The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar)

The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar) that are made with coconut oil, vanilla ghee, cashew butter and real ingredients are going to blow your mind.

The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar)

I know that the holidays are coming up and we are all going to turn into cookie monsters, and I for one totally agree. Just because I turn into a cookie monster doesn’t mean I have to throw away all my thoughts on food and how I eat. I actually created – I can’t believe these cookies are paleo + low in sugar- cause they basically taste WAY too good for them to be. I mean these cookies are soft, thick and basically everything a cookie should be.

I make them extra special by adding one of my favorite adaptogens ever reishi and hella ton of cinnamon + my little gift to you all a cookie recipe that smells amazing without baking them. I mean you do have to bake them, but once you start mixing this up, well you will totally understand why I am obsessed. I made these cookies for the first time about two weeks ago and have made them since about four or five times. They are that good and they are gonna be made on Christmas with my little brother who is visiting from collage and again on New Years. Cause hello what is New Years without cookies. I don’t know.

The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar)

Snickerdoodles are probably one of my favorite holiday cookies and if I am saying these cookies are too good for words then I am basically saying these cookies are legit. It still has the same buttery, soft texture you have from the non paleo regular full of sugar ones.

I’ll let you babes be the judge, but I think I made out alright.

These grain free snickerdoodle are soft, chewy and thick, the perfect cookie in any way shape or form. Only that they aren’t made with refined sugar or butter. Crazy, right.? Nope not really, just taste them and see what I mean.

The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar)


1.5 cups of fine almond flour

1/4 cup of tapioca starch

1/4 cup of coconut oil, melted

1 cup of cashew butter

3 T of vanilla ghee, melted

1 egg

2 T of vanilla powder

1 T of reishi

2 T of cinnamon

1/4 cup of maple syrup

1 tsp of salt + baking soda


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl combine all of your wet ingredients, then add the dry ingredients. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and then roll out about a tablespoon to a tablespoon in a half of cookie dough. Slightly press on them, and make sure you leave room they will spread it a bit.

Bake for 6-8 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 2-3 minutes before enjoying. They will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to five days if they make it that long.


This is the reishi I used in the recipe from Root & Bones

I used this vanilla powder from Mountain Rose Herbs

The Best Grain Free Snickerdoodles (paleo + low in sugar)

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  1. The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing! I’ll make one too for my family and friends.

  2. Oh Snickerdoodles are my favorite kind of cookie! I love how you transformed them here! It’s not easy to make something delicious into a grain free, paleo version!

  3. GAH! I wish I had this recipe before Christmas! My fiance LOVES Snickerdoodles, but he has Celiacs… I bet he would love these.. Guess I’ll just have to make ‘surprise snickerdoodles’

  4. These sound great for those that need a grain free alternative. Snickerdoodles are a family favorite so I will make sure I share this with any friends or family who are looking for a grain-free alternative.

  5. These cookies look and sound great! Sometimes if things are healthier they often don’t taste so great. However it sounds as though these definitely don’t disappoint!

  6. My kids and I love to make snickerdoodles and this recipe looks fabulous!! I love the idea of icing them too!!!

  7. These grain-free snickerdoodles look so delicious and really tempting. I think my niece will love this for her snack to go. I will be going to share this withe her mom.

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