The Follow Our Passion Book Club- September Edition

Hi lovelies! I am beyond excited to bring into FOP land, my version of book club. I love to read, it’s one of my personal passions and can spend the entire afternoon getting lost in a book.

The Follow Our Passion Book Club- September Edition

I’ve been thinking of doing a book club for sometime now, especially with all the wonderful books I am always reading. I get asked by so many of you, what I’m reading at the moment, that the perfect way to show you all what I have on my book list is through book club.

Making time to read is really important to me and added so much to my life. It helps me disconnect from the tech world, as a blogger I am constantly on social media and my computer. Sometimes it’s nice to just cuddle on my couch, Mr.Puss next to me and a good book in hand. I’m also really big on reading before bed, that way I stay away from electronics that can potentially affect my sleep. I read for inspiration when writing a post, I’ll read when I take a long relaxing bubble bath. Oh and rainy days are meant for reading and baking.

I would also very much love if you share what you’re reading, comment below on the post and use the new hashtag #FOPbookclub and #followourpassionstyle

FOP Book Club: September 

Holding The Net // Melanie P. Merriman

I initially picked this book because Melanie shares her journey of taking care of her again mother, all the struggles she went through and how she dealt with it all.  Last month I told my mom that my 80 something year old grandpa could say with me for the next eight months. While at times I want to lock him in the closet because he forgets everything, this book has taught me so much about patience and given me another source of inspiration. My grandpa is at that stage where he denies he is aging and needs help but it is clearly written all over the place. While his sense of humor has not been lost, his memory and just ability to do certain things have. Reading Melanie’s book taught me more than I could ever express and answered a lot of the questions I was too scared to ask out loud. Thank you Melanie for writing such an incredible book and helping me deal with this crucial moment in life.

The Cultured Cook // Michelle Schoffro

This is more of a cookbook that focuses on fermented foods, which is really important for a healthy gut bacteria, balanced mood and more. I honestly don’t know how to make a lot of fermented foods and this book has taught me tons. My favorite recipe for sure has been the cultured coconut cream.

It is SO easy to make, only two ingredients and in less than a 48 hours you have something unbelievable good.

I’ve been experimenting with the cultured ice cream made of cashews and homemade almond milk. SO good.

Stay tuned babes, cause Michelle has inspired a lot of the recipes to come!

The Follow Our Passion Book Club- September Edition

7 Keys to Serenity// Serge Mazerand

Serge is a world famous composer and pianist and he came out with this book and honestly he’s taking everything he’s learned and implemented it into words. As someone who suffers from anxiety and just focusing on the now and not the future it was a great book to read. I finished this book in an afternoon. I couldn’t put it down. I was taking a bath and literally stayed in there until I finished the book, the water was cold by then, but this book is so beautifully written and Serge has an incredible way with words that just give you this inner peace. I started in the morning reading the quotes that he shares as part of my morning meditation. GAME changer. His words have played such a huge role in my inner self care routine.

The Matachines Dance // Sylvia Rodriguez

I am fascinated by the Native American history and culture. I actually was given this book by someone when I was in Santa Fe earlier this month. This particular book focuses on the rituals that the pueblos hold. I’ve been wanting to go to one of their ceremonies, I just haven’t had the time yet. Living in New Mexico has given me the opportunity to connect a little more on a deeper level with this rich culture. The dances tell stories and they kind of unwind into something personal. I feel this strange, inviting connection. There’s something spiritual about this book.

The Follow Our Passion Book Club- September Edition

There you go, babes! A list of what I read this September. Stay tuned, I will continue to share my favorite reads of the month with you all. As I mentioned about, use the hashtags #FOPbookclub and #followourpassionstyle to join the book club, share your favorite reads. I love hearing your thoughts on everything and learning more about you all! Xo, Andrea and Mr. Puss

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  1. I love to read romance novels and as of late I haven’t done so. I definitely understand your passion for reading.

  2. I am so bad at reading books but always looking for a way to disconnect from the internet but working 9-5 then blogging afterwards I am always online.
    You read some really lovely books in September

  3. It sounds like you have read some amazing books with your book club in September, I have to admit I’ve not heard of any of them so I will have to look into them some more.

  4. I love reading! These sound like some really good ones that I need to check out! Thank you for sharing such great insight on them. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what types of recipes are in the Cultured Cook!

  5. I would love to join a book club. I have always enjoyed escaping into a good book. It is a great way for me to relax.

  6. I haven’t touched a book in years (except for my kid’s textbooks lol). One day I might actually join a book club. Who know!

  7. I belong to two book clubs and love the idea of an online club. Thanks for including my memoir, Holding the Net: Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of Aging in your September reading. I’m so glad it is helping you with your grandfather–he is lucky to have you! Your readers can find the book at any bookstore or online seller (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and can read more about me and the book at my website– Happy reading!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Melanie. Your book has been such an aid during this rocky times for me and I have to say you have a way with words. Have a beautiful day!

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