An All Natural Air Purifier Using Sage

An All Natural Air Purifier Using Sage to Kill Bacteria In The Air 

An All Natural Air Purifier Using Sage

Hi babes! Happy Monday! I hope you are all had a wonderful weekend, I myself took some me time on Saturday and spend the morning in bed drinking hot chocolate, recipe coming SOOON and was watching Nikita on Netflix. One of my favorites shows ever, that I can only watch in the morning cause it will totally mess with my sleep. On another note, a friend of mine was here this weekend and she noticed all my sage all over my apartment and asked me why I had so much of it. Then after I started to burn the sage, and she gave me this puzzled look that basically got me thinking…

I burn sage for tons of reasons, like cleaning away any negative energy, creating a more sacred space and while I LOVE the smell I also started to burn sage because I learned that sage is incredible for the air. Research has proven that burning this magical herb removes about 94% of the bacteria in the air. How crazy is that.? I mean in a good way.


So instead of investing in a bunch of nasty chemically filled so-called air purifiers, you should buy yourself some sage, and either burn it as it is or you can grab a pretty ceramic bowl, add about 1/2 cup of loose dried sage and light it. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL when doing this because you can end with sage leaves all over the floor and the house. I burn sage every morning and every evening, it is a HUGE part of my morning and bedtime routine. I feel like it helps clear the air, the energy and just gives me a fresh feel.

SO where can you buy yourself this so-called all-natural air purifier that I am talking about.?

I like to pick mine up in herb stores or Whole Foods, I also buy it from Mountain Rose Herbs. I like to keep smudge sticks around and also buy loose white sage. It’s super important that you use dry sage and preferably white sage.


I know what you’re wondering, why should I even care about making sure I have clean air..? Well clean air babes can totally help in the prevention of so many things like asthma, preventing colds, headaches, lung cancer, heart problems, respiratory infections and SO much more. Poor air quality can affect our health in so many ways, and it is such an easy way to clean up your air quality, kill off bacteria and just eliminate some extra threats. The cool thing is that burning sage is safe for just about everyone.

I’ve been into it for the spiritual aspect of it for over two years now and now that it also helps clean up the air, I’ve jumped into it way more.

Alright, babes now you know one of my favorite clean living health hacks. SUPER duper easy and wallet-friendly. PLUS it is good for you and the environment. 


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    1. Yeah, it totally is, I would leave the windows open just in case. I know I have to because I have set my fire alarm off because of the smoke.

  1. That’s so awesome to know! I’ve heard about burning herbs before but I’ve never tried it. I’d love to try it with sage, I’m sure it’s going to improve the air quality at home so much.

  2. OMG. I never knew that sage could be used for cleaning the air. I too have used sage for a number of reasons and now I can burn it to help clean the air. That is great! Now I am helping the environment and I love how it smells.

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