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Hey everyone, how’s it cracking.? How is this first Wednesday of the New Year treating you? Currently loving the Colorado morning and just being able to start the year off in one of my favorite places on earth.  It is no secret here how much I dig my friends at Vital Protein. It is hands down the best collagen brand ever and the only one I use. I use their collagen for many reasons and I talk more about that here. I started using collagen peptides to reintroduce animal protein into my eating habits over two and a half years ago. It changed my life in the best way possible.

If you are a wellness lover like me, or into trying anything that pops up in the healthy lifestyle scene then you’ve most likely already heard about collagen before.

In case you haven’t collagen is basically in all in one: it is a supplement, protein and one of the most powerful and beneficial things you can do for your health + life. Totally not kidding.

The first product I used from Vital Protein was their collagen peptides and I saw so many results from that between my gut health, digestion, skin, hair, stronger nails and SO much more than I am literally obsessed with them and anything they come out with.

Let’s jump in head first into my Vital Protein product world, because it is no joke how I use them on the daily and basically in anything and everything I can get my hands on.



Why I use it: I use collagen peptides like I mentioned about for a wide variety of reasons, like my gut health, skin, my digestion and I as a source of protein. While I do eat animal protein, my digestion and body doesn’t agree with protein powders and since I drink smoothies like they are going out of style, I love being able to add collagen peptides into them and basically amp my protein content + all the other wonderful health benefits. 2 scoops which is the serving size has 18 G of protein + 20 G of collagen and only 70 calories. I tend to use one scoop in my morning potion (matcha, mushroom latte, hot chocolate, or whatever I feeling) and then another scoop or two in the smoothie I have that day. I even add it to my baked goods, dips, guac, avocado toast, and water. You can’t taste it, or smell it. Check out some of my recipes where I incorporate collagen peptides:

+ Low Sugar Bakery Style Zucchini Muffins 

+Low Sugar Tart Cherry Crisp 

+Paleo Zucchini Chocolate Chunk Muffins 

+Grain Free Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie 

+ Coconut Fat Balls 

+Paleo Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 

Healthy Watermelon Lime Gelatin Cups-Follow Our Passion


Why I use it: the health benefits behind grass fed gelatin are unreal. They help with your gut health, digestion, nails, skin, joints and so much more. PLUS there is a whopping 17 grams of protein in 20 grams of gelatin. I know, right.? I use it in my smoothies for a protein boost, I love using it to make pudding, I add it to my baked goods and SO  much more. I love that it is tasteless and odorless and basically makes it the perfect culinary superfood. You can add it to just about anything. When cold, it makes a gel hello gelatin. Check out some of my recipes where I use grass fed gelatin in from Vital Protein:

+ Watermelon Lime Gelatin Cups 

+Good For You Lemon Lavender Pudding 


Okay, so Vital Proteins Beauty Waters are way more than just a fancy beauty supplement. While I would LOVE to say that I don’t use it because it adds flavor, I do. I love adding it to iced tea or things like because they don’t use any added sugars or stevia or fake flavorings. I like adding them to my lattes because they amp up the flavor + the health benefits. PLUS their beauty waters contain a very cool and specific probiotic called Bacillus Coagulans that is great for people with candida and of course all of the other wonderful benefits that Vital Proteins collagen products have like helping you with your gut, skin, and nails and so much more.

I use their beauty waters in more than just my daily eats, I also add it to my baths.  I KNOW what you are thinking, weird. NO. Their Lavender Lemon beauty water is a dream in a bath. It has the light floral aroma of lavender and lemon and it is also great for hydrating your skin and nourishing it.

What do I use beauty water in:

+I add it to my smoothies

+I add it to my water

+I add it to my iced tea

+I add it to hot tea

+I use it as a base for dairy-free popsicles in the summertime. COOL.

Paleo Baked Eggs with Meatballs and Bacon-Follow Our Passion


I really dig the Vital Protein Bone Broth powders for more than just the obvious reason. I like that I can add it to my soups to add more flavor and more health benefits. I add it to my rice when cooking it, and also because I can take it with me on the road. When I was with my friend roadtripping around Colorado at the end of November it was a life saver during the cold. It was super easy to get hot water anywhere and just add it to our thermos and add some of the VP bone broth. It helps heal your gut in such a fantastic way, you can read more about bone broth and why I drink it here.

What do I use bone broth powder in:

+I love to add it to warm water and sip on it an night, especially during the colder months.

+ I add a scoop or two into my rice water -flavor + health benefits

+I add it to my vanilla smoothie -game changer recipe coming soon.

+ I add it to pasta sauces

+ I add it to soups


Okay so as weird as it sounds, beef liver is actually really good for you. My holistic nutritionist has been trying to get me to incorporate organ meats into my daily eats for a couple years now and other than making pate sometimes, I just can’t. It might be more out of laziness more than anything. Earlier this year she told me about these beef liver supplements from VP and how well they could be for my hormonal imbalance and thyroid. I started to take them. They are full of B12 and vitamin A which is great for your mental health and to keep your brain healthy.

+I take them every day.


Okay gonna be honest af right now. While I do make sure I everything else with me at all times from VP this one of those that is more of a making my life easier and tastier type of product. The reason I say this is, I don’t need this collagen creamer, but I do love it. I like that it is the perfect combo of collagen and coconut mil powder, and it is obviously dairy free which is hard to find. Also they don’t add anything weird or funky.

What do I use it in:

+ I add it to my matcha instead of coconut butter

+  I add it to my tea for a creamy cream like option, great in chai

+ I add it to my oatmeal on the go

+ I carry this in my purse to make my life eating out easier.

I really like the vanilla and gingerbread, I haven’t tried the coconut, I’m sure it is just as tasty.


This is the newest addition to the VP family and I am sad to say that it can be my favorite. Not the most used but it probably  has a special place in my heart. They legit combined two of my favorite things, collagen + matcha, You can’t go wrong. I use it to make matcha in the  morning, I used this to make my matcha pudding, I add it to oatmeal and basically cook or bake with it.

I just ordered it a week ago so I’ve only been using it for a week and I have to admit I am kind of obsessed.


You have to options, get it through Amazon or directly from their website (what I would recommend) and I honestly do the Subscribe & Save Option it gives you an awesome 15% off, bringing the price way down + you can choose every month or two or even three which is pretty awesome. I order every month or two depending, if I was home a lot and used it or if I was traveling more. They have a bunch of different other products that I didn’t mention, just because I don’t personally use them on the daily. I have tried the following and I am on board with.

+ Veggie Blend

+Marine Collagen

+ Vanilla Collagen Peptides

+ Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides

+ Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Collagen Peptides

+ Beauty Boost (vegan)

+Spiruina (vegan)

+ Collagen Beauty Greens – my mom uses this every day as does my step dad.


Alright babes, I think I’ve covered just abut everything that I can abut my babes at Vital Proteins + why I use them, love them so much. In case you have any questions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below, shoot me an email or just send me a DM on Instagram. So what are your thoughts on Vital Proteins.? Have you tried any of their products.? 

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  1. Your great pictures are sure making me hungry, and interested in getting to know more about Vital Protein. Like you we are big match lovers in our house, so this is going to be the first one I get. I’ve bookmarked this post (and shared on FB) to come back to after I get a few things to try. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I am so glad you enjoyed reading the post and yead let me know how you like the matcha and collagen from them. It is one of my favorites by far.

    1. OMG it is so good for you, the health benefits are insane plus I have to admit it makes it makes food a bit more fun.

  2. Yes to Health! Organic substances are the best to pick than commercialized products. Certain products provides limited nutritional benefits but with organic products its all compact with all necessary substances our body needs.

  3. You are a very health conscious person. You choose to eat healthy products like Grass Fed Gelatin, Collagen Peptides, Beauty Waters all in the interest of being healthy. I admire your passion and commitment.

    1. Aw thanks 🙂 That means a lot. Yeah I feel like for me my health is a priority and it helps me feel amazing all the time.

  4. My best friend got me hooked on Vital Proteins – it’s definitely been a game changer. I use it in smoothies all the day and love that it doesn’t mess up my stomach.

    1. Oh yayy! Let me know how it goes. I was also now sure and then took the plunge and haven’t been disappointed.

  5. I like adding vital proteins into my smoothies. I’m definitely going to have to try some of your favorite recipes. They look fabulous!

  6. I have been using other brands of collagen, and I love it. I see so many people using vital proteins, but it is either hard to get in Canada or SUPER expensive that I get the cheaper brands. Does the same thing, but would love to try this brand sometime.

  7. Oh wow! This was so educational for me. I have always read about protein powders for their muscle building/recovery aspects, but not for their beauty benefits. I know that collagen is important but I’m happy to know I can purchase it in a powder form for drinks!!!

  8. I have been wanting to add collagen to my routine. I have been hearing so many reviews I will have to check out the Vital Protein product line.

  9. There are so many different Vital Proteins out there. I didn’t realize there were so many and what all of their functions are. I know that proteins are vital for so many different body functions. I will have to do more research on this.

  10. Proteins are just so important!! And I would love to try the following Vanilla Collagen Peptide, Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides, Dark Chocolate & Blackberry Collagen Peptides and Beauty Boost (vegan)

  11. Just discovered your blog from a comment on a different food blog, haha. I’ve been meaning to try this brand for a while now but I just don’t know what to spend my money on first, so this post has been extremely helpful! I will admit that part of me is really attracted to their pretty packaging/branding….

    1. THANKS! Anita. I am so happy I was able to help you out and yeah I know what you mean, I totally get attracted to pretty labels and packaging. I do have to say that VP is awesome.

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