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Herbal teas are such an easy and great way to increase your fluid intake when you are sick, sneak some health nutrients and also taste really great. If you aren’t a herbal tea drinker, here are some fun and delicious combinations to help you ease your way into the herbal world. There are hundreds of different teas out there and as an avid herbal tea drinker there is more to them than just a way to get something warm in your daily routine. There are also tons of health benefits in herbal teas.



The cool thing about herbal tea is that they are caffeine free and a great way to consume something warm during the winter months that doesn’t trigger anything. Fun fact: herbal tea isn’t really made from tea (which is a specific kind of plant), herbal tea is a mixture of leaves, seeds, roots or bark that are steeped in hot water. A great way to get all of the plants many health benefits. When it comes to my tea, I rather shell out the extra bucks and buy organic, great quality tea. If you are looking for their incredible healing properties stay clear of any tea brands that add “natural flavors” essential oils or weird additives.


Not only is it a great way to soothe your digestion track, it is also good at helping with nausea, indigestion and headaches. Peppermint tea can read help with heartburn and so much more. I love drinking peppermint tea after every meal to help with digestion. I have a small mint plant and make tea with fresh mint.


Unlike peppermint, ginger is actually a root based “tea” and is also a great digestive aid. It is also really good for vomiting, upset stomach and motion sickness. It is also good a decongestion your nose. I make ginger tea by either grating ginger and simmering it on the stove for anywhere from 8-15 minutes, depending on how spicy you want it. It is a great germ fighting tea.


Not only is chamomile a good source of magnesium which is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. It is great to drink during stressful times and is also really good when you have an upset stomach. It also has a calming and sedative effect which helps with insomnia.


Growing up in Panama my mom always had a lemon balm plant around the house. It is great to help boost your mood and helps a lot with concentration. It is also really good at preventing nightmares, my mom would give this to my brother and me, when we were young. It taste great warm, my favorite is to make it iced during the summer with tons of fresh mint, lemon and a tiny bit of honey to sweeten.


I started drinking rosehip tea because it is literally one of the best sources of vitamin c in plant form. It is so good for your immune system and adrenal function. I drink a ton of this during the winter months and anytime the season change to keep my immune system up.

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Did you know that they had so many health benefits.? What are some of your favorite herbal teas? Drop a comment below and let me know.! 

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