No Sugar Added Stewed Cinnamon Apples

No Sugar Added Stewed Cinnamon Apples are easy to make, filled with adaptogens and warming spices.

No Sugar Added Stewed Cinnamon Apples

I’ve been making these cinnamon stewed apples, all the time now, it is a little bit ridiculous. I mean they are SO easy and SO good, I can’t help myself. The best part is they don’t have any added sugar and make the best topping for just about anything.

I’ve bene cooking up stewed apple for the last couple months, and I literally make a good amount on the weekends and then munch through them throughout the week. I eat them with coconut yogurt, and some other goodies in my fall fat bowls. I like them with pancakes, waffles, on my oats and by themselves. They are SO good and mega easy to make.

I love that you can use the apples of your choice, whatever is in season and somehow create this delicious pot of goodness that will keep you house smelling amazing and you feeling great.

Apples have so many health benefits, they are great for your digestion since they have their own kind of unique fiber content, which is great for improving your digestion and keeping you feeling good. PLUS did you know that studies have shown that apples are associated with reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol.

I like to keep fruit as a topping and not a main, so as I mentioned earlier this is great of ray fat bowls which is essentially, coconut yogurt (tons of healthy fats), ground flaxseeds, some raw nuts and seeds, the apples and a drizzle of some sort of nut butter. I also like to top my paleo waffles or pancakes with these apples instead of syrup or something. It is great on some toasted gluten free bread with almond butter. You wanna listen to your body and see what works for you, for me, pairing a carb like these apples with healthy fats and protein works best for me.

No Sugar Added Stewed Cinnamon Apples

Also with the months getting cooler, I do like to start my mornings with something warm, my body craves. Remember it’s all about what you feel is right.

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No Sugar Added Stewed Cinnamon Apples


4-6 large apples, cored and roughly chopped

2 T of vanilla ghee- I like using the Fourth & Heart Ghee 

2 T of ground cinnamon

1 T of pumpkin pie spice

2 tsp of He Shou Wu – I get mine from Root & Bones 

a pinch of salt

a little bit of black pepper

a couple slightly crushed cardamom pods


In a medium size saucepan, add all the ingredients and enough water that the apples are coerced. I add about 1 -1/2 cups of water. Cook with the lid off on medium low heat for about 15-25 minutes, until they are tender. I like mine with still a shape to them, I don’t want mush mush. Serve warm or at room temperature. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

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  1. Apples are great for the body. I personally love them and use them quite a bit in cooking and baking. I think these stewed apples will be great as you said as a topping. I will be trying these (I also like that if done right they aren’t mushy)

  2. I’m sure this doesn’t just taste amazing but smells amazing as well! It’s definitely worth it and it would be a nice breakfast during the season! I love the combination of flavors!

  3. This looks absolutely delicious and healthy!!! I absolutely love finding delicious recipes like this that are sugar free because I’m a type 2 diabetic.

    1. They are SO good and you wouldn’t believe they have no sugar. SO glad you found the recipe 🙂 Let me know how you like them.

  4. I have never made stewed apples before because I get scared that I will mess them up because a friend once made them and they were not so great. This is a new challenge that I am putting myself up for and will tag you on insta once done

    1. You should try them out, they are so simple and taste amazing. If you like things a bit sweeter add a tablespoon of maple syrup at the end.

  5. I love making baked apples with cinnamon but I have never stewed them. Definitely something I will need to do. Pumpkin spice would be a great addition. but I have no idea what He Shou Wu and I will have to find out!

  6. Oh, YUM!!! This looks like such a great treat for the morning. I love that it is sugar free too 🙂

  7. I love apples like this! Especially over my oatmeal. I need to give this a try, never did it before without sugar!

  8. These look wonderful and I love that they don’t have any sugar added! There are not many yummy recipes anymore without something sweet added. These would be excellent for my entire family!

  9. That looks so delicious and tempting! I love cinnamon because of its nutritional value. So with the apple flavor added it makes me want to try this recipe more. Yum!

  10. I showed the pics to my 7 year old and he darn near started drooling. He loves a good bowl of oats and with these on top he’d probably eat two bowls more than usual

  11. I had no idea they made Vanilla Ghee. I definitely need to try some. I’ve used regular ghee and it just makes every recipe taste incredible. I love stewed apples but have never thought about using pumpkin pie spice in them so i can’t wait to give this a try.

  12. Deliciousness!! I am seriously drooling. Beautiful and simple way of making & I am super thankful to you, Andrea, for sharing this 🙂 I read two words: apple & cinnamon and I’m in, girl 😀 xox

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