The Right Balance: Feeding Your Emotional Pet

The Right Balance: Feeding Your Emotional Pet: Drake The Best Emotional Support Animal I Could Ask For

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It’s a running joke in my family and my close friends that my cat is actually in charge and not me. When I have friends that come over they have to say hi to Drake and let him know that they are around visiting him so that his feelings aren’t hurt.

I kid you not, this cat literally will pee on peoples shoes if you don’t acknowledge him. I know. Not only that but the little furball thinks he’s the lion king because my mom calls him that and is really picky. And when I say really, I mean he doesn’t like cat toys and if the cat food isn’t to his liking, the cat won’t touch his food.

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As a lot of you know, Drake is my emotional pet and is my constant shadow, he really is a huge part of my support system when it comes to managing my bipolar disorder.

When I can’t sleep his purring changes and helps me relax and wind down. When I am anxious he can sense it and will literally cry until I pick him up and somehow at the moment I am holding him, he finds a way to soothe me.

Just like he has my best interest at heart ALL the time, I love doing the same for him. I have to say that for a cat, he is pretty vocal and will meow when something isn’t to his liking, but at the end of the day, I am his outer voice. The one that fends for him, so to speak, just like he does for me. Which is why I love serving him Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Cat Food.

KEEP YOUR CAT HEALTHY AND HAPPY: Choosing the right food for your emotional pet


Drake is very much the cuddle bug and wakes me up in the mornings so that I go with him into the kitchen and make my latte while he eats his Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Chicken and Rice Formula. I love that it is for cats that are 7+ which is important to me that I am not just giving him any cat foot but something that is more suitable for him and that he really enjoys.

My type A personality really comes out and loves research and data and the fact that Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus is backed by a 9-year study really lets me know they are doing their part to really ensure that Drake and cats, in general, are getting the nutrients they need and also eating a balanced diet.  Their proprietary blend has been proven to extend the life of cats 7 and older – the research based on cats that were fed an exclusive complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone.

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I love shopping at PetSmart and to be honest I really appreciate how much they really care. I went through a phase with Drake where I couldn’t get him to eat, this is when we moved to Boston, again when we moved to New Mexico and the same thing happened when we moved to Denver earlier this year. I think that change affects him just like it affects us and his palate is where it gets really tricky. I would literally go to PetSmart get him a bag of food and the cat would not eat it, so I had to run back to PetSmart and try with a new flavor. This literally went one for three days and the fact that PetSmart gave me store credit really makes a difference to me and truly shows how much they are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.


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Without Drake, my emotional support animal I wouldn’t be where I am today, the least I can do for him is make sure he lives his happiest most balanced life. I am beyond grateful for PetSmart and Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Cat Food, Drake is nourished, strong and ever so happy- and so am I!

It’s been such an amazing adventure watching him not only grow from a kitten to now a 9-year-old cat but also seeing his personality change. I truly find it a gift that we found each other. Drop a comment below and share with me how you keep your emotional pet balanced and be sure to check out Purina Pro Plan at PetSmart! I’m sure your emotional cat or pet will love Purina Pro Plan just like Drake does!

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