Cold Brew Hibiscus Ginger Iced Tea recipe is made out of real ingredients plus it’s refined sugar free. 

hibiscus ginger iced tea-FOLLOW OUR PASSION

Hey buggies. I have a serious question to ask you all. WHAT TEAM!?…. I’m pretty sure you all what team I stand behind 100%…. If you don’t then here’s a little clue.

My heart belongs to Cambridge, Ma. I’m a huge New England girl at heart. Which means I’m a TOTAL PATS FAN. And HELL yeah I knew my babies were gonna make it, again.

I actually went to a game with JC when I lived in Cambridge it was awesomeeeeeeee. It snowed, I had blast and we kicked the fins as$ which was a plus. Hehehe.

Although I totally wish I was in Houston for this game. I’m not. Sadly I’ll be moving next week. Yes. Next week. It is finally here. So. I’m actually gonna be spending the Super Bowl this year in my new apartment in Albuquerque. YAYY.

To celebrate I’m throwing a fun parrtyyyyy. I might be the only one there other than Mr.Puss since I don’t know anyone is Albuquerque yet. Unless you all wanna stop by.

For this party I wanna keep my food simple, clean and delicious. Oh and easy to snack on while the game is on.

I’m serving up this fresh, slightly fruity iced tea that is so good. Best part is you can make it a few days in advance and you’re good to go for the game. I put the hibiscus flowers, the dried kind in ginger water overnight until the flowers bleed and the water turns into this gorgeous red. I personally don’t like to sweeten it, I like the balance of the floral, fruity almost sweet flavor with a little bite from the ginger and some tang from the lime. My family likes it sweetened so this version is actually sweetened with raw local honey, if you wanna keep it vegan you can use agave, or play it like me and leave it without any sweetener.

Cold brew hibiscus ginger iced tea is a total game changer. I think the bitterness that sometimes we get when we steep tea is completely removed here.

Plus, you can totally do what I do and just continue to add more water with time. I leave the hibiscus flowers in there and then just pour more ginger water to make more. I literally do this at the beginning of the week. Then I always have some on hand.

I am so excited to be serving this at my Super Bowl party YAYYY!.

What are you guys serving at your Super Bowl party? Are you hosting one or attending a friends?

Okay bugs. Have a good week.

Refreshing, tart and unbelievably good.

hibiscus ginger iced tea-FOLLOW OUR PASSION


1/2 cup of dried hibiscus flowers, see note
5 cups of water
2 inches of ginger, peeled and sliced
1/4 cup of honey, more or less to desired sweetness
1/4 cup of fresh lime juice
lime wedges to serve, optional


In a large pot add the 5 cups of water and ginger, bring up to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 4 minutes. Turn off heat and let cool completely. Remove the ginger and discard.
Place the hibiscus in a large jar or pitcher. Add the cooled ginger water. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours.
In a small bowl combine the honey and lime juice until the honey dissolves.
Pour into the hibiscus ice tea mixture, add the lime slices if using. Serve over ice if desired.


you can find dried hibiscus flowers at your local Latin market, I’ve also seen at Asian markets and my local Whole Foods in the States.

Did you babes make this beautiful in hue drink? If you did, drop a comment or tag #followourpassionstyle on Instagram.

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