Tea Time with Vanessa from HNINA Organic Healthy Gourmet Treats

Babes, I am so happy to have over the wonderful founder of HNINA Tea Time with Vanessa from HNINA Organic Healthy Gourmet Treats

Tea Time with Vanessa from HNINA Organic Healthy Gourmet Treats

I am so beyond honored to have you here with all of us today, as everyone knows I am a huge fan of HNINA, can you please introduce yourself?

Thank you so much, Andrea! All the honor and the pleasure is mine.!!! My name is Vanessa. I am a former International Business Development Executive who used to work in the cosmetic world after graduating in International Relations and Political Science from the Sorbonne in Paris. My life suddenly changed when I got pregnant with two babies. Twins are genetic in my family and my grandmother lost them. For me, it was a major issue because I have been all my life a huge fan of dark chocolate and had to stop any refined sugar one day after another while having to feed three persons in one. The whole dilemma started and I could not find alert, happy, non-crying little twins. I understand the nutritional power of those functional superfood raw dark chocolate truffles.

Wow, Vanessa. Thank you so much for being so open with us and sharing such an intimate part of your life. 

Can you share with us part of your morning routine?

I wake up at 5:30, take a few minutes to be grateful to the world, stretch and start preparing the lunch boxes for my kids. Then I prepare their breakfast, my green smoothie and run to take them to school on time. (which can be a challenge sometimes.! ) When I come back that’s when I have some time to take a breakfast.

Your ideal breakfast, and I know you have chocolate and veggie cake all the time (from seeing your stories)?

Yes absolutely. Each morning I am having this incredible raw chocolate fondant which is like Hnina is super nourishing because composed of vegetables and dark chocolate. It does not contain any refined sugar, dairy or any grains. I add Nuts About Chocolate  Hazelnuts + Almonds, Coconut + Brazil nuts + Almonds and Walnuts + cashews, Hemp +  Pumpkin + Sunflower + Flax + Sesame Seeds on top and am trying to rotate them. I have seen lately that most studies are showing the power of healthy fat for breakfast which makes me understand why Hnina is so nourishing. Sometimes, I can even forget to eat lunch (I don’t recommend!) because I am still satisfied full and happy.

Tea Time with Vanessa from HNINA Organic Healthy Gourmet Treats


What are your thoughts when it comes to wellness, and living a more balanced and healthier life?

I think that trying to listen to our body is key. I learned this during pregnancy. I never had to do this before as I was just focusing on traveling, sports, and my carrier. Also, trying to make the maximum cooking rather than buying food already pre-made for you. Avoiding plastic, palm oil, ANY refined or processed sugar (fructose found in “healthier alternative” such as agave or even coconut sugar), dairy, wax, dairy, artificial flavors, soy, preservatives, and grains.  Fermented and sprouted food is incredible!

Favorite mantra or quote?

Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” 

Your favorite self-love practice?

Breathing, running and dancing.

You have two kids, and a growing business how do you balance it all and stay sane in the midst of a busy day?

I have the kids help me 🙂 They understand this way how important it is for a woman to be independent and how you need to work very hard to make it. They learn a lot by imitation and by the way we react more even than by the things we say.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

Spreading the word around Hnina and make sure that people understand more and more than gourmet food does not have to be inflammatory or bad for you. Health is found in the most delicious foods.

Do you have any exciting plans that you can share with us involving HNINA.? I do know from watching from Expo West that CBD is in the future.

Hnina is going to probably continue and pursue its local and global expansion within the next two years and you are correct we are developing products contains CBD. We are in owing to the abilities of very pure CBD and what it does to the body and to our mind. Between the 700 compounds of our raw dark cacao, the functional abilities of our delicious sprouted nuts and seeds, all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that Hnina and Nuts About Chocolate contain, can you imagine the bio-availabilities of what this pure super-food will be?

Tea Time with Vanessa from HNINA Organic Healthy Gourmet Treats

Where can people connect with you?

Best is to contact me at info@hninagourmet.com. People can also contact me via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Babes you can check out HNINA and get some chocolate goodies by going to their website here

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. The chocolate veggie cake for breakfast? That’s definitely attention-grabbing. Thanks for introducing me to the Hnina tea brand.

  2. Listening to your body is certainly one of the most important things we can all do for ourselves, yet a lot of us fail to do so because we do not know how! The demands of this world seem to take presidence, which is sad because if we don’t listen to what our bodies need, we wont be able to perform at our best!

    1. not sure, you can check on their website, i know i ordered mine to a po box in Florida when i was living out of the country.

  3. Veggie cake for breakfast sounds healthy and yumm! I like the tips on staying healthy and staying away from refined sugar.

  4. What a great article. That breakfast sounds amazing! I need to look more into that. Also love how you start out your day.

  5. Our bodies talk to us in so many ways and listening and feeding it with the right ingredients is so important. Thanks for introducing us to Hnina gourmet treats.

  6. Health Precedents over everything, we need to listen to our bodies and treat them fairly and give them what they deserve. I have never heard of HNiNA brand…will look into the same…!

  7. That raw chocolate cake sounds delicious Andrea! Major league meal in itself. I sometimes eat raw veggie at specialty restaurants around the globe. One such place in Ubud Bali does the best raw veggie I have tasted on earth…and I have seen a wee bit of the world LOL. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Would really love to try this tea brand, sounds so interesting! I always try to follow and listen to my body’s needs, for me this is the starting point of my wellness routine!

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