Hi my loves.! I loved how much you all enjoyed reading my post on taking control of your menstrual cycle in a more holistic way so I thought I would share with all of you WHY I use a PERIOD CUP. I know. Fun times. BTW if you didn’t read the post, you all totally should.

REAL TALK: What literally happened was this:

A week or so before my move back to the US I was sitting in my best friends apartment and he had a bandmate over with his girlfriend and they were all smoking and just talking. Then out of nowhere, we started to talk about menstrual cups and I honestly gave our friends girlfriend this puzzled look. Then she proceeded to inform me of all the great things about using a period cup and I honestly was still not convinced. Mainly because I just felt like I didn’t really understand them and also I felt like they wouldn’t be really clean, she legit cut me off and brought up that cotton is dirty af and I use that every single, freaking month. Things were getting heated and after a while, she won me over and right then and there I ordered one and paid extra money to get it before my trip.

I was weirdly excited to get my period the next month, and since syncing my cycle with food, and ditching sugar a year before and incorporating animal protein again, my period was always on time. I only needed to wait a week or so. I literally counted down the days and then my period was here and it was time. I was a little freaked the first couple of times and now I honestly couldn’t be more thankful that a random ass conversation lead me to such an important moment in my life and one of the best decisions of my life.


I’m getting to all of that, I just wanted to show you that just like many of you I was also a bit lost and truly not interested in using it.



A period cup or menstrual cup is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and really affordable, sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. Oh, and reusable. SAY WHAT.? Yeah, I know the most reaction I get when I bring up the fact that it is reusable. Period cups are usually made of silicone, which means that you clean it before and after each period and put it away until the next time your monthly visitor is in town.

SO How do you use it.? Basically, you fold the cup a certain way and insert the cup into your vagina. Like you would a tampon, unlike a tampon though you are gonna remove it and rinse it every 10-12 hours depending on your flow and re-insert it. It basically collects all of you uterus lining aka blood. TMI- no, not really. We are all women and we should feel comfortable talking about this. It is totally natural.

Is it hard to use.? Babes, not gonna lie, the first time I tried inserting it, I failed miserably. I was tense because I was trying it out for the first time and I was a little scared that I would somehow have an accident or something. I felt like I was a teenager again or preteen in my case and was trying to figure out how to use tampons and pads for the first time. LOL.

I tried again the next day, this time I totally made an event out of it. I had music in the background, some random hip-hop mix from Spotify and also drank some chamomile, lavender tea to help me relax. This time I succeeded and was SOO proud, I mean you would have thought I had written a book or something. I was so excited that I would literally tell everyone that talked to me- aka my friends, not random strangers on the street.

When it was time to remove it, I had a little issue and I started to freak out and think I wouldn’t be able to remove it, causing more tension and making it more difficult. So I decided to wash my hands, make more tea, blast some music and see how it went. It took about three or so periods for me to get fully comfortable inserting and removing my period cup.

This is the period cup I use and it comes with a little cloth pouch to keep it in. I boil mine after and before every period to clean it properly.



Okay so other than the obvious reason, because it is eco-friendly, and all that jazz, I honestly hand down recommend it because in my opinion it really lets you be more in tune with your own body and get to know yourself a bit more. You will really learn more about your cycle, and it really does make you become more intimate with your body and explore more. On top of that, cotton is one of the most toxic substances out there and you are jamming that into your body for about 5-10 days every month for about twenty or more years. I do think it is a healthier choice for your body. You will save yourself A LOT of money. Think about it, how much do you spend on tampons and pads, how many do you go through each menstrual cycle and how much does that add up a year, and so forth.

I was sitting at a coffee shop the other day and I literally brought it up to the two girls making espressos and lattes in front of me. First, because I wanted to get the opinion of random strangers and two I was really interested in the reaction I would get.

I mean we should feel totally comfortable talking about something that is so important to women and to our health. It was awesome because they both smiled and were totally into talking about women’s health and period cups.


To keep them from feeling a bit of pressure, I am leaving their names out and referring to them as girl #1 and girl # 2 and please do not read anything into this. It was just easier.

 girl #1 said she had not tried it but would totally be into it. She had a few questions about how it would sit because of how her uterus is so close to all of her other organs.

girl #2 said she uses one and LOVES her cup. She was in the UK a few years back and was at a health food store, saw it and thought it was totally awesome. Not only that but it also made it super easy for her to travel to India.

The cool thing was we all agreed on the same thing, it is a great way to be more connected to your body and kind of see what is going on in there.


So in honor, if this I have decided to do a Q & A with the girls. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment and I will include them in the post. 

What brand do you use.?

Babes, I use this brand here. 

girl# doesn’t use one but is totally up for it.

girl #2 uses Moon Cup learn more about it here. 

Does it hurt?

ME: I feel like the first time or so it did hurt, but it had a lot to do with being tense when I was trying to insert it. I don’t think it hurts I think it is just uncomfortable especially since it’s new. 

GIRL #2: HELL FUCKING YES (laughing) and then after you get in your groove, not at all. 

How often do you change it?

ME: I change mine about every six hours and then every ten, it just depends on my flow. 

GIRL # 2: I change mine every 10- 12. 

How long have you been using your period cup?

ME: I have been using my cup for about two years or more now. 

GIRL #2 I’ve been loving my cup for about three years now. 

How can I make inserting my period cup more comfortable?

ME: Use lube and also try to relax, if you are tense it can make it more difficult. 

GIRL # 2: Smoke a big fat J before trying to insert it the first time. Kidding, actually not, it totally helps you relax. If you are not into the green, try some lube. 

Can you sleep with the period cup inserted?

ME: Yeah dude for sure. I sleep with mine every night. 

GIRL # 2: Yeah. All the time. 

Can you work out with your period cup?

ME: YES!! It is the best, and so not uncomfortable, I honestly forget I have it on. 

GIRL #2: I spin three times a week and have no issues whatsoever. 

Learn more about menstrual cups + periods here on

Okay, babes what are your thoughts on period cups or menstrual cups? Would you be down to try it or are you totally not.? If you are not, can you share why.? Alright, my loves have an incredible day. LOVEEE you all. 


Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I started using a menstrual cup and it’s the best thing I ever did. I go camping a lot and not having to carry your waste out with you is so nice, not to mention it’s better for the environment!

  2. I’ve been wanting to switch over to menstrual cups, but am stuck trying to decide between two cups. Lunette being one of them and Lily being the other. I’m thinking of getting my doctor’s opinion on which one I should use. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Yeah, def a great option Kat. I know some people try one and end up getting another after. The choice is yours.

  3. This seems very cost effective to use but I’m not sure if I like the idea of it, not sure why – just not for me I don’t think!

  4. I have one and have had one for 3 years or so but I tried to insert it a few times, failed, and put it away. I want to use it though. Any suggestion…I do have a posterior uterus

  5. Heard a lot of things about the period cup and I’m kind of curious about it. You explained it so well in your post. Would I try it? I honestly don’t know yet! 🙂

  6. I think I am leaning on trying a menstrual cup in the future. I only use organic feminine pads now because the bleach and fragrances in traditional pads/tampons can cause cancers and such. I am just nervous it will hurt but one day I will try it.

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