, made with real ingredients bread. They were given out samples and had olive oil to dip in. Let’s just say I was in heaven. The cool thing is they actually have a storefront in Boulder, that I had been to before.

Then Bravo Bars are literally making the best granola bars EVER. Like this stuff is legit. They use real ingredients and are literally perfect for a mid-day snack, I actually ate one or two during the drive back to abq.

Okay I love good quality sausage, I grew up eating all types of sausage, typically Colombian but it was still very much a staple in my daily eats, so when I say these are crazy good sausages, then you know I am serious. The breakfast Sausage was incredible and I actually made some for breakfast for the family on Sunday. I also really like the chorizo and the bratwurst. Mulay’s is my newfound weakness, I am literally drooling just thinking of all the wonderful creations I am gonna be able to make.

Life Lately: END OF APRIL

I also tried freaking bomb gluten-free pita.! I have been missing gluten-free pita that is actually good and I literally feel like all of my prayers have been answered, thank you for existing –My Bread Bakery!

Aleia’s was also a company that really stood out to me, their breadcrumbs are crazy good and the cookies, man oh man. Non-gluten’s won’t be able to tell, I took some cookies to my stepdad and he was flying.

Okay so now on to the snacks, as you know I am a snacker and also love to have healthy snack options for when I am writing on the blog, have the munchies and having people over on the podcast. So when I tell you these snacks satisfy all of my cravings you know it’s real. Handfulls by deliciousness is honestly everything in life and more, they are almonds coated in rice crackers with some seasoning. OMG. Best thing ever.

Life Lately: END OF APRIL

I was DEAD on Sunday. I mean I hadn’t slept in like two days, on Thursday night I was tossing and turning all night and then on Friday I couldn’t sleep because Drake was crying. So needless today I slept hard Saturday to Sunday and then on Sunday after making some cannabis pancakes for the family along with some breakfast sausage, I passed out.

Life Lately: END OF APRIL

Before I knew it, it was time to go. I can’t wait to be back babes! I’m excited about the future. There is something exciting about literally leaving everything up to the universe.

On another note, it is nice to be back in my apartment and just settle into a routine for the next month before I take off. The next few weeks will be packing, working on some recipes, finishing my single girl’s bucket list to start on June 1st and then working on the podcast. I know TONS of stuff are in the works. I am SOOO excited.

Check out this picture of me while we pulled over to walk around. Yeah, I’m that girl, the one who stops the car to get some movement in.

How is your April going.? Have you heard of any of these brands? If you have which ones do you like the most? Drop a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts. XO. 

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  1. I LOOOOVE this so much. I never knew such a thing existed, but now I must go someday. My husband has Celiac, and my family has been completely gluten-free for 4-years, what an amazing experience it would be to be surrounded by all food safe! How neat!
    And yes, the universe seriously blows me away alllllll the time with the way things work out, because things ALWAYS work out. <3

  2. I love Bob’s Red Mill! I currently use a lot of their products! I haven’t heard of most of the other ones that you’ve mentioned. I’ll have to check them out!

  3. Girl!!!! I wanna visit here AND try those foods!! The pics were totally appetizing!! A lovely blog post! ❤️

  4. Gluten free pita! Yes please! I haven’t heard of these brands but will check them out now. I can’t believe April is almost gone though.

  5. I don’t think I’ve heard of these brands. I’ve only been to Colorado a few times in my life. Overall my April has gone well. I’m ending it with a nice, long and relaxing weekend to get work done.

  6. What a lovely post! My April was nice, I don’t know if I’ve heard of any of these brands. But I’d love to try some of those pancakes they look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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