What I’m Loving Lately 11.17.17

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Hi my beauties! Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are in November already and that next week it’s Thanksgiving.  This is unreal. I feel like with a blink of an eye, I was wishing it was November and now it’s here. Weird. Huh.? I am currently laying in bed, finishing this post and sipping on some mint tea. I have started this new thing, where I leave my bedroom windows slightly open, so I legit feel like I am camping it the comfort of my own home aka bed. I love the cold air, and I feel like an AC cannot mimic that feeling. So as soon as the temperature drop, I open my windows (no worries there are screens) and enjoy the crisp air. My mom would get so mad when I lived in Boston and would do this in the winter. Oh I have the Adams family themed song on Spotify. I know. Weird.

Any who. The tea + the chill air, is my kind of morning. Loving this SO much right now.

I kind of don’t wanna get out of bed.

After this finishing this off, totally going, to make matcha and then go to the gym.

Okay. Let’s jump in to what I am loving lately.

Cause this one is a WINNER

I should call it what I’m loving lately in the food department.

Vegan Rob’s // I am SUCH a huge snackers. Not gonna lie. I mean, I snack BIG time. It doesn’t meant that I lower my standards when it comes to snacks. I still v much follow the diary free, gluten free motto. I love having snacks around that are v tasty and good for you. While I am not vegan myself, I do have a lot of vegan snacks and just random recipes because it’s easy when your lactose interplant to just go the vegan route. Vegan Rob’s is making all these really strange chips but they are ridiculously good. I mean spinach and matcha..? That’s basically me in a chip form. Haha. Then shroomy girl in me was kind of in awe that they had a mushroom chip. I mean I was like what, where have I been. I feel like Vegan Rob’s has created  my ultimate chip brand, if that makes sense. I’ve been obsessing over all of them, the only ones I haven’t tried are chickpeas because as you know, I do try to stay away from beans. They make me feel a bit off.

What I'm Loving Lately 11.17.17

Explore Cuisine // I am always looking for new gluten free pasta brands, that are high in fiber and plant based protein. I still like to do a few meatless recipes throughout the week, just to switch things up. I feel like this kind of eating really works well with my digestion and mood.  I have been loving Explore Cuisines pastas. Their Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine is crazy good, and makes the perfect base for a light pasta recipe. I like adding their small pasta into veggie soups especially during the colder months. I recently had my mom and her husband over and they are both vegan and they both LOVED the Mung Bean Fettuccine. This is such a great pasta brand for vegans, vegetarians and just anybody that wants to get more plant based goodness into their lives.

Immune’Age // This stuff is powered gold. Kidding, its actually a fermented papaya supplement that is amazing for your immune system. I love that it says one pack a day can increase you energy levels, boost your immune system and so much more. They sell them in either month (vitality), three months (tranquility), six months (placidity) and 12 months (serenity). It’s perfect right now with the temperatures changing and seriously its been kicking the cold I seem to wanna catch totally in the butt. I take mine every morning before I hit the gym. It should be taken on an empty stomach. SO it totally depends, at the moment I am taking this every day in the morning to keep away the seasonal cold, we can sometimes get. My friend who is gonna be visiting now from Panama in two weeks, is also gonna be taking them, just because I don’t want her to get sick while she’s here. You guys can totally learn more here.



Alright babes there you have it, what I’m totally loving at the moment! What are you loving right now, any chips or supplements? Let me know!

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