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Following The Sherpa Power Vibe-Follow Our Passion


Ever since I can remember the human mind, the way works and the connection between our mind, body and spirit has intrigued me. I think that’s why when I first started learning about Ayurveda, I fell head first.

Earlier this year, I went through a very traumatic experience, I felt like the universe has betrayed and was punishing me. I honestly believe everything happens for a reason.

I found a book that forever changed my life and brought back light into my gloomy world.

Tending The Heart Fire by Shiva Rae.

This book ultimate inspired me when I was in very dark point in my life and I started reading more about Ayurveda.

It focuses so much on the connection between body and mind.

Feeding your doshas in a more holistic way, to achieve a more balanced state.

Really listening to your body and being more in tune with yourself.

It’s very similar to functional medicine which plays a very large role in my life after being on the traditional medicated path for so long.

While I won’t sit here and type out that I practice a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle because again it’s labeling and I try to live a label free lifestyle. This kind of thinking works best for me since I tend to get a little OCD about things I am passionate about.

I have incorporated a lot of Ayurvedic rituals into my lifestyle which have helped me with balance and finding that connection I seek so much.

I started doing yoga earlier this year, after reading about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, the way I viewed yoga transformed into something els. It wasn’t a way to lose weight, or to stay active, it was a way to find a deeper meaning within myself and the community.  Not only that but this new vision towards life helped me a lot with my body image issues and my road to recovery towards food.

Following The Sherpa Power Vibe-Follow Our Passion


It turns out I’m a pitta dosha with some vata.


Yeah me neither, totally saw that coming.

I started incorporating  a lot of Ayurvedic rituals into my daily routines, from practicing yoga before sunrise and eating more in tuned with nature.

It keeps me calm and relaxed during the day.

I tend to be very hyper, yeah I am admitting I am SUPER hyper so it helps me set a calmer tone for the rest of the day.

I’ve also incorporated a lot of herbs into my diet like ashawagnda, brahmi and different spices like turmeric, cardamom, paprika.

Sleep is highly valued in Ayurveda and since adopting a lot of the Ayurvedic rituals my sleep has improved. As you babes know, I suffer from hard-core insomnia.

I also, used to be really into high intensity exercise and have started to let go of that and really mellow out, focusing on slowing it down with yoga and just moving more versus exercising.

Incorporating all of these different rituals, because they are. Ayurveda focuses a lot on things being rituals rather than task, has helped me so much being in tune with my body and mind.

Which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding companies that are totally in sync with my thought process and views regarding life in general.

I first tried Sherpa Power earlier this year and FELL in love with their power teas.

Going back to the connection.

Do you ever feel like you talk to someone you don’t know but somehow feel like you’ve known them for ever?

Yeah that was me with Anna from Sherpa Power and it really reemphasized all the things I was learning about connection and just how things fit in together.

I’m all about the holistic approach/wellness attitude and Sherpa Power is on the same vibe as me.

They make POWER teas that are sweetened with yacon syrup which BTW I am obsessed with cause it’s low glycemic. The POWER comes from Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha and amla.

My favorite flavor hands down is the mango black tea, totally reminds me of Panama and the tropical air I miss at times.

I also really really like the peach ginger and tend to put it in a glass container and stick it in the freezer to make granita. PERFECT for the summer. CAUSE it is HOTTTT.!

The best part of it all is they really have the earth in mind and focuses so much on the transformation of farming and food and how it can improve the quality of life. They work with farmers in rural areas and honestly makes me feel like there are still companies out there that are more than just a money bank.

Learn more about Sherpa Power’s vision hereeee.

I am so excited to start this beautiful journey


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xx Dreaaaa.

Following The Sherpa Power Vibe-Follow Our Passion

Thank you Sherpa Power for sponsoring this post, I love working with companies that share the same values that Follow Our Passion does! 

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  1. This looks like a wonderful drink, full of all the good things ayurveda has to offer. It is indeed always a good thing when you come across brands that provide just what you need!

  2. I’m glad you have found a product that is in line with your new way of living and being. The Pomegranate looks interesting and if I find them locally, I might try one. 🙂

  3. My husband is always drinking teas and loves finding new ones. I need to get him a few of these to try out 🙂

  4. I have see this drink around and have always wondered about it. Yoga has been a huge help in find who I am on the inside. Sure it’s a great workout but it’s not really about working out for me. It’s more for my mental state. Definitely checking out the book!

  5. It is great when you can find something may it be religion, exercise, karate or any spiritually uplifting life fulfillment. i think you have found that with ayurveda and that is so important.

  6. I’m not drinking tea but this looks great! Healthy and delicious drinks are the best. I’ll surely recommend this to my friends who are also tea-lovers

  7. This looks delicious and the flavours are perfect! It’s definitely great to drink on the go, I’d drop this into my tote and carry it with me everywhere!

  8. In the past year or so I’ve become more interested in different herbs/spices and how they not only make my food taste good but also provide health benefits. I use tumeric all the time now because of it.

  9. I’ve never seen or heard of these, but now I’m totally interested! I want to try one out, sounds super yummy and full of good stuff. I get so bored with just water and I try to stay away from soda.

  10. I love that you are taking a more natural approach to dealing with your hormonal imbalance. That is great! I think it is much better than, as you say, having a doctor shove pills at you,

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