What I’m Loving Lately 10.30.17

What I'm Loving Lately 10.27.17-Follow Our Passion

Hi my beauties, welcome to today’s Loving Lately! First of all I wanna take the time to thank all of you for checking up on  me this week, with the weird cold it seems I want to get. FEEELING great at the moment. Between all the chlorella water, and healthy foods, tons of greens and bone broth. I am kicking this cold on the butt.

Now, let’s get to it. Loving lately.

WE have so much to catch up on babes, from the wonderful hike I took this weekend, to how I keep the changes in season from getting me down, all the wonderful new supplements I’ve been incorporating into my life, my recent new moon ceremony, and soooo much more.

So! Let’s get started.

+ vitamin packs // as you babes know I am such a big believer that supplements + vitamins are an important part in keeping my mood balanced. A few months ago Vitamin Packs contacted me and I was really excited to give them a try. If you keep up with my stories on Instagram then you know I take them EVERYDAY.! What I love most about the concept was that they come in individual packs, so you don’t have to worry about buying a BUNCH of different vitamins and supplements. I also like that when you sign up you take a questioner which helps them decide which supplements and vitamins they should include in your pack. It’s a monthly subscription program so you guys don’t have to worry about keeping up with how many you have left and so for. My personalized pack has calcium with magnesium, omega -3, turmeric, VP multivitamin, vitamin d, selenium, enzyme complex, and peppermint oil. It’s divided into my a.m. pack and p.m. and it it about $60.00 a month. It really depends what your pack has, my mom just joined Vitamin Pack and hers is abut $40.00 a month. Which is pretty cool. I mean buy three supplements and you already spend abut $60.00. I feel like it is something less I can worry about since I just grab the packet and hit the road. Babes if you are in the hunt for a good quality supplement guide this is for YOU!.

What I'm Loving Lately 10.27.17-Follow Our Passion

snaplaces// I try to hike as much as I can, and try to go every weekend. I walk every day around my neighbor but there is something about being right there with nature, breathing in the mountain air, that is just relaxing. The last thing I want to think about when I am on my hike is if my shoe laces come undone. I don’t know why I have so much bad luck with shoe laces. When I was in NY last month, my friend was making fun of me the entire time. My laces would come undone all the time and it is a pain having to stop to retie them or in my case fall cause you trip on them. That is where snaplaces come in handy. They take care of it all for you and they come in these awesome colors. Like the grey ones here I used with my orange sneakers this past weekend.

What I'm Loving Lately 10.27.17-Follow Our Passion

activated charcoal// I have been using activated charcoal as a way to whiten my teeth naturally for about a year now. I recently discovered this AWESOME book Activated Charcoal for Health and it was love at first read. Mainly because I am always looking for new holistic ways to care for myself. I knew that activated charcoal was great for your teeth, face mask, I had no idea though it has so many health benefits. It is antiviral, antibacterial, helping with bad breath, weird body odor and even great with disinfecting wounds. So I started to mix activated charcoal and aloe and apply it on my armpits. As you know all natural deodorant can cause a little sensitivity on your pits and also sometime a little rash. BABES. Game changing stuff right here. OBSESSED. I truly recommend checking this book out.

new moon ceremony // if you babes keep up with my Instagram stories then you saw a little of the new moon ceremony I held a couple weeks ago.  I really focused on the new moon libra, as a way of letting go, connecting with myself on a deeper lever. I did a manifestation and I honestly believe that when we are asking for things that fill us up and not feed our ego they do end up happing. As you guys know I went to Denver in August and fell in love. What I didn’t share with all of you was that I had a vision of me living there. I saw the house, the two adopted kids (which I’ve always wanted to adopt), my husband and I was sitting in our library, writing a book. I was running with my mom around Capital Hill Park and it was such a clear vision. I later made a vision board on the past new moon and focused a lot on what the vision meant, and what would make me ultimately happy. On this past new moon I looked a lot at what I had created with my vision board and then thought about what it was that I wanted and wrote them all in my manifestation journal. I cleansed the area before, lit candles, did a small meditation and just took sometime to connect with spiritual side. Since then I have been a lot more at peace and calm with what the future holds.

seasonal cold natural remedies// when I left the medication traditional path, I started to really pay attention to how our bodies react to certain foods and situations. I am a full on believer that food heals and that if you’re feeling a bit off pay attention to what you are eating. Last week I felt like I was gonna get sick and I woke up Friday not feeling my best. I immediately started drinking chlorella water, eating tons of greens, laying off caffeine which is why I have been on the turmeric latte bubble. I have also been drinking bone broth and tons go ginger tea. It’s also important to listen to your body and what it wants. If it craves that you sleep in, then sleep in. If it wants a warm bath, then go for it. Listen to your body, it really does talk to you.

chlorella water recipe

1 T of chlorella powder – I buy mine at Sun Potion

4 cups of water

some lemon juice

and if you want go for a little apple cider vinegar, like a shot.

Alright so there we have it, babes! Check out VITAMIN PACK, their personalized plans are awesome, my newest hike hack of snaplaces and more.!

What I'm Loving Lately 10.27.17-Follow Our Passion

What are you loving lately? I’d love for you to share! X

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Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. These are all awesome things to love. My son has been researching about our bodies and how what we eat can affect them. Vitamin Packs is something I will have to share with him. I am loving being with family planning our family Christmas party this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the information.

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