Tea Time with Nutritional Health Counselor Sara Siskind

Stay Health This Holiday Season with Some Awesome Tips from Health Counselor Sara Siskind. 

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful December, with the holidays right around the corner I know first hand how difficult it can be to stay healthy and with just a healthy mindset during the holiday season. I decided to invite the lovely Sara Siskind to help us with the holiday season and just keep us feeling great and stress free. Sara was kind enough to share some tips with us on how to reduce and prevent anxiety which is perfect for me and also decided to join us virtually for tea. It brings me great joy to present the very honest, and real, certified nutritional health counselor Sara Siskind.


+Load up on antioxidants, antioxidants are great from helping you with your skin, immune system to even inflammation. Try sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, avocado and nuts.

+Drink tons of purified water, staying hydrated is essential for a healthy mind, body and soul. Sara’s tip keep a pitcher of lemon water near you or your desk.

+Eat foods that are rich in magnesium, magnesium is the relaxing supplement of the food and supplement world. I talk more abut it on mood + food. Sara’s tip try pistachios which contain enough in 1/2 a cup.

+Stay active every day, it is so important and totally helps with your mood and more.

+Eat small meals throughout the day. Sara’s tip is to eat every 2-3 hours a small meal in a 12 hour period, to help with keeping your sugar levels balanced. I really agree with this type of eating.

+Include a variety of foods in your meals, include healthy fats, protein, complex carbs and more.



Sara Siskind

You wake up, what is the first thing you do? I drink a large glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

WHATTT. Twins. I start my day the same way. Game changing. 

What is the one thing always on your shopping list? Vegetables.  I always make sure I have fresh vegetables that my kids and I like on hand.  Some include leafy greens, cucumber, carrots and red pepper.  We love to eat them raw so no need for cooking and cleaning pots and pans.

I agree, having fresh veggies is also really important to me. 

Your go to breakfast? A green smoothie with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, large handful of baby spinach, half a frozen banana or 1 cup of frozen berries and 1 heaping teaspoon of nut butter.

RIGHT..? Aren’t smoothies the best. 

What is a great way to boost your mood, when feeling down? Exercise!  I find exercising with a group of people not only mood boosting, but there is accountability built in.  My “workout” friends and I look out for each other and encourage each other to show up.  We never leave in a bad mood.

I agree, it really does help with a bad mood. I love going either on a hike or to the gym to destress and just relax. 

I totally agree with you these “diets” that are popping in and out of the wellness scene really do take out major food groups that are nourishing to both our mind and body. Which is why I focus on whole foods that are unprocessed on my day to day. Could you share with us a little more about your “toss it in”, approach? I love teaching my clients to feel comfortable in the kitchen by tossing in different whole foods into their dishes.  When your kitchen is properly stocked, you can whip up a quick nutritious dish in no time.  Problems arise when you get so caught up in recipe details and if you are missing one or two ingredients on the list, you opt out instead of improvising.  This leads to sabotaging your good intentions of eating a natural wholesome meal.  For example, quinoa is an easy dish to turn into a meal.  If you have on hand any vegetable you like such as cucumber, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and vegan protein like Setton Farms Pistachios or avocado for healthy fats and added fiber you can easily turn quinoa into a complete meal of healthy carb, protein and fiber.

 After a busy day what do you do to unwind? I love to take a warm shower in the evening and read a good book.  It relaxes my body and keeps me off my phone, which has become at times a 24-hour office that is hard to escape.

I get what you are saying about the phone becoming a 24 hour office. I feel like that way too often and have to remind myself to put it away. 

What lead you to go into the nutritional health field? After giving birth to my fourth child, I felt something compelling me to learn more about good health, nutrition, and a balanced life.  I was always interested in eating well and thought I was doing it right until it came to feeding my kids. I was always looking at calories and not paying attention to the nutrition food was giving me. I was becoming kind of obsessed with what my kids were eating and their habits.  Going into the health field has given me a new outlook on diet, lifestyle and how important finding balance and happiness is to your health.

I love that, yeah I totally understand the obsessive calorie counting ways and how unhealthy that can be. Food is healing and nourishing. SO important. 

Alright  my friends, there you have it an inside look to how a nutritional health expert stays healthy during the holidays, how she started her days and so much more. 

What are some tips you use to stay health during the holiday season.?


 Tea Time with Nutritional Health Counselor Sara Siskind

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  1. I love so much about this article! Healthy foods are life-giving and essential for anyone who wants to live a healthy life. Food is medicine. These are great tips! I try to do many of these things, but need to work on some others.

  2. This was such a fun and informative little chat about healthy food and nutrition! I love reading what health experts/nutritionists/trainers buy at the grocery store and eat as it gives me inspiration and ideas for how I can be eating better myself!

  3. It’s always fun to learn how a nutritionist stays healthy. The holidays for me are always a time when I overindulge lol I need to change that.

    1. I agree, I totally think it is better to think of food is moderation instead of taking out and going into this weird diets.

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