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Oh yeahhhh. I am totally wired at the moment! It might be the coffee, it might be because I am super exited at the moment.  While I normally stick away from coffee I honestly make that exception when I come to my favorite coffee shop here in abq called Zendo. It’s a super artsy, laid back, art and coffee lounge that I LOVEEEEE coming to and while everything is amazing their spicy aztec coffee is UNREAL. If you babes following me on Instagram and watch myself stories than you’ve seen me share all types of videos when I’m here.. MAINLY cause this place is awesomeeeeeee and everyone here is so nice.

NOW, let’s chit chat about my newest addiction puritii water bottles. 

Bugs. This water bottle is where it is at.

First of all I love water bottles and you might know by now my obsession with them. I easily have a cabinet dedicated to my water bottle collection.

Secondly, this ONE here has it’s own filter.

I KNOW right.?! 

How crazy cool is that..? I know the price is a little steep for a water bottle, this is TOTALLY worth the splurge. I mean your investing in your health. The cool thing is, you can literally fill it up anywhere and everywhere and they are perfect when you are traveling.

I’m heading to NY in a couple weeks and will be taking mine with me. That way I can take it empty or full and basically fill it up with any tap water and don’t have to worry about that because my water bottle filters my water clean. OH YEAHHH!

The water bottle is plastic and of course BPA, BPS and other bisphenol free along with EA free.

WHICH is a must for me. You know I ditched plastics and will make the exception as long as they follow the rule above.


Clean water is one of the most important things out there, it can really endanger your health and honestly is so worth that extra cost.

I am not a fan of buying water bottles when I go out and can say that I drink lot of water and end up running out when I am running around. Then I get all weird about filling up my water bottle, now I can literally drink water anywhere and even when I go out to eat I ask the waiter to fill up my water bottle. It gives me the peace of mind and also I don’t feel weird about asking them if their water is filtered and so on.

I was on so many meds before that my taste buds are a little sensitive and honestly when I drink water it can have a weird after taste. So I always filter and re filter my water. My entire family makes fun of me. Ever since I started using Puritii I haven’t had any issues and literally just filter it through there.

It’s super easy, you order your water bottle and filter separately and then wash your water bottle then introduce the filter into the straw. Fill away and wait 30 minute the first time you use it. THAT is it babes you are all set.

They recommend that you should replace it every couple months.

No more buying bottled water. No more drinking tap water when out.

I am letting you all in, this is my newest wellness hack and I am obsessed!

We can all incorporate this awesome new hack into our lives and basically chill out when it comes to clean water safety.

Any thoughts on drinking out of the Puritii water bottle and filter combo??! Share your thoughts below. 


PS- Puritii was awesome and nice enough to send me one to try out! All opinions are my own, thank you so much for making Follow Our Passion possible. 

Andrea Broom

Hi! I'm Andrea. A girl who loves her chocolate as much as her greens.

  1. I know what you mean about water and that funny after taste! Might have to invest in one of these, although I’m sure my partner will think I’m crazy haha. thanks! great post

    1. RIGHT…I totally thought I was the only one with the weird after taste. This water bottle filter combo has been life changing.

  2. That’s super awesome! You never know how clean or dirty the water they serve you outside is, so it’s great to have a water bottle like this that can filter any type of water! It is really a wellness hack as you said 🙂

  3. What a great reminder to buy a reusable water bottle to be more environmentally friendly. Here at home we drink so much water every day, so the Puritii would be so helpful. It would definitely get a lot of use over here. Thanks so much for sharing your choice of water bottle.

  4. This water bottle has a wow factor really. Indeed we need clean water as it is one of the most important drink that our body needs. It is okay to buy a pricey item as long as the quality is worth it.

  5. Being in the Southeast Asia where drinking water is an issue, this will be the best thing to have. I think I know what to give as a gift for my close friends now.

  6. I have a tough time drinking a ton of water. When I do drink it, it has to be super cold and it needs to taste great. I really should give this water bottle a chance too bad it’s not insulated like my tumbler.

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